Perry’s Harrassment of Cynthia Implicates Him In Chief Miller’s Murder

Best said by her in this email

See link for addressing of Perry’s attempt at selective prosecution because he got caught in crime and told on. Telling on someone is not a crime. The crime reported is the crime not the reporting of it or commenting on it and the allegations Charles Perry has made that are ridiculous. He got caught creeping around in betrayal of his wife, kids, family and he’s mad and if it weren’t true he wouldn’t need to retaliate, or intimidate or coerce a lie. 

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It seems currently the bigger fear is regarding Chief Miller’s murder and Officer Nealeys trial. When reviewing the interview with Escambia Detectives and him.pointing out the fact there is no evidence on him anywhere to indicate he was in any fight at all, in that were he beat up, even having no memory of what occurred which he would have indications on his body that he was in a fight he would have at least asked “Who beat me up? Where is Lucky? Is he okay?”. Even if Officer Nealey beat Chief Miller to death and could not remember it, he would have at least said that. He did not. Instead he says “I don’t believe you. There is nothing on me to indicate I was in a fight much less a deadly fight.” And my knowledge that he was drugged and not able to fight, that he was not tested being brought to the attention of the Florida States Attorney in March 2020 prior to depositions being taken which revealed first responders treated Officer Nealey with Narcan for drug overdose. All this occurred just six days after my complaint of vehicle tampering in which a suspect was not named. My statement to Officer Nealey was “I dont know anyone else who goes weirdo like this, but Charles Perry and he’s done stuff like this for a decade no matter where I live and it’s been one thing after another with this guy and we are currently in Court over it. ” That’s motive. His name was not on my report as a suspect. He was named as the most likely suspect but that would be something police investigate to confirm or rule out which they never got to do being Perry had yet another knee jerk reaction which one can infer guilt from, in what appears to be exactly the same thing he did to me in December 2015 through January 2016, intending to impede a police investigation in another state. He obstructed justice and caused the loss of forensic evidence. I was never tested for poisoning nor was Officer Nealey and both significant incidents obstructing justice occurred within a week of my police report being filed to report a crime believed to have been committed or possibly committed by Charles Perry and his associates. Police reports are required by law to seek an Order of Protection. The threats to kill me and arrange a false arrest Perry made to retaliate against my first request for a Protective Order were well documented months before which when he carried out these specific, not vague threats, gave reason to need one. He knew the police report was a requirement of Oklahoma law and didn’t tell the Judge or Jury who decided to indict. He intentionally concealed a material fact. They had no idea the law required me to file the report, that it was stated on the first denied order because of my failure to follow that legally required procedure. Charges were dismissed in my favor. Despite the blatant violations of my civil rights Perry got my claims dismissed of course all in hearings where I was not allowed to argue the law, show evidence, testify or cross examine him. He did not even have the balls to face me fair and square in Court. He’s a coward, a pussy, and a low life bully. He did the same thing to an officer of the law, sworn to protect the citizens and clearly Perry believed he was about to do so or he wouldn’t have taken such drastic measures to obstruct. He, allegedly took the life of a police officer and in doing so, pissed a lot of cops who are smart enough, clearly in that they solve crimes all damn day, to look at the facts and determine Michael Nealey did not and could not have killed Chief Miller. Perry harrassed, Coerces, abuses his title because you don’t really have any power if you get off abusing women and children. That’s pretty damn pathetic. Power is not in a title or position. It is in the way we conduct ourselves and that requires using respect and dignity for the rights and wishes of other people. I will not lie for that sick son of a bitch. I’m very very proud to be a part of the team who has been the first ever in his life to catch that bad guy. I’m proud of this. I want that to be very clear. Charles Perry is like gorgeous perfect grass over a sewer. You start digging a little and you find sometimes things are not as perfect as they appear. There is shit under there and it stinks and repulses. I am sorry that is the case but we all have choices. He chose to betray his wife and family, live a lie, he had four years to control himself without needing a cover up. I only told a few people what he was doing to me in Lubbock for four years and most did not and do not live in Texas. Some were with me,.when Perry went weirdo. They saw him. Four years is a long time to keep.yiur mouth shut while giving the offender ample time to stop. 
We have had enough of this crap up here and while Lubbock tolerates this bullshit we don’t. We are not okay with loosing our police, businesses being ruined so Perry can steal my money, and make it harder to fight him off through legal means in court, harm, threaten, stress out, cause fear and just bother other people with his mental problems. Sick of it!!!! That is the reason he has leaks and he has yet to figure that out. I guess things just don’t click for him like they do the rest of us. 
This should adequately address any slanderous defamatory remarks Perry has made about both myself and Officer Nealey and his attempts to retaliate against me yet again through known fraud and abuse of power using selective prosecution. 

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein”

 Cynthia recently discovered Perry not only had her social security card taken from her workplace but her birth certificate and a Power of Attorney reserved only for her family and is limited to use during a time that she would be incapacitated from her storage unit. It appears it was taken the night of Chief Miller’s procession when police were attending the procession.

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The attempts to discredit Cynthia or force her against her will to leave Oklahoma and go back to Texas where Perry believes he can force her to.lie and get away with it or kill her, have reached a fever pitched level. Almost daily a cease and desist letter is sent to attorneys. They are unprofessional and unethical in their failure to restrain their clients unlawful and offensive conduct. For Officer Nealey to have acted in self defense he would first need to have evidence on him that he was in a fight. He points out in the police interview the fact that he had no idea he was in a fight at all because there was no evidence on him that he fought with anyone at all. Hard to do when you are drugged into a bolivian. We did say in March before depositions were taken and first responders testified they treated him for drug overdose that he was drugged and never tested and not physically able to fight or even move as was said before. See links above and pay close attention to the dates. Dates in this case are key material facts.







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