Powell Was The Inappropriate Influence In Nealeys Trial Not Cynthia Ortiz

Police recording:

“So essentially Charles Perry owns a business in which he’s installing hidden cameras in women’s homes and selling them in the dark web” “In their house?” “Yes. In their house. And the kids. I think he just likes messing with people so this gives him a way to satisfy some twisted sex addiction in which he can mess with people and sit there and watch them in the most private place their is being upset about it. Apparently he’s getting a sex thrill out of it and he’s selling watch time to other men that might as well. Course you’ve also got men that would buy into that who also have a peeping tom fetish and with the kids men are into child pornography. The peeping Tom fetish would not all, that group, may not all enjoy watching women suffer like Charles does but my point is is that he’s found a way to make money using this deal she’s talking about and men would buy in for various reasons. ” 
“It appears they may also have this somewhat set up as sex slavery because it appears there is system of reward and punishment for these families. He’s in control of the money in that should he decide to get these women fired he does. Whether or not they find another job or he allows a family member to help with the bills is based whether or not they do what he wants. That might have been easier in some ways with Ms. Ortiz working in a strip club that he could provide a customer with money to go in and buy a lap dance or have the door guy tell the customers not to buy. That would be a bad night if she did something Perry felt required punishment and this false arrest of hers boy they jacked that up all the way through. I’ve never seen something more illegally done from start to finish so blatantly as that. How they got this Judge Hansen guy to sign off on an arrest warrant without some sort of evidence to prove there was a crime, the crime was motivated by a political vendetta and the crime was in fact false reporting when there was never an investigation because they obstructed it, there is no way unless he’s in on it. ” 
“Also this Judge Darnell guy allows Perry to go before him, admit guilt, agree to stop, and thus create the Bond Conditions now called “The Contract”. He should have at that point dismissed all charges. He did not. He’s in on it to. ” 

“Powell tells everybody that in Mike Nealey’s case she just took it upon herself to get involved. We said ‘No, Sir. Her testimony would have changed everything for him. I think you know that. I think you know good and well that something as significant as knowing Mike Nealey was drugged and not able to commit murder but rather a victim of attempted murder which when I look at the evidence that’s what I see because of the lack of evidence that appears not to have been in a fight, no injury, and I think you got a problem explaining to me why you called up there abd prevented her testimony as to what she knew and when she knew it. Would have changed everything for him. Why did you do that and how can you say she just butt in. You butt in. She actually had something very significant that I can tell you would put things for Mr. Nealey on a whole different footing. Likely wouldn’t have been the outcome we saw. ” 

Click Here To Hear Podcast On The Inappropriate Influence In Officer Nealeys Trial Powell Caused In What Appears To Be An Act Intending To Suborn Perjury Which Only An Interested Party Like The Real Killer Would Do

Perry has long gone after Cynthia’s car. He has wanted her to take her car to the dealership for months. He’s also pressured her to “go work”. We are unsure what he means by that. He claims that he is not stalking. What does he care? He did ask her in a text shown in the video podcast how she knew Officer Nealey had to be “begged” or coaxed to go to Pensacola indicating he wanted to see if she knew who coaxed him. It also indicates he premeditated the tragedy that occurred that night which does give them reason to butt into that trial and place undue influence on the parties to cover up a murder in the first degree. Perry threatened in August 2019 “It’s not legal, but I will have Cynthia’s car towed and sold before she figures that out “. He’s been caught repeatedly going at her car or trying to pretty much every day since. What is his interest in her car? He did say he isn’t stalking so what does he care?

Click here to see link to Chief Miller’s murder which is linked to Perry’s strange interest in Cynthia’s car.

Click here to see Facebook Album about Perry’s obsession with taking Cynthia’s car

Click here to see what Perry does all day with his time that angers everyone making it easier to uncover his crime. Perry’s alleged criminal activity is more discovered than ever before in his life since he targeted Cynthia Ortiz. He is no different than the Tik Tock Stalker. Charles Perry should have no idea what Cynthia Ortiz drives, shouldn’t care at all about taking her car, shouldn’t know or care where she lives or works, and only dies because he is exactly the stalker creepster we say he is.

“I have 3 people in my office that asked me how Charles Perry and Powell, Nursing and Roberson even knew she was in Mannford. They said “I thought they said they were not stalking her. We had no idea that’s where she was or where she was working because we aren’t so if they knew, they have to be. ” Anonymous

Click here to see the legal definition of domestic violence. It is a violent offense and criminal.

They love giving us the “I told you so.” Factor.

Police Recording: 

“We did talk to Catherine and she said she doesn’t remember Cynthia and they want to allege she and Cheryl collaborated but I’d be very careful on that, because Cynthia pointed out what Charles did to her. He did threaten false arrest and then he did have her arrested for doing something he knew she was required by law to do where she lived. She didn’t live in Texas at the time and he knew that Oklahoma law required it. He did obstruct justice and no evidence was preserved. There was no call back from TPD until long after she was in jail. She did record Pinto. She does have texts from these men who say or indicate they represent Charles and the most compelling one is this one this guy says he watched behind the scenes and signed an NDA. That indicates right there something is wrong. So you have to overcome all of that with Catherines statement and notice that people are in fear he’ll do the same to them, he did to her and are likely to lie if they are in fear. He’s threatened too many people and not with light stuff but heavy stuff. He’s a threat. You have to admit. She said “Charles Perry is threatening me with false arrest.” She said it over and over months before. He did then do exactly that and has produced nothing at all to lead anyone to believe this was politically motivated. So, Catherine might say whatever she is told to say because she’s not going to be the next Cynthia. Do you understand how much all that screws up witness testimony? What he did to her? At this point, it looks like a crook in need of a cover up at election time again is all this looks like. Like Charles Perry will say or do whatever he has to say or do to win an election. Do you get that is what the public perception of this is? The other problem you have are these texts about Frank. The truth is, he doesn’t ask why she’s mad which indicates he already knew, just as she says this person, whoever it was said. He doesn’t deny spreading rumors of an affair. He said he didn’t have people and he did. So you have a lot to overcome. Witness statments right now in light of what he did to her, all these questions around Chief Miller and Mike Nealey, she was on the witness list, He did threaten her car specifically, she has had a lot of unusual damage and problems with her car specifically, and what was reported to Mike wasn’t just some guy hit me or I had an engine problem. Someone got into her trunk and put powder. Who does that? Why do that? Just to be creepy? And it is all over a nearby room. Someone did something intentional to let her know they could get into her car. Do you see how that is different than just she has had a lot of people hit her? She’s driving an older car that might have some problems? that is a whole different thing to explain and just 6 days before a murder that she was on the witness list to testify on. That’s a problem and a big problem. She’s got witnesses in Mannford talking about what all was going on out there that wasn’t menacing. She’s got so much here and the harrassment claim on the civil case after her email. That’s another problem. Sending mail to her protected address after she’s told Phillip Matt was calling up there all the time wanting her address is another. So Catherine can say that. Catherine is likely lying when you consider all the other evidence and the fear he’s made people feel in just what he did to her. He’s still going at her too so that fear is going to permeate throughout all involved. Do you not understand that? That is why he goes at her. When she says subjugate its not just about subjugating her. Its everyone. Everyone is afraid he’ll do that to them so they’ll say whatever you want, which dilutes any witness he puts up. Okay? Think that through. She’s got texts. She’s got this recording. She’s got the “I told you so.” factor and so you put all that together and then put Catherine up and Catherine is just lying because he threatened her too is how that will come across to a jury and the public. ” Anonymous

We don’t reveal informants names. Perry likes killing people so that information is private and confidential for their protection. The informant may not be the speaker.

Perry is very very slow to understand that the reason he has nothing real as to romance and no cover up is because he goes at Cynthia. The more he does, the more we get. That has been the case since the 2015 McNamara Email. He’s not getting it. He provokes. When he does that, it becomes much easier to get information about what harm he’s planning next and he’s always planning something wretched.

See more on that at links below:




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