Witness Tampering and Grand Larceny With Intent To Coerce

In this blog Cynthia’s workplace is divulged and that was not intended as an invitation for Charles Perry, Matthew Powell, Josh Burson, Dave Roberson or Joe Chadwick to come or cause someone to come harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise contact Cynthia at all. That was done to divulge they already knew and were already in violation of the law before that information was actually public and what that means is “this is where she is and where you do not need to be. ” Stalking is a crime. She wants no contact. That means don’t contact her directly or through another party. Go do normal things with your own friends and family that you don’t need to cover up later.

Just like we said, we knew he was gonna do it, he knew we knew and he did it anyways. Perry caught retaliating against a witness in a murder trial.

That is a violation of 1512 and 1513 of the RICO Act. He’s crossing state lines.

“Perry interferes with Cynthia’s income with the intent to force her to take a bribe, lie and he does intend to make her go broke, to force her back to Texas and he will kill her.”

That was the topic of the The McNamara email which he did carry out with some variations. Cynthia’s income took a drastic nosedive after being subpoena’d for Nealeys case which you don’t harass and tamper with someone unless they know something. He’s been recorded over and over and over talking about stealing her money, with intent to force and coerce a change in her story. He’s been caught over and over and over. This specific crime, and his malicious intent is not covered up at all. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from Perry and only told a few close friends of his stalking and there is an album with those messages on this page. He’s a stalker just as we have said.

Perry’s claims of a political vendetta proven bogus long ago. She didn’t tell the media until he just would not stop, she changed careers and moved twice giving him four years, plenty of time to control his weirdo problem without needing a cover up. Now he is desperate for a cover up and about ruined everyone’s lives trying to get one. His alleged crimes have never been more uncovered than they are right now. She is not going to change her testimony or her story despite his best efforts to bully her into that. He’s really just pissing everyone off is all he’s accomplished all these years. That’s why he keeps getting caught.

Click here to hear the reason for Perry’s theft and tampering. This is Cynthia’s deposition on the trial of Officer Mike Nealey for Chief Miller’s murder which we know he could not have committed. Since that time, Perry has made sure she has made no money at all in effort to coerce, retaliate and cause malicious harm to a witness in a murder trial and that is a Federal crime, violating 1512 and 1513 of the RICO Act. . Notice, not Officer Nealeys attorney, but the prosecutor asked her if she was in law enforcement. There is a reason for that.

Cynthia gave Perry four years to get a handle on his problem. That’s not what one does when it’s political. No media knew, three close friends in Lubbock knew because they were with her when he did his creeping, and then she walked away from a career she loved, was building, and was good at just to get away from this sadistic weirdo type crap right here. That didn’t work so she moved. That didn’t work so she moved again. Then she went public hoping that would work and she didn’t end up being the next Chandra Levy. And there has been one court case after another ever since. Perry has maliciously interfered with her money with intent to impede and force her to lie. She’s barely had food and still won’t lie. She won’t lie. He won’t get that. She doesn’t like him. He won’t get gone. No normal person can bring themselves to impose on others like this.

Perry actually had her work empty Saturday October 24, 2020 just after her deposition for Officer Nealey, then staged packed for just a few hours, although no one really spending money to speak of, for someone he sent in in effort to make them think they were busy, then as soon as that person left, then everyone left and the place was empty again on a Saturday. Problem is, since the club where she was at has been open, from 2-4 am, it’s packed. That is the busiest time of night and since her subpoena, it’s been empty and worse after her testimony. This was the first Friday of her life, she went home on a Friday night with absolutely no money and just after Wednesdays deposition. She caught a guy sitting at the entrance and ran him off although he or someone else clearly went back after she went inside to run off customers and they will do that or tell them to buy from everyone but her. Some flat told her.

Industry wide, October through December is the busiest time of year, so empty, it should not be during this time of year and again her money has fluctuated so much corresponding with whatever Perry’s agenda is at the te whether it be to keep her broke to impede Court processes, force her back to Texas where it’s easier to kill her and get away with it, or as was the case when Lucky looked into it, complained, they sent someone in to back him off. He did note she was not sitting in the back but out working. Thats part of what he looked into. Her fluctuations also caused the other officers to bring in a consultant whose findings in part are below.

Witnesses report individuals going behind a business next to the club everyday from 3pm to open. That’s about the time everyone starts waking up. They all work all night and sleep all day until about 3 pm at which time, more unusual menacing conduct by people who don’t belong where they are are loitering, taking photos and texting. These could all be Roberson’s employees or people who Joe Chadwick knows from his club. The creepy dude photographed here was also sitting behind that business at the entrance to the club Perry has targeted for ecomonic harassment where Cynthia works. That is a crime by the way. It’s not legal to intentionally and maliciously cost a business or person money because you don’t like their court testimony. He’s done this since May 2015 when she first tried to get a Protective Order against him and it is a RICO Violation in constituting a 1512 and 1513 violation. He could be Federally indicted as would anyone aiding and abetting. Cynthia pulled up behind this guy, took pictures of him and his tags, went up to him and said “Sir what are you doing back here?” He said “texting”. She said “Yeah probably not. You are gonna need to pull around and park with everyone else in front of the building in the parking lot or over at the strip club parking lot or I call the cops. Nobody has legit reason to be back here and our customers and employees have the legal right to their safety and privacy and you are not going to sit back here. Go up in front with everyone else and park in the parking lot. ” He took off and his tags were sent to the Sheriff. More than one law enforcement agency can run tags. It’s not like that’s not easy enough to do when you are where you are not supposed to be.

This is to document Perry’s failed attempt at “staging” and the second time he’s done this. Someone is coming in to see if it’s busy, but when that person leaves, so dies everyone else. The busy time since ope ing five years ago is 2-4 and it gets packed sometimes standing room only. The stage is packed and there is a whole lot of tipping going on so for Perry to send someone in earlier for a few hours, Chadwick, owner of Lady Godivas also a party to her lawsuit to send some of his customers over and Roberson, another party to her lawsuit, to send in his broke employees to just sit and fill seats to “stage” a scene, does not comport with reality at all. Revenue is what matters anyways and revenue is way down since October 7th. It was well below the 15% decline from CoVid but much much worse after Cynthia was subpoena’d to testify for Officer Nealey which she would not do if she thought the facts showed guilt. They wouldn’t harass or retaliate if he committed that crime and they had nothing to do with it. You only attack a witness who knows something. If she were off or benign they wouldn’t go to all this trouble to force a change in her testimony. She won’t change it. She just gets pissed off they would think they could force her to. That is a crime and one of many they got caught committing again. It’s just more of the same ole same ole criminal activity they think they are covering up and really it’s the most uncovered up cover up in the history of cover ups.

Perry went into Court and denied having contacts in the state of Oklahoma. He denied being a creepy rejected stalker. His staging used people and those people don’t risk prison time for free. He paid them something. See link of October 24 incident. Revenue has significantly dropped for the club and Cynthia. He sent guys in with money, she didn’t change her testimony, then he pulled e ery one out so since her deposition she’s made no money at all. Not her normal and not anything like the consultant determined she should and would make we’re he not stealing in attempt to coerce a lie. When she wouldn’t lie and say what he wanted and he pulled or interfered with her income he’s guilty of bribery and attempted coercion. He’s pissing everyone off for sure and he’s got leaks because of it. He’s caught in alleged crime more than ever in his life because Everytime he does this, he makes everyone mad and people want him arrested so they start talking so that he is and can’t do this anymore.


Perry was recorded talking about things he shouldn’t know anything about and only does illegally because he is a reject stalker, and told his people in Oklahoma “There is not going to be a car payment or an apartment. Make her go broke so she has to get back to Texas and kill her. ” That recording sent to police who gave her info detailed in the McNamara email which he did some variation of that then. If he does it, and it’s clear he is trying, again that is witness tampering and a list of other Federal crimes. That’s how thinks you get a girlfriend. And it’s done no such thing in fact Cynthia won’t have a thing to do with a low life skum like Perry. She’s helped catch him in crime more than anyone else he knows. He’s got leaks because nobody likes some pussy who can’t move on like we all do. He’s pissing everyone off. It’s been this way for seven years. He’s mentally slow or he would have stopped after the first few times he got caught despite all kinds of money he tried to pay to buy a cover up. His crimes have never been more uncovered and over the years the more he attacks Cynthia the more that happens. People don’t like what he’s doing. ” So here we go again with blatant witness tampering and his false belief he will never be caught and he’s more caught than ever before in his life. We are actually very pleased with those results.

As to her customers, it’s either like we say or it’s not. She either has regular custer’s that have nothing to do with anything and Perry never contacts them and tells them not to give her money and if he hacked her and has a guy running business off where she works, that’s two ways he’d be able to do that and when none come in all at the same te, that flagged off the cops that gave her the McNamara email. Might be that one can’t or two but not all at the same time and right after Perry was just recorded talking about making Cynthia go broke so she can’t pay a car payment and get a better place to live. They are witnesses to his crimes when that happens. If he sent them in to bribe her then pulled them back when she would not say what he was trying to coerce her to say, they are parties to his crime. It’s either attempted bribery or grand larceny with intent to coerce and the prosecutor working with the McNamara cops, as they are called told Cynthia they have evidence he is doing exactly that and said “I cannot give you legal advice, but he’s stealing your money, we can charge him with grand larceny with intent to coerce and you might want to research civil remedies for that.” She did and found conversion. Stealing money to force a change in someone’s testimony is a serious crime and Perry was caught again. It’s also Tortious Interference but he’s had his hands in her wallet and that has become a major point of contention for a whole lotta folks. It’s a burden he’s imposed on other people and never changes her, but it does really really make everyone extremely mad. Who his leaks are is not the issue. The issue is, why in the hell would you do this to another human being? You know it’s wrong because you try to cover it up.

One of several individuals caught at the entrance of her workplace where her police friends indicate he’s keeping customers from entry or telling customers not to buy from her specifically.
Another individual caught parked at the entrance her cop friends indicated is blocking customers from coming in or telling them specifically not to buy from her.
Another individual caught parked at the entrance her cop friends indicated is blocking customers from coming in or telling them specifically not to buy from her.
Her income has so greatly fluctuated based on whatever Perry’s agenda is at the time, Cynthia’s cop friends brought in a consultant who studied her workplace when she was there and not there and came to the conclusions in part here. There is more not being made available to the public.
Income is no where close to what the Consultant says it would be and should be were Charles Perry not engorging in socio and economic harassment. Apparently he thinks that’s how you get a girlfriend. Cynthia thinks that’s what you do when you want to go to prison. She’s dated many many times before and none of her boyfriends or her ex husband did sadistic cruel bazaar shit like this. In fact the ones she liked supported her careers and treated her right. This is a crime, not a date. Remember he’d already forced her to walk away from a political consulting career after he used her to get elected. Nobody walks away from a life where you work with surgeons, US Senators and Members of Congress to go work in a strip club unless you have to. He’s religious. She wanted to go anywhere that he wasn’t. Now after she walked away from a career she had a decade before she met Weird Charles, moved twice, sued three times, sought Protective Orders or Injunctive Orders eleven times to prohibit him from all contact with her, being she wants no contact with him or from him, he’s trying to starve her into a lie. He intends to get close enough to her personally to kill her because his hitmen didn’t get it done. Perry has continued to make unwanted contact and impose his bazaar will on her. She didn’t ask him what he thinks, wants or needs. She asked him to get the hell out if her life and not for a day, week, or a few months but for almost a decade. Perry continues to make unwanted contact with Cynthia imposing his will on her against her will and the law. She didn’t ask him.what he thinks, wants or needs. She asked to get out of her life. This is a crime, not a relationship and his mental stability is in question based on his inability to ascertain how offensive, bazaar, and criminal his actions and conduct are. For a guy caught this many times in the planning stages and not one bit embarrassed as he makes everyone else enough to leave everyone else alone, to continue, is causing great speculation as to his mental instability and intellect however because he has tried to coerce a lie, even still with so much out there, and still even at this point thinks there could be a cover up, he cannot assert the insanity defense because he indicates he knows it’s wrong and wants it covered up. Cynthia’s police buddies and their prosecutor told us he cannot assert that defense when he tries to cover up what he did or lies about it because indicates knowledge and understanding that what he just did was indeed a crime. Insanity defenses, like we saw with Hinkley where he served time in a hospital, not prison, only works if you have no clue what you just did was wrong and a crime and Perry’s actions show he knows full well he’s committing a crime.
March 2 Cynthia knew Officer Nealey was drugged and knocked out and could not have beaten anyone at all much less to death. Perry has taken her money in retaliation for her testimony.
First Responder testifies to giving Officer Nealey Narcan for treatment for drug overdose which Cynthia emailed she knew months before this depo was taken or on the docket.
Perry has long been attempting to force Cynthia back to Texas against her will and this was key evidence in the false arrest he did arrange months after this email now referred to as The McNamara Email.
Perry has made knowingly false claims in Court that he’s not a stalker but a victim of a political vendetta. He failed to think that through before making that claim. Cynthia grew up in the home of the Chief of Police in Roswell and elected official and started her consulting in government reform Federal, in 2001. She met him in 2010 and he’d been in politics none. She could call three people at any time to override anything he did that she may not like. Thing there was nothing like that. He’s got no rants from her anywhere in a period of time of ten years, 2010 when they met to now, 2020, about anything related to his job as a legislator. If there was an issue of contention there would be some rant about it somewhere. She saw him as new and insignificant. She never worked on State legislation in Texas. Her work was Federal with one state issue in New Mexico. Perry never legislated in New Mexico or Federal. Again this brings his mental intellect and stability into question as his ability to differentiate between facts, dates, times of events and so forth and his out of control fantasy life are not conducive to even moderate intelligence or that of a mentally stable man. Did he really think nobody would notice that? Why say something that blatantly false unless he actually thought nobody could think past tying their shoe to notice that glaring misrepresentation of facts.

Click here to see documents on the false arrest Perry planned, Cynthia outlined in The McNamara email and carried out. Charges were dismissed in her favor

Click here to see how dirty Perry did her in law suits intended to prohibit his contact and harassment.

Perry and Powell have long been after Cynthia’s car. An Oklahoma officer told Cynthia’s cop friends “Perry and Powell said they wanted to get her on harassment. They kept calling us wanting information about her car and her whereabouts. They kept giving us information to check out about her possible criminal activity only to waste our time and take resources from real crime because there was never anything to what they claimed. Cynthia stays to herself, minds her own business, doesn’t bother anyone and as best we could tell does nothing but try as hard as she can to get as far away from them as she can. It became clear to us very quickly that the harassment was the other way around and they were the ones doing the harassing. Those people would not leave her alone and called us so much they were harassing us too. She never called even once and we knew she had reason to. She didn’t bother anybody, they did.
And again on October 29, 2020 Perry recorded talking about taking Cynthia’s car.
Perry’s intent to cause harm recorded again.
11pm on. Friday night and not a sole in the building. Not normal at all for this club and between 2-4 am they are packed with no open seats. Many times people are standing in the back. Again this is retaliation for her testimony in Officer Nealey’s depo. It is a crime. It is witness tampering. If she knew nothing and they weren’t guilty, no reason to waste time and money doing this.
We understand that Chief Miller was very upset about Perry’s interference in Cynthia’s income and went to her work to find out what was going on. This person is not Mrs Nealey but is pretending to be and misrepresented some information on facts. Looks like they read depositions and mixed up Officer Nealeys injuries with Chief Miller’s, then started asking about him checking out her money problems. Only a few people knew about that. This indicates Perry knew about it. She wouldn’t answer.
After she called this person out, for not being Mrs Nealey, as they pretended, they changed the account name. All these messages are on the link below. First they advise they know she’s been served a subpoena which then they know further questioning is improper I’d not tampering but kept at it anyways. They want to know things she addressed in her depo. If someone planned out the crimes against Chief Miller and Officer Nealey, they would then want to make sure they both went to Florida. Cynthia had no idea Officer Nealey had to be coaxed nor has she said that anywhere nor is it on this blog or Facebook so only the killer would be fishing to see if she knew that he had to be coaxed and who coaxed him. Otherwise why ask that question and it was asked about four times so it was important to this person to get the answer before she was deposed. Again, she refused to answer. Nobody owes these guys a cover up, a lie or any answers at all. These are not civil rights. When it’s at trial, then can get information through the proper procedures. Facebook questioning when they knew she had been served a subpoena was extremely improper and really illegal. If she didn’t know anything to incriminate them, they would not tamper with her, a witness or retaliate by taking her money. If she were ineffective or benign or had no facts in support of what she said, they wouldn’t bother. Wouldn’t need to.

And again as of October 26, 2020 Perry still wanting to take her car.

Or there is this with Perry making direct threats like this one. This one has been done off and on for several years. It’s actually a regurgitated threat that is old. See screenshot of email below.

Click here to see documents on Officer Nealeys case

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Click here to see evidence Perry suffers from Delusional Erotomania

Click here to see another of Perry’s attempt to coerce Cynthia into dropping law suits.

Click here to see documents regarding Perry and Powell’s Many Attempts to take Cynthia’s car.

Click here to see documents regarding Perry and Powell’s fraudulent claims of being harassed just the Oklahoma Officer Stated

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DISCLAIMER: This disclaimer shall apply to each and every post on Facebook and all blogs and posts on justice4cyn.com. We assert our 1st Amendment Right to FREE Speech (Sullivan v NY Times, Garrison v Louisiana), and Protections under Domestic Violence Laws, Victims Rights Laws, Title 18 USC (The RICO Act), anti-stalking and harassment laws, and rights against malicious and selective prosecution. Cynthia Ortiz is no different than all women in the #MeToo movement or any other victim of stalking and harassment. Perry and his weirdo buddies do not have the right to a cover up. The public has the legal and moral right to know what he does to her. Perry has leaks because people in Oklahoma, the public, does not like what he is doing to her. Normal people have empathy and don’t like one person causing malicious intentional harm to another. We understand Perry has a forged marriage license and/or Power of Attorney Cynthia has heard about but never seen much less signed. These documents are not legal. No consent was ever obtained and anyone who gives out protected private information of Cynthia is subject to litigation particularly when they failed to due diligence and authenticate these forged documents. Cynthia wants no contact with Charles Perry of any kind ever. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and avoid a conflict. His contact of any kind in all forms is offensive and criminal. Defendants were recorded discussing having someone take Cynthia’s purse, wallet, Driver’s License and keys from her workplace just as they did her social security card and her car. This would be part of provocation they were previously told “You cannot claim her emails, texts or whatever she tweets or anything on the internet is harassing to you when you are the one provoking. That’s entrapment. You cannot claim she is the one harrassing you when all she does is tell on you. She’s entitled to free speech, other women talk about abusive men just like she is and you cannot prevent her from talking about what you are doing to her or prevent her from expressing anger about it. The public has the right to know what you do in your personal life. She has the right to protect herself and you don’t have the right to keep her from protecting herself or from expressing anger about what you do to her. ” Defendants also, in not liking Dr Russell’s assessment were recorded stating “Dr Russell can’t change now what she said back then so we can’t say she’s just crazy. We have to get her back in therapy and get a doctor to say that ” All has been recorded and given to police on another case that have protected Cynthia for years. People don’t like what he’s doing to her. No normal person would tolerate that crap. Being Perry claimed in a Court of law, under oath, that he does not relevant business in the forum state of Oklahoma, when he sends his guys into work pretending to be customers, and we know they don’t do that for free, Cynthia, talking to strangers in a strip club that could potentially be deadly to her, tells some truth and some bullshit, intentionally and methodically and then laughs as they go running out thinking they got something, similar to what Defendant Roberson did in having Lady Godivas waitress ask her if the FBI was investigating. If Perry is not paying people to proxy stalk that will come out in Court as it will if he is. Charles Perry is not even a friend of Cynthia Ortiz much less any kind of romantic interest. He has made these claims against her wishes, without her consent, and these acts constitute slander and defamation and have caused her significant socio and economic loss. Perry is not someone Cynthia would stoop so low as to give the time of day to. He is also a married man, his wife, Jacquelyn Perry, may or may not have knowledge of his comments and false statements to people in Oklahoma about the status of his marriage. To Cynthia, Charles Perry is just a rejected stalker and strange bazaar person who appears to suffer from delusion, Erotomania, sadism, psychopathy, psychosis, antisocial disorder, and is sociopathic. He’s really made no effort to prove otherwise. She had the right to privacy and all legal protections from him under the law and we hereby assert those rights. The word “allegedly” shall be considered for all posts and comments herein. Whatever imaginary fantasy he runs through his mind is not real for sure not to her. This is hereby public to establish premeditation and intent of Defendants Perry et Al to commit a crime against Cynthia Ortiz and any victim or witness as described. The more contact Perry makes with Cynthia the harder law enforcement goes at him. The longer he stays in her life the harder they go at him and the deeper they dig. As far as Cynthia is concerned Charles Perry is not worthy of even being spit on by her much less in a romance and how dare he be so arrogant to think any such thing. To her he’s a job and nothing more. He continues to contact her which shows police he doesn’t mind being investigated, being charged and going to prison. Some people can’t stop themselves and have no control so they want police to do it for them and Perry clearly does not care about being put in prison for his crimes or he would not continue knowing he’s being investigated. Unfortunately his kids may not agree. It is disgusting he cares so little for others and what he’s putting other people through for his out of control fantasy. The word “you” is intended as a general term for all posts herein, and is intended for those to whom it applies. Metaphors and analogies are clearly understood by anyone with average intelligence and will not be explained for Defendants who have shown to be slow in putting easy concepts together. Defendants Perry, Powell, Roberson, Burson and Chadwick can and may be charged with perjury for any statements contradicted in their criminal case. Information herein in all posts only represents a small portion of what is available to prove a crime is being committed and Cynthia Ortiz is only one of many victims and witnesses. Any order procured through fraud or deception, resulting in an order used to then procure property or results in the loss of property, freedom, peace or any legal protections thereof will result in not one but two criminal charges, one being the order procured through fraud a d the loss of property or rights resulting from illegal use of an illegally procured order particularly but not limited to taking Cynthia’s car. What is it like to sit around all alone, not loved wanted or touched, some fat slob pervert with no life bothering everyone creeping on people who do have a life? Always just a wannabe, never actually wanted back for a decade? Made fun of because your imagination is out if control and everyone else just sees you as the delusional weirdo that you really are? What is that even like? What is it like to be THAT guy? They go after him harder until he is GONE on his own or in handcuffs, whichever comes first.

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