Police Recordings Confirmed When Charles Perry Does What He Was Recorded Talking About Doing

Perry continues his efforts to coerce, intimidate, harass, tamper, and cause loss to Cynthia every day all day. We just watched a gentleman who was mistreated in Lubbock and could not wait to leave because a United States Senator who probably spends not one minute of his day trying to make other people fail so he can feel better about the skum he is because he is not that. When one cannot get anything impressive done they often seek to bring everyone else down to the low life level where they are. Perry is not wanted or loved by Cynthia. He is a trouble maker. He’s caused a great deal of animosity and resentment against himself for causing so much loss and suffering to Cynthia and other citizens in Oklahoma. The cops helping her said “When I walk in the room my wife lights up, she wants me, she’s glad to see me, she runs up and holds me and Perry has none of that. He’s caught though more than ever and all that cover up money didn’t do shit. He’s rejected and caught and continues to do the same thing that produced those results over and over everyday. He’s done it for almost a decade now. We can pretty much predict what he will do next because it’s always the same and it’s always sadistic and it’s always criminal. We have waited for locals so we don’t make them look bad but if they can’t get their act together we can’t do anything about that. You can lead a horse, but they do what they do. That’s not on us. We have had to do the protecting regardless. It’s very frustrating and very disappointing and not how we do business. And on these coercion charges, had they been consistent, I wouldn’t have a case and you’d not have this to use to go back in and file Motions to Vacate but they sent in and influx and pulled back based on their intent to push you their way so now we have a case as do you. ” When they do exactly and specifically what we say they are threatening, or planned, and intended, they can’t argue in Court that they didn’t do it. Time and time again they have. Anyone can see documents posted in our photo albums here or on the Court dockets and see it for themselves and if a Judge or a cop can’t look it over and get it the same as a reasonable prudent member of the public can, they are not qualified to serve in that position.

These guys are working on a “need to know” status because little kids are victims. There has been corruption which is the other reason for that status. They did get Cynthia a puzzle while she was in jail when Perry carried out the threats he made in The McNamara email which was also a retaliatory act intended to coerce. The puzzle was inside a book she ordered while in jail, it’s a word search book and one of many published. Of all the books she could have gotten, she got the one that has a page with the name  Fabian intersecting with the word Hope. Fabian is the man Cynthia wants in her life. He’s the man she told her friend from New York, not Lubbock, who should not be someone Perry would ever have contact with, someone she went to school with, in a PRIVATE email in 2014 that she really liked and wanted to get to know better but suspected Perry was interfering. Turns out he was. In fact he was recorded in 2016, telling Fabian “I will find a way to lock her up again and she won’t get out this time unless she is with me. You need to give up. ” Not a wanted guy who makes Cynthia light up when he walks in the room but one who wants to illegally put her in captivity to force her into something she wants nothing to do with.

Also on that same page in that same word search book is the word “me” in between the words Fabian and Hope denoting Perry’s selfishness and intrusion and butting in where he’s not wanted. On one side is the word sad, denoting the sadness surround the situation yet in the middle is Hope. On the other side, the word “boo” which denotes fear surrounding the situation but again in the middle is Hope. The word “boo” is a private joke between Cynthia and these cops. It goes way back before she ever met Perry. Again these words are arranged very specific to her and she didn’t just get it at some random time in her life. She got it in jail. The thing Perry did to cause devastation and try to pull her down to his level was met with that. That’s the power Perry is dealing with. He’s has such a big problem with delusion that he seems still not to fully grasp reality. Again nobody can do anything about that but him and his family.

Email sent from Cynthia to her attorney regarding the many times Perry was recorded planning crime and got caught, which is by the way, more than ever before in his life.

“The cops who gave me the McNamara email and everything since, who stepped in time and time again to protect me, said make sure Mr Miller knows we have recordings of Perry and those guys every time the talked about having you pulled over, trying to kill you, wanting information on your car, trying to get you fired or make sure you dont have money, everytime they wanted to take your car or your stuff in storage and when judicial orders looked off, after that and some before, everytime they talked to a Judge, every time they wanted to get your car, or arrange some false arrest and we have had your income front and center and documented every single time they got in your wallet, when they wanted to take your social security card and driver’s license and we have all that. When they do what we recorded and warned you about they cannot argue that you are crazy or that they aren’t doing what you say they are or what we say they are in fact we’ve recorded them saying “Dr Russell cannot change now what she said back then so we have got to get Cyndi back into therapy.” We have all that and the more they do, after we recorded them planning it, the stronger the case against them is. That includes what we found on the Miller Nealey case. You knew he was drugged before it was public because we uncovered that and told you so they can bullshit themselves all they want. They aren’t gonna bullshit us. “

So when they said “There won’t be a car payment or a new apartment.” That was recorded too. We will see what they do.

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein”

Click here to hear what Dr Russell said that Perry wanted Cynthia back in therapy to find someone to lie about her mental status.

Click here to see evidence of Perry’s delusional Erotomania. He cannot use the mental incompetant defense when he tries to coerce and cover up. That indicates he is fully aware that what he is doing is wrong, offensive and criminal.


Click here to see what Perry is putting the Millers and the Nealeys through and the reasons, in part,  he constantly attempts to coerce Cynthia to lie and retaliates against her when she won’t.


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This is a murder trial she was deposed in and the murder and trial of police officers who just caught her case six days before the murder. She’s a witness in a murder trial. Perry has attempted to interfere with Cynthia’s money to coerce and get her to lie. Not the first time though. His habits and patterns are to attempt to coerce, tamper with and intimidate to force people to say or do what they have no desire to say or do. It is a RICO Violation.

DISCLAIMER:  This disclaimer shall apply to each and every post on Facebook and all blogs and posts on justice4cyn.com. We assert our 1st Amendment Right to FREE Speech (Sullivan v NY Times, Garrison v Louisiana), and Protections under Domestic Violence Laws, Victims Rights Laws, Title 18 USC (The RICO Act),  anti-stalking and harassment laws, and rights against malicious and selective prosecution. Cynthia Ortiz is no different than all women in the #MeToo movement or any other victim of stalking and harassment. Perry and his weirdo buddies do not have the right to a cover up. The public has the legal and moral right to know what he does to her. Perry has leaks because people in Oklahoma, the public, does not like what he is doing to her. Normal people have empathy and don’t like one person causing malicious intentional harm to another. We understand Perry has a forged marriage license and/or Power of Attorney Cynthia has heard about but never seen much less signed. These documents are not legal. No consent was ever obtained and anyone who gives out protected private information of Cynthia is subject to litigation particularly when they failed to due diligence and authenticate these forged documents. Cynthia wants no contact with Charles Perry of any kind ever. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and avoid a conflict. His contact of any kind in all forms is offensive and criminal. Defendants were recorded discussing having someone take Cynthia’s purse, wallet, Driver’s License and keys from her workplace just as they did her social security card and her car. This would be part of provocation they were previously told “You cannot claim her emails, texts or whatever she tweets or anything on the internet is harassing to you when you are the one provoking. That’s entrapment. You cannot claim she is the one harrassing you when all she does is tell on you. She’s entitled to free speech, other women talk about abusive men just like she is and you cannot prevent her from talking about what you are doing to her or prevent her from expressing anger about it. The public has the right to know what you do in your personal life. She has the right to protect herself and you don’t have the right to keep her from protecting herself or from expressing anger about what you do to her. ” Defendants also, in not liking Dr Russell’s assessment were recorded stating “Dr Russell can’t change now what she said back then so we can’t say she’s just crazy. We have to get her back in therapy and get a doctor to say that ” All has been recorded and given to police on another case that have protected Cynthia for years. People don’t like what he’s doing to her. No normal person would tolerate that crap. Being Perry claimed in a Court of law, under oath, that he does not relevant business in the forum state of Oklahoma, when he sends his guys into work pretending to be customers, and we know they don’t do that for free, Cynthia, talking to strangers in a strip club that could potentially be deadly to her, tells some truth and some bullshit, intentionally and methodically and then laughs as they go running out thinking they got something, similar to what Defendant Roberson did in having Lady Godivas waitress ask her if the FBI was investigating. If Perry is not paying people to proxy stalk that will come out in Court as it will if he is. Charles Perry is not even a friend of Cynthia Ortiz much less any kind of romantic interest. He has made these claims against her wishes, without her consent, and these acts constitute slander and defamation and have caused her significant socio and economic loss. Perry is not someone Cynthia would stoop so low as to give the time of day to. He is also a married man, his wife, Jacquelyn Perry, may or may not have knowledge of his comments and false statements to people in Oklahoma about the status of his marriage. To Cynthia, Charles Perry is just a rejected stalker and strange bazaar person who appears to suffer from delusion, Erotomania, sadism, psychopathy, psychosis, antisocial disorder, and is sociopathic. He’s really made no effort to prove otherwise. She had the right to privacy and all legal protections from him under the law and we hereby assert those rights. The word “allegedly” shall be considered for all posts and comments herein.  Whatever imaginary fantasy he runs through his mind is not real for sure not to her. This is hereby public to establish premeditation and intent of Defendants Perry et Al to commit a crime against Cynthia Ortiz and any victim or witness as described.  The more contact Perry makes with Cynthia the harder law enforcement goes at him. The longer he stays in her life the harder they go at him and the deeper they dig. As far as Cynthia is concerned Charles Perry is not worthy of even being spit on by her much less in a romance and how dare he be so arrogant to think any such thing. To her he’s a job and nothing more. He continues to contact her which shows police he doesn’t mind being investigated, being charged and going to prison. Some people can’t stop themselves and have no control so they want police to do it for them and Perry clearly does not care about being put in prison for his crimes or he would not continue knowing he’s being investigated. Unfortunately his kids may not agree. It is disgusting he cares so little for others and what he’s putting other people through for his out of control fantasy. The word “you” is intended as a general term for all posts herein, and is intended for those to whom it applies. Metaphors and analogies are clearly understood by anyone with average intelligence and will not be explained for Defendants who have shown to be slow in putting easy concepts together. Defendants Perry, Powell, Roberson, Burson and Chadwick can and may be charged with perjury for any statements contradicted in their criminal case. Information herein in all posts only represents a small portion of what is available to prove a crime is being committed and Cynthia Ortiz is only one of many victims and witnesses. Any order procured through fraud or deception, resulting in an order used to then procure property or results in the loss of property, freedom, peace or any legal protections thereof will result in not one but two criminal charges, one being the order procured through fraud a d the loss of property or rights resulting from illegal use of an illegally procured order particularly but not limited to taking Cynthia’s car. What is it like to sit around all alone, not loved wanted or touched, some fat slob pervert with no life bothering everyone creeping on people who do have a life? Always just a wannabe, never actually wanted back for a decade? Made fun of because your imagination is out if control and everyone else just sees you as the delusional weirdo that you really are? What is that even like? What is it like to be THAT guy? They go after him harder until he is GONE on his own or in handcuffs, whichever comes first.

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