Charles Perry Gave Cynthia’s Legal Claims Legitimacy When He Kept Her Out Of The Courtroom

From police: And as we know in order for a case to achieve procedural accuracy in there being fairness both parties must participate and when one party is intentionally kept out out of court proceedings over and over, not only is procedural accuracy not achieved but the secretive party appears they have something to cover up.

“Do they realize they gave her legitimacy when they did all these ex parte’s? If you have something of value to say you go into a public hearing and say it. You only do these secret hearings when you don’t. You got something to hide, you do what they did. These guys were and are political figures and Lord if they can’t get in front of the cameras enough. So they had a woman with no law school file claims in civil court against them and had they not done what she said, they’d make that deal as public as possible. I’m not kidding these political types love the camera and as much publicity as they can get and what a perfect venue for free publicity. Use this Court case to go into Court in a public hearing to show you got some crazy lying about you. They didn’t do that. They hid everything. That means it’s a shameful deal what they did to her. You got that with all these attorneys against her and they dont do a public show where everyone can hear everything against someone with no legal background? Fact dint support them. They lied. Facts are against them so when they did , what was it, three, four, five secret hearings where they dont allow her in it, her suits, she’s got all this shit filed in support of her claims and they do secret hearings where nobody can hear? I’m telling you that ls a big flag right there they had nothing of value to say or she would have been in that room too, media would have been in that room and it would have been a free campaign commercial . They legitimized her, I dint care what they think and these boys are not all there. None of them are. It’s not just Perry. None of them are all there mentally. They can’t say she’s the crazy one or they wouldn’t have done this like that and I’m sure they didn’t want her psychologist talking. They dint want that. Sounds like she bonded with her psychologist and there is a reason for that. She wouldn’t have had this psychologist not done well in building rapport and Cyndi that way too. So you can tell they respect each other and developed enough if a healthy doctor patient relationship that Cyndi wanted her to know she was doing well which is a reflection of this doctors abilities as a doctor in helping Cyndi and her son get through the trauma these guy put them through and Cyndi and her son are trudging right on through their crap and doing very very well in spite of these people. So now it’s a hard sell that did not slander her. It’s a very very sell. The way these guys did this makes no sense. “

In addition, anyone who has been told repeatedly for a decade that a person does not like them, doesn’t want to hear from them, wants no contact and doesn’t care what they think, want or need and they ignore all that, like we said for not a week.or month but for a decade and continue to butt in, medal, impose, force, and make contact to state what they think want and need, clearly they are expressing disrespect for social norms and boundaries and making themselves look very very foolish and delusional. If you have been told “I don’t want to hear from you. I don’t care what you think or need or want. Go away and go do normal things normal people do.” Only a delusional person would continue to believe their input is valued and keep giving it against the other parties wishes. People with severe Erotomania have a severe problem differentiating fact from fiction. In today’s technology, unfortunately many stalkers use hacking and Voyeurism to stalk. Watching seine in the privacy of their home is incredibly intrusive and offensive and frankly bazaar. Forming some romantic fantasy in their head with the victim is no different than being in love with a video game. It doesn’t go both ways.

Click here to see information on Erotomania. It is a mental illness.

Click link below to see use of technology to stalk:

Click here to see information on the use of technology to stalk.

Click link below to see evidence Charles Perry
suffers from Delusional Erotomania:

Click here to see evidence Charles Perry suffers from Delusional Erotomania and Antisocial Disorder

Perry has no sense of boundaries. He is an imposition and a burden to others, not just Cynthia. He has been caught in severely demented disturbed alleged crime more than ever in his life being Cynthia Ortiz is not the only victim. She is however the one who has kicked his criminal ass the hardest. She comes from a family of four generations of police. It’s kind of part of her upbringing.

As to “consent”, did he sit his wife Jackie and his two kids down and get their consent for his conduct? All the exparte hearings indicate probably not. He for sure does not have Cynthia’s. He has not shown empathy at all. He has continued to harass Cynthia for information as to who keeps telling on him. He’s concerned with getting caught, not remorseful for causing so much devastation and catastrophic injury.

Cynthia told her friends, and only a few close friends that Charles Perry went weird on her just after he was elected to the Texas legislature.

Her messages going back to the fall of 2011 are here:

Click here to see messages from the fall of 2011 from Cynthia to friends about Perry’s threats, harassment and stalking

There is nothing political mentioned nor is there anything about his conduct described long before she could have anticipated current events, are what is required to pass a law in Texas. She didn’t go to media. She went to his campaign guy, Ben Campbell and asked him to talk with Perry to get him to stop with the romantic advances and jealous fits in public. She didn’t want to be a scandal. She handled the situation as she should have. Four years go by giving Perry ample time to control himself and not need a cover up. From 2011 to 2013 she only told a few people and she says “in case something happens to me”. They didn’t live in Texas. The only people in Texas that she told saw Perry’s bazaar conduct. She quit all campaigns and sold medical supplies, some to Texas Tech’s athletic department so she wouldn’t have to interact with him. When that didn’t work she moved to the Dallas area and met someone she really liked which Perry ruined. She moved again. He went after her income, has destroyed significant relationships, smeared her reputation,.attempted to kill her, and then had her false arrested and has tried to do that very same thing again just as he did when he got a judge to order her arrest claiming to be the victim of a political vendetta when he knew her correspondence said otherwise. He also knew the police report which he went into Court claiming was false had just been filed, was required by law, she’d been denied a protective order due to her failure to comply with that requirement, and he went into Court and bold faced lied under penalty of perjury on her civil cases, he went into Court exparte and lied again. She sued three times and his reaction gave rise to the conversation above.

This is not 1929. Women are no longer the mousey subverts they once were. The #metoo movement has created a venue for women to talk about what is happening to them regarding abuse and inappropriate conduct directed at them by men who cannot respect boundaries and operate within social norms. Perry didn’t get that Memo. She has the right to protect herself. His continued perjured statements make it impossible for any intelligent reasonable person to believe a word he says. If he lied about all that, what else is he lying about? If he lies under penalty of perjury, he will lie anywhere. Being he threatened false arrest for months then carried it out, that would be exactly the reason she needs a Protective Order, police protection, to tell people when she’s been threatened or has loss or being attacked and to express distaste for the crimes being committed against her the same as every other woman who has done the same and every woman who had the courage to participate in the #metoo movement and his assertion that being caught and told on are harassment speak to how crazy and mental he really is.

Click here to see evidence of Perry’s repeated Fraud Upon a Court and evidence he was threatening a false arrest for months:

Click here to see Charles Perry’s very specific threats to arrange a false arrest which he did carry out.

Click here to see evidence of Perry’s premeditated plan to commit another fraud upon a court:

Click here to see evidence of Charles Perry’s false claims in Court of being harassed when he gets caught in alleged crime.

When someone lies under oath that many.times, it is impossible for anyone with average intelligence to take them seriously. Continuing to do that after he’s been caught so much thinking nobody will notice speaks to just how deeply delusional these people are. Nobody is that dumb not to see it. The conduct offends and no normal person could even think it up much less bring themselves to do it and not just here and there but every day for a decade. Had he controlled himself when she first asked him to or at least when she left in.2014, he wouldn’t need a lie or a cover up.

Successful people find a project, work hard on it, impress the world with their talent, and don’t spend all day seeking to make those who can accomplish fail. So for anyone working the “we have to make her fail so we can use it to smear her” angle, rethink that. Your conduct constitutes harassment.

Click here to see information on mentally disturbed stalkers who get a thrill causing problems and crossing boundaries.

Click here to see information police obtained that show pre-meditation and intent to cause Cynthia harm

Click here to see evidence of Judicial Impropriety

Click here to see more information on the #MeToo Movement Established to be a voice and a safe haven for women just like Cynthia Ortiz

Click below to see the extreme delusion Mr Perry and his co conspirators are in thinking nobody notices how bad their actions really are. They notice and they talk about it, to the right people not the shitty ones, so.they don’t become victims too. Most people are smart enough to get around Perry despite his delusional belief everyone is as stupid as he is. They are not actually.















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