Charles Perry and His “Associates” Continue To Commit Fraud and Tamper With Victims and Witnesses To Their Alleged Crimes

Perry and his associates who say they had not a damn thing at all to do with Chief Millers murder, did this deal where nothing is on Officer Nealey indicating he was in any fight at all but their idea was “I know, we will say there was an affair between Lucky and Mike’s wife and they got in a fight and it was in self defense he beat Lucky to death. That’ll fool them. Nobody will ever know.”

In self defense means there was a fight, there would be evidence of that fight on Mike Nealey if he were in the fight. Again, look at what he says in his interview and the fact that he shows Detectives “I can’t believe you. Look at my hands. Nothing on them that looks like I was in a fight.” That’s paraphrased but you can see what he actually says here.

Click here to see NewsOn6 Coverage which includes Officer Nealeys Interview With Police Just after Chief Miller’s murder.

If you are in a fight, you are going to to have evidence of that on you and even if you are knocked out and can’t remember anything, you’d ask who beat you. You would want to know who hit you. Officer Nealey never says “I can tell I was in a fight. Look I’m all bruised up. Who did this to us? Where is Lucky? Is he okay?” Instead he points out he can’t believe there was a fight because there is no evidence on him that he was in a fight at all much less a deadly one. So why is that? Probably because he wasn’t in one. He was drugged and knocked out. People lie but evidence doesn’t and if he were in a fight, self defense or otherwise, he’d have evidence of that on him somewhere. He would have asked about it and he didn’t because there was nothing there to ask about. This was his immediate response before anyone had time to threaten or coerce or intimidate him.

Cynthia knew in March, 2020 he was drugged and could not have physically even hit anyone much less kill someone and he had no motive. She tells the Florida States Attorney in her deposition and he asks her if she’s a cop.

Click here to hear Cynthia’s Deposition

There was no follow up as to how she knew that. Months after March, depositions were taken from first responders who did testify Officer Nealey was found unresponsive, incoherent, passed out, in respiratory distress, and treated for drug overdose with Narcan. This depo is said to be woefully inadequate particularly in a murder trial. Fact finders and truth seekers should ask a whole lot more questions than she was asked. Why is that? Was this to find fact or to appease?

See Court and other related documents here:

Click here to see Court and Other Related Documents on Officer Nealeys Case Here

They have also been relentless in harassing Cynthia which you don’t do to witnesses who are wrong about the facts or don’t know anything. But of course the world is just one big blob of brainless Turnip Truck Faller Offers and nobody suspects a thing at all.

We expect to see charges against Officer Nealey dropped very soon and him back to his family and being Charles Perry and his “associates” are plum out if leverage, he gets to talk to whoever the hell wants when he’s out. It’s simply not your call.

For people who are recorded in crime planning as much as they have been over the past six years, and oddly keep going at it, being they are not the brightest bulbs, they seem to be unclear on the law and what they can and cannot do. They cannot lie in Court, harass victims and witnesses, threaten, tamper with or coerce. All that money didn’t cover up a thing. It seems at this point they’d be more clear they need to leave everyone else alone and stop imposing their problems and drama on everyone else. Nobody owes them a cover up or a lie. All they were asked to do is leave.everyone else alone, get busy being normal like the rest of us, go do things with their friends and family and then they don’t need a cover up. It’s not that hard. The rest of us can do it without help just fine.

Because this whole thing started with Charles Perry’s fraud in Court and obsession with taking everything Cynthia has hoping to force her to take his bribe and lie. She’s not going to lie. He has worked tirelessly attempting to coerce, harass, steal from her thinking once she’s completely broke, she will finally have no choice but to lie for Perry and take a bribe. He’s made no secret of his intent in Oklahoma. They may not know much in Texas but it is all over Oklahoma.

Click here to see “That Whole Thing Was Over Her Car: The Case For Officer Nealeys Innocence

Click here to see blog in March about Officer Nealey being drugged and never tested. Discovery shows months later he was treated with Narcan for drug overdose





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