Community Leadership Finds Perry’s Fraud “Troubling”

Cynthia has heard recordings about a restraining order the same as she’s heard about a forged marriage license and hasn’t actually seen either one. And the same way she heard recordings about Officer Nealey being drugged, Perry talking four times about killing her, taking her money, telling her parents not to give her her inheritance money, taking her car, making her go broke hoping to force her back to Texas against her will, framing her for a murder, talking to Judges while he buys an illegal order referred to by the guy quoted below, and so much more that has been documented here, which the purpose of documenting is to establish premeditation and malicious intent.

Another police recording: “It looks like, I mean I looked through all of this and it looks like they killed that Oklahoma Chief and framed his Detective. She said he was stalking her well before he went into Court abd lied to get that arrest warrant and they said something about a restraining order they can’t serve abd I have a hard time believing they can’t. I think they know they are lying Everytime they go into a courtroom and that thing isn’t valid because it’s another fraud. I’m an attorney. I can see there has been a lot of orders that weren’t legal. None of it was. Not one of these, I mean she used those Bond conditions to sue him for breach of contract. They had that dismissed with no hearing on res adjudicata and that issue was never tried, never brought up and no trial so that’s not it. That does not even begin to meet the standard to get a dismissal on those grounds and no only that there was not even a hearing. She said Powell got that dismissed with a phone call. I think that has to be true. The more I look at all this the worse they look. So I think it’s more like whatever retraining order they are talking about hasn’t been served because it was obtained on fraud. I think they have yet to go to court and not lie and the biggest concern I have is her testimony and her Motions she filed in this cops murder trial the same. She’s not there and no hearing on her Motions. That troubles me. That’s a person who has lost their life and another his freedom based on Charles Perry having a mental illness and a fixation on a woman who doesn’t like him and he needs all that covered up. That one is the worst. I can’t believe he’d take it that far. Both he and Matt. I think it’s troubling they would take it that far. Everyone knows about what he did to Cyndi. Nobody was happy about it now all this. I’m troubled. I need to meet with you. “

Perry should know by now if we keep quiting him he’s in some trouble and if our guys do that, they gave an ear to the ground in all kinds of places. He’s not wanted in Oklahoma. Everyone is sick of his problems and drama. Cynthia has moved twice and sued three times to get him off her. He makes her feel raped. The person above is discussing those lawsuits. Perry makes Cynthia’s stomach turn and he makes her feel raped. The bazaarly abnormal imaginary romance in his head is not in her’s at all. There is nothing there. He’s just delusional and sadistic and cruel and this is enough with this. It’s an imposition and a burden. His family needs to deal with it and deal with it now. They too have legal liabilities.

See more information with evidence in support of claims asserted herein here:


Police Recording: 
“Charles wanted Cynthia back in Texas so she’d be subjected to Texas law. That Josh Burson guy is corrupt. He’s been in on this deal from the beginning. “”They get caught?””Three or four times they had the paperwork ready to go to put her back in jail and she’d find out and that screwed the whole thing up. She says these guys are cops but nobody can find anything as to who exactly they are or how they get information from Perry to her. That’s what we need help with. We don’t know who it is. “
“He thinks he can put her back in jail until she goes out with him? Am I to understand that’s what he’s doing here?”
“Right and I think he thinks she’ll clear his name and I’m not seeing it. She’d testify for herself and they all know that and she’d tell the jury what he’s doing to her and that she’s been telling everybody for a long time he’s trying to force her against her will to lie. She has. “”Yeah that’s the crime right there. You can’t do that. Can he not just move on or what is his deal that he think putting her back in jail would fix anything or get him into a romance with this girl. I mean I see that looking like more of the same and she wouldn’t like him. I mean my wife and I went on dates with each other because we enjoyed each other’s company and as things evolved of course that turned into more but why is he thinking putting her in jail is how you  foster a romance?””We don’t know, Sir. I have no idea.”
“So he’s doing what she says.”
“Even if she were to be arrested, he could be arrested by these guys helping her and she and this Mike Nealey would go home then he’d have to pay for that mistake along with all the rest of this he’s done. Does he not know that?”
“I don’t think he can put much together and shes’ talked about him seemingly having a very low IQ.”
“You don’t get a woman’s interest putting somebody or her in jail. or a fix on a scandal. That becomes the scandal. He’s not thinking that through is he.”
“No, Sir. We are trying to figure out though how the information gets from Perry to her. Is there anyway you could help us figure that out?”
“Who is it?”
“We don’t know.”
“Until you know that, I can’t help you.” “He doesn’t know. “
“Well, you have to tell me who it is before I can tell you how they do what they do because everyone does things just a little different. The same way a criminal might have an MO so does law enforcement. They have their way so if I don’t know who it is and you don’t have anymore than that to give me on how they do this, I mean, there are a number of organizations or even individuals it could be, but I can’t tell without more information.” “Okay.”
“Find out who it is and a little more about how they get into your meetings. Who in your meeting is helping her and they may not be talking directly to her. My guess is they are keeping communications away from her as much as possible because you are watching her. They are going to send communications through a different channel. It won’t go from whoever your meeting was with or who was present, to her directly. It’ll be up to five people in the middle of all that.” “Wow””Yeah they have this tied up pretty tight, and they knoow you are all over her, its not going to be where if you just keep a closer eye on her you’ll figure it out. It’s going in places and through people, you won’t even think to look I promise. They will not do this in a way they can be traced. You can try, it is done, for this to go on this long like this and nobody knows, they have this down to an art where its going through people you wouldn’t think of or suspect and they are doing it through people right in his own office. He’s got those closest to him involved so he’s not looking there. He’s got those people going to people nobody would think would know anything or suspect anything or they could even be using that individual without them knowing. I’m telling you this is far more complicated than you think. They’ve been outsmarting y’all for this long, they dont like what Perry is doing to her, that I can tell you. Hell, I don’t like what Perry is doing to her so if these boys are her friends, and I don’t know her, imagine they are pretty motivated to keep him at a distance while they work to royally fuck him up for good.”
“Huh””This is a very strategic and meticulous bunch and I think I know who it might be and I’ll tell you right now, getting anything out of them or anyone involved to confirm or backing them off ain’t gonna happen. It’ll never happen. What’s he think? He’s gonna make a phone call and all this goes away?”
“Maybe or shut down their communications.”
“They won’t back off if this is who I think it is, you shut down one avenue, they’ll have another ready to go. I promise they already have ten different ways already figured out and they may have switched back and forth all this time so they don’t get caught. Maybe. If this is who I think it is, they won’t do what he thinks they will do, even if he finds out who they are. That’s likely to end very badly for him and they won’t kill him, but he’ll wish he hadn’t messed with it and just go on about his way and leave this girl alone. If you have to put her in jail to force her to pretend she likes you, she don’t like you. This is not love. That’s slavery. She has no need to lie for this bunch. She’s got these guys that I think this is, no need for that at all ever. ?”Wow””He’s spinning his wheels. ” 
“Been that way all along.”
“Yeah, well, don’t expect that to change. These guys have done some amazing work for a long long time. I’d be very careful about what questions you go around asking.”
“Yeah, we’ve been told that before.”
“You better listen. Listen I have to go. I’ve got things to do. I wish you luck, but I’d recommend, you figure out how to find this guy someone he can hyperfixate on that won’t do what Miss Cynthia is doing. I’d be very quick to shut him down and do that before this gets worse. He’s not gonna change her mind. You got ten years of rejection, and you have to put her in jail to force her, you don’t have anything to save. There is nothing there and the longer he prolongs the inevitable, the worse off he’s going to be. You need to make that clear to him. If he needs help understand where he’s at on this deal, and what he’s up against and that she’s fighting him, not wanting to be with him, let me know. Sometimes these loony types need extra pressure in knowing when its time to fold ‘um. YOu ever hear that song? YOu gotta know when to hold um and when to fold um” well, he is way past that time where its time to walk away and all you are doing at this point, is making people mad at you and right now he cannot afford to have any more people mad at him. “
“Okay””If I need to help explain that to him, I can. Let me know.” “Okay, Thank you Sir. ” 

Some of this is correct, some not in the way information is obtained from Perry and related to Cynthia as to what crime he sat around and planned to commit against her next. She hates Texas and Perry has tried 1000 different ways to force her back against her will. He’s a sex trafficker of sorts. She hates him. He’s in more trouble than he can get.

Just after the above was obtained another if Perry’s guys made an inquiry butting into things that are not their concern or business:

“Richard, did she sign another lease?” “Not yet that we know of. ” “When is her’s up? ” “Next month.” “We got to get her out of Oklahoma soon as that lease is up ”

To that again, first we send our love to Ringtone Richard. We love him. Second, not your business. This inquiry will cost you in some very serious legal consequences. You need to remember who it is you are talking to and about. Your alleged crime has never been this caught, has it? Would that not be what the “I told you so.” Factor is all about? When you mess with her, there never is a date. There is this all outlined here which is just the same and more of The 2015 McNamara Email.





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