Perry Threatens Cynthia’s Home, Car, and To Rip Her From Her Family & Wants To Give Her a Bus Pass To Leave Oklahoma

Knows who the President is

Do not know who won the Civil War.

Thinks the UN will invade Lubbock and 8 new Sheriff’s Deputies will hold them off.

Klotzmann is about to bust a gut

The situation here with these folks is not good. If you get told on every time you try to hurt someone because you are pissing people off, have no clue who told, how much they told, who they told and you can’t stop yourself after 7 years of that, this is not intelligent life on that planet you are on.

Perry has been recorded and recorded and recorded and recorded talking about taking Cynthia’s car, trying to find a way to.put her back in jail, trying force her to leave her family and move, trying to run her customers off so she’s broke, and again, has no idea who told, how much they told, or who they told. He’s been recorded calling realtors across the country liking for a house of horrors to put Cynthia in against her will. He’s forcing himself in her against her will. He’s committing a crime in the forum state of Oklahoma and being those conversations have been recorded and passed on to law enforcement in multiple jurisdictions that would be evidence of pre-meditation , harassment, coercion and tampering. He’s a sick sick man. More than ever in his life his alleged criminal activity is being uncovered. It’s the process of putting a stop to it. It’s upsetting a lot of good people that he’s putting her through that. He’s not an asshole. It’s much worse than that. He’s a sadist. He gets a sexual high from hurting her and other people, our Shrink tells us. He’s done nothing to even try to prove that wrong. He contacts her constantly against her will. He threatens her constantly against her will. He imposes, intrudes, invades and is a burden. He thinks he can break the law, impose his psychiatric disorders on people who don’t find him relevant to their lives at all and we all just have to deal with it. The fact that it ends up here like The McNamara email and so many others where he is quoted planning harm verbatim, he then wants to know who told, should send a message that we actually do not just have to deal with it. Someone told. That means they want you stopped. He’s making everyone else very very uncomfortable. It’s gonna get much worse. It dies Everytime he ignores the law, crosses normal boundaries, gets inhumane,  he gets more people talking. They dont like it. No normal person can sit and watch another human being be tortured by a monster and just say nothing. For someone to not like getting told on, he’s not getting it and it’s not that hard to get. You hurt people, you piss everyone off.

Even a young child hurt when another person hurt. That’s what normal people do.

This happened

And that made people upset. They did this.

And here 3 citizens step up to help a cop when someone tried to cause harm

People are pissed off at Perry’s attack on Cynthia and they are telling on him and when they do we have him on pre-meditation. That’s a normal reaction to an extremely bazaarly abnormal situation. It’s enough. Everyone is sick and tired of it. She said “No!” She left. She changed careers and he wouldn’t stop. She packed everything she had, uprooted her 11 year old son and left. He still wouldn’t stop. She again packed what she could fit in her car and took her 12 year old son and left the state. Her family is in Oklahoma. She’s with her family. He still won’t stop. He wants to rip away still everything she has, rip her away from her family and force her against her will to do God only knows what. Walk into hell? She said “No!” She’s sued three times because he won’t stop. She’s suing again because he won’t stop. It’s enough. Everyone is sick and tired of it. This is criminal activity, not a relationship. He is retaliatory over rejected romance. She can’t stand him. He has no chance ever of a date and no cover up so what in the hell is he trying to prove? How cruel he can be? What a monster he is? We can say “The monster did it again? We told ya so?” She said “No!” Stalking laws prohibit any further contact when you have been told to stop. The leaks are pissed off people. He has no idea who leaks, how much they leak, or to who. He’d wet his pants if he knew all that.

Perry was just recorded talking to his guy again about ripping Cynthia away from her family, handing her a bus pass and making her go live in some house of hell he’s got. They were discussing a one bedroom studio he wanted to rent.

They got caught again. They think they can wait until the dust settles and try again. All of this is criminal activity. It’s basically still the McNamara email second verse of the same song. That email is here as well and everywhere.

Stalking is not about love. If you love someone you want them to be happy. Perry makes Cynthia’s skin crawl and her and everyone around her very uncomfortable. He’s an imposition. He was not invited into Cynthia’s life. She left Lubbock 8 years ago as we said, to get away from him. He’s a monster. A person who really loves someone would say “I want you to happy even if it’s not with me. ” He’s forcing himself on her and it’s nasty and cruel. He’s basically doing a different version of a kidnapping. Kidnap by theft. There is nothing left but this bus pass because I made an illegal call to your landlord and told them to find a way kick you out. I made an illegal call to a car guy and had your car towed and sold before you figured out it wasn’t legit. Here’s you bus pass, here is the house of hell you can live in and you are gonna be my sex slave, even if you hate it. ” She’s a grown woman. And again all of this is illegal but he’s a sexual sadist. No normal person could even think that up much less do it. It’s a free country. As it turns out Lubbock doesn’t know what the Civil War was for. That ended slavery. That was the end of all slavery. She said No. She said it for nearly a decade. This is grand larceny with intent to coerce because he did kill Lucky and they are terrified of her and can’t seem to control the acts showing consciousness of guilt.

They have no clue who recorded them or how. They don’t know who all in law enforcement that went to and how much. But this was just today’s recordings. It’s like this every day. Imagine being Cynthia and living under this kind of threat every day all the time for nearly a decade. She stuns people with her ability to function under this insane kind of pressure all the time every day for nearly a decade. Shrink told their judge “Cynthia is extremely high functioning under extreme prolonged duress. Perry is not able to function even at normal levels at all. We know forcing himself on Cynthia is not normal. Moving on when rejected is normal. He cannot even function at normal levels. ” So the way it stands now is when he first got caught stalking all those years ago, he spilled his milk. Instead of mopping it up and walking off, he threw dirt on it hoping to cover it up. That made it worse. So then he poured coffee on it. Now it was even worse. He then threw flour, sugar, then he shit on it and now it was a piled up mess that smelled bad. When he killed Lucky Miller, allegedly,  being Lucky Miller had watched what Cynthia was going through and had about enough of it, they lit the house on fire and you can see it for miles. That’s just what they’ve done. You don’t take someone’s home and car, very big losses, and force them into isolation away from family unless you are wicked weird, very abusive, and scared of what that person knows that you did. It’s tampering in a bad way and Perry truly believes people are as stupid as he is and won’t get that. He has leaks. That conversation was recorded because they aren’t and they do. He doesn’t know who recorded him, who got it, and how much they got because Charles Perry cannot even control his bazaar impulses much less his leaks. It’s verse two of The McNamara email. He’s worked on it for two weeks. Every conversation he’s had while working on it those cops have it. Sane ones that got the McNamara email which Charles did carry out three months after it was sent. She told ya so.

Perry’s attempts to provoke Cynthia by causing substantial loss to her in Oklahoma, to then claim he’s being harrassed when he gets caught goes back to 2016. He’s worked that angle for that long.

McNamara Email And Other Documents On Perry’s Prior Threats of Which He Carried Out

Click here to see Perry’s latest attempts to take Cynthia’s car, home, money, and give her a bus pass in attempt her away from her family, coerce, lure and kill her.

We said five years ago no amount of money.would cover up Perry’s alleged criminal activity this time. He took that to be a joke. He has no control over his leaks. We control that. His crimes have never been more uncovered as they are right now.


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