Charles Perry’s Imaginary Romance A Huge Imposition and Embarrassment To Others and Strong Indicator He Suffers From Antisocial Mental Disease

It is offensive, it is illegal and no woman would ever consent to any such thing. Cynthia Ortiz has never consented to being peeped on. It is a crime not a relationship. It is a huge massive turn off and if it were hot all guys would do it.

In 2014 she would not give a reason but had just been told by law enforcement who came to her work to tell her she was being peeped by Charles Perry, they had caught him standing where they could see what he was doing on his phone without his knowledge and that she was in grace danger and needed to leave Texas as soon as she could. She asks Carl Tepper to watch Perry, and have Jacquelyn Perry and his wife Robyn watch him so they’d catch him too. That was in 2014 before she could have foreseen the horror he would then launch at her even after she left Texas. She and her son loaded up what they could fit in their car and moved. This was the second move to get away from Charles Perry and his creepy, his criminal activity, his abuse, fraud, domestic violence and his attacks on her. Just before this occurred, she’d kept her mouth shut about what Perry was doing to her but to a few trusted friends most of whom did not even live in Texas. She never wanted to be a scandal. He had four years to control himself and simply leave her and her family the hell alone. Stalking is a crime in all 50 states and Federal when it crosses state lines.

Normal common sense would tell you that if one person comes to you and says “I’m calling you about Cyndi Ortiz and you can’t tell her that I have called and that we have spoken. I need you to tell me where she lives, works, what she drives, I need the mileage on her car, I need to know how much gas she has, I need a picture of her tags, I need you to try to talk her into going back to Texas so I have access to her (to kill her. ) She won’t like that I’m doing this but I’m going to impose and do it anyways. It’s against the law, but I’m going to break the law anyways. You are not to say a word. Do not let her know we have spoken in fact I’m going to ask you to sign an NDA. ” when you get that kind of call and red flags don’t go up all over the place, there is something seriously wrong with you. If it were legit, Charles Perry wouldn’t care if she knew. She was married for ten years and never once did her ex husband call Cynthia’s friends or family about anything at all much less without her knowledge or consent. Charles Perry is not her husband, not her boyfriend, not her friend. He’s a former colleague that she only knew for a few years and he made those few years one big crime. She’s made many major life changes to get away from him that no one should have to make at all. She’s suffered massive losses over a long period of time. Charles Perry greatly embarrasses her because his conduct is lewd and strange and very bazaar. It is without her consent. He is imposing and butting into her privacy without her consent and against her will.

Click here to see more of Charles Perry’s imposed domestic violence and witness tampering. He has no control over himself. He’s ruining lives, pissing everyone off and all that money he paid for a cover up he did not get is more uncovered than ever before as a direct result of his actions.

Where is his wife Jacquelyn while her husband makes a woman who is not his wife and does not like him feel raped?

Last year in Mannford, a very wise man said “You know how many times I’ve told someone who made a mistake or anyone at all ‘You lose. You are stuck. You have no control.” Never. Perry texted that to Cynthia in response to a yes or no tax question and the answer to the question was actually “yes”. She asked if deductions would be accepted. All he needed to say was “Yes” because they were accepted. But because she’d just rejected him and tried to cut him off, he instead made it weird by responding “You lose. You are stuck. You have no control.” The man commented this is not something one texts to a client.

He further observed “You know how many times I have pulled up behind the home of a woman who is not my wife and watched her in her back yard? Never!! You know how many times I have sent my secretary to a restaurant to watch a woman who is not my wife or even my wife? Never! You know how many times I have personally gone to spy on a woman at a restaurant who is not my wife or even my wife? Never! None because it’s weirdo! You know how many times I have texted any woman at all “Let your life fade away’, or ‘I can’t promise the stalking will end without death and destruction’? Never! Because that’s weirdo too!! And these are not things one needs to do to pass a law in Texas. ” Ya think? Ya think so? So this guy got there in his head very quickly. So why is Charles Perry so mentally slow seven years later things still don’t click for him and he goes into Court and bold faced lies. He does know it’s wrong because he’s tried very hard to force Cynthia to lie too, which she’s not going to do, and has threatened and harassed her nearly to death in attempt to coerce. He does it in secretive ex parte hearings where nobody is there to question him or present evidence in refute if his bullshit. Any judge or cop who can’t get it by now is in the very very wrong job and not qualified at all to be doing what they do. If you can’t come away with the same conclusion and observation this man made, it’s just not the thing for you. 

If you would like to see the documents referred to herein, being texts and Facebook message from 2011 telling people of Charles Perry’s stalking and harassment that led her to bail out of Lubbock, end a career she loved to get away from Charles Perry they are here:

Click here to see documents referred to herein

Also Matthew Powell was recorded asking someone about texts between Cynthia and Perry in December 2011. Her client, Frank Morrison made a strange alarming comment to her after talking to former GOP Chairman Chris Winn, who was BFFs with Carl Tepper, whose wife Robyn worked for Charles Perry. The comment indicated there was an affair. There was rejection but not affair. Why would a married elected person who got elected on family values go around town telling people there was an affair? It was Monica who blabbed and Bill who denied. Unless Perry wanted an affair, felt the need to mark his territory but Cynthia didn’t, there wouldn’t be that kind of conversation. She didn’t want an affair, he was forcing that even then in 2011 before she could have foreseen all the alleged criminal crap he would do to her and her minor child, a kid, in her home. He put a child through hell so he could force himself on a woman who is not his wife and does not like him and sit around in some out of control fantasy all damn day and police caught him and opened up quite the investigation which is still ongoing, there are others involved, and it’s a need to know. You can’t be trusted, you aren’t in the know. Kids are victims. Powell called someone and asked “Can we just say Cynthia misunderstood Frank? Can we lie again in Court and get away with it? ” The response was logical. “You can but I don’t think it will work. Charles never asks Cynthia why she’s mad, because he already knew. He never denies spreading rumors of an affair, he just denies having employees. Well, we all know he has employees and tells her not to be paranoid. She never comments on or asks what he meant by that because she knew. They clearly both knew what the subject matter was which means he pushed for an affair, she refused, he still went all over town saying there was one and it got back to her a d pissed her off. He’s not mad at her for talking. She’s angry at him for talking and she wasn’t married and could date whoever she wanted. He’s the married on in this conversation so this next lie you want to state in Court under oath and penalty of perjury is not going to be good enough to be believed”.  That’s paraphrased but that is what he said and why would Matt Powell even ask that question to begin with? The guy logically points out Charles Perry in those texts  didn’t even lie about the right thing so it’s a hard sell to make that work now.

This crap goes way the hell back to 2011. Before 2010, Perry was not in politics at all, had no voting history and no established relationships. Cynthia was born in it. Her granddad was the Police Chief in Roswell, NM where she grew up and then County Commissioner and then City Counselor. They were the power in the town where she grew up. You dont get enamoured by power when you grow up in it. Perry had nothing like that. She had worked in politics most of her life, knew all kinds of people, for  at least a decade in her own without Granddad’s help, before she met Perry. What kind of baffoon would not think that through before claiming he’d matter enough for a political attack to someone who had by far more connections than he. Had she asked for his help on something and he declined, she could call 100 other people to get around him. He represents one of the smallest districts in a state she never worked on any state legislative issues. She did Federal issues not state but for in New Mexico where Perry is not a public servant so his delusion does not just involve what is actually more than one crime as a matter of the law, not a romance, not a friendship, not anything but weirdo, but it extends to his very strange claim he would even matter enough to be a political target. He simply is not relevant for sure not to anything Cynthia would be involved in. He’s got an out of control fantasy life. It is extremely embarassing. It is so so very embarrassing he is not able to better grasp reality, take his skirt off, be a man, stop with the Taylor Swift Song drama queen act and move the hell on when rejected. It is a heinous disgusting offensive  crime, not a relationship. She has made it clear for nearly a decade that she wants no contact at all with or from Charles Perry. Where is his wife Jackie while her husband makes a woman feel raped who so detests her husband she ended a career she loved, moved twice, to get away from him, and sued three times to be rid of him? Does she not see the legal implications for her even still??? There are some and if they an attorney worth a shit, they’d know that and get themselves in compliance with the law. This is pathetic!! RuPaul, have we got the queen for you show. Were he better looking, he’s the perfect candidate as far as the drama queen part goes. He’s got that part down to an art. Men that Cynthia would associate with would not stoop so low as to peep or hack or so vigorously disrespect her wishes, or betray their family, or go in court and bold faced lie, or engorge in an out of control fantasy life that is so bazaar it’s made the hair in the back of grown normal men’s neck stand on end, or steal from women and children or hurt people at all much less in the gross manner of which Perry does with no remorse or empathy at all like a psychotic sociopath. He does know it’s wrong because he wants it covered up. He just does give a shit who he hurts, even the damage betrayal does to his own kin folk, or how bad he hurts them or even how embarrased he makes other people. He’s not even on a list of possible to Cynthia. He can’t compete. Too weird and too cruel.

Click here to see criminal law in Oklahoma regarding peeping. It is a crime, not a romance.

Here is the deal: Non Disclosure’s are invalid being stalking is a crime and no contract is valid when commenced during the commission of a crime in fact police tell us it is just more of Charles Perry’s witness tampering. It is not worth the paper it’s written in and no one can be held to it. Secondly, she’s not asked for an apology from Charles Perry. What she asked for is that he comply with the law and get the hell out of her life and never contact her or anyone she knows again. It costs no time or money to do that and you don’t need a lie or a cover up when you comply with the law. Charles Perry’s “block walking” is most likely more about trolling for victims than it is an election. He did not just wake up as an old fart and become a sex pervert delusional creeper. He’s done this all his life and led two different lives. He’s got a secret life. He paid a whole lot of money to cover up what he’s doing, he’s bought cops and judges, the police who have protected Cynthia all these years, gave her info in the McNamara email and the puzzle in jail with Fabian’s name on it know exactly what he’s paid out. But once in awhile a criminal with fuck with the wrong person and get caught and it’s all over. His criminal activity has never been more uncovered than it has been since he fucked with Cynthia and do remember her family’s history in law enforcement and with Federal government. He paid a lot of money for a cover up he has not gotten even still. He’s delusional and very very mentally slow so he probably is not able to grasp.that concept but the same as two people now pointed out the bazaar in both his texts and Roberson’s texts and Mr Powell’s inquest as to whether or not his proposed lie would work, it’s pretty clear they are not the brightest bulbs and are not able to think things through or fully grasp reality of how much trouble they are in or perception of how hideous other people see what they do. They have been in a vicious cycle for some time now where they plan a crime, police get recordings of it, tell Cynthia, she emails or texts her attorneys when she finds out, before not after they do it, they get all shocked and dismayed, whine and complain and want to know who told, but then go right back at it and get caught again, get upset, want information on who told on them, but go right back at it again. That has happened almost daily for several years. Who is that stupid??? The more Perry invades Cynthia’s privacy, contacts her or people she knows, the more loss he causes, the easier the information is to get. Anyone can look at it and see that. It is not hard at all to spot. It might be for someone of slow intellect but not for people of average or above intelligence. Most people understand that when you keep getting a DUI, maybe the problem is just you and you need to stop drinking and driving and stop with the delusion that you can prove you aren’t a drunk driver by driving drunk more. It doesn’t work that way. These guys are not bright enough to put that together in their heads despite a shit ton of money not covering up a damn thing. Perry’s alleged crimes have never been more uncovered in his life than they are now. Some people are not the kind you fuck with. Cynthia wants nothing at all to do with Weird Charles. If he had real power he could control himself, be a man and move on like normal dudes do.

Click here to evidence Cynthia was given protection and knew Perry planned a crime against her before he committed the act. Talking is one thing. Planning it is one thing. Actually doing it is the crime.


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