Tip Offs Prove Out Repeatedly

What these photos show is Cynthia consistently documents what she’s told by police investigating Charles Perry and his weirdo buddies on a sex trafficking peeper site crime and fraud and Racketeering have given her in recordings they obtain showing Perry planning and premeditating crime against her. These are documented in her emails texts and even some we posted here relaying what police obtained in those recordings long before he carried the plan detailed with specifics, nothing is vague, intending her harm or catastrophic loss and the kind you never get over. 

1) In October she tells her ex husband Perry intended to arrange a false arrest intending to coerce her and her some into recanting her claims that he is a stalker. That email is nor referred to as The McNamara Email.  She attempted a Protective Order in May 2015 and was denied in part for failure to bring her police report to Court. See reason number two and law in photos here. Months later she started getting sick after leaving drinks unattended at work. That might be a strip club hazard once maybe, but not consistently just after receiving verbal death threats. She bought charcoal to offset symptoms on December 27. She texts Dave Roberson who claimed he was a hitman and made the threats. He had no reason to do so outside of Perry. She asked after googling symptoms if it was arsenic. He tests back “yes”. She filed a police report as is required by law on 1/21/16. Perry then had her charged in Lubbock for doing a police report in Oklahoma as is required by law and he knew that due to her failure to comply with that law in the first attempt. He claimed it was political knowing she a 10 year history in politics and he none when they met nor were there any angry tweets or rants about his politics anywhere. There are Facebook messages going back to 2011 about his stalking and threats. He also obstructed justice and destroyed evidence in having her arrested, planned out and threatened for months before, in that for complying with the law in Oklahoma she was charged in Lubbock and arrested just a week later. Detectives from Tulsa call and leave a message in February asking her to come in to give them evidence. They hadn’t even taken her evidence yet. Some was destroyed as a result. No blood test was ever given. The fact that Perry does this stuff is exactly the reason she needs and wants a Protective Order against him. He ignores her wishes and and the law and will not leave her alone. She wants a Judge to order him prohibited from his illegal conduct and all contact in all forms as the Judge did in her Bond Conditions, and all offensive unlawful conduct directed at her in Oklahoma where she lives. 

That’s one threat documented well before that he carried out just as she said. 

2) Perry tells people in Lubbock and it actually got back to her in jail that he was going to send her home, harrass the crap out of her, get her upset and scared and tweeting about it then have her arrested for harassment when she told on him.  She told her attorneys about it when they picked her up to take her home. She again mentions it in April, 2018. At that time they were in civil court being she sued for the obvious civil rights violations from the false arrest, his attorney five months later emails her, makes a written request asking for his clients threats she documented in emails same as the McNamara email mentioned above posted here and everywhere. She believes the attorney would act in good faith and restrain his clients unlawful and offensive behaviour. Instead he did exactly what he threatened and claimed in Court she was harassing him and got her claims dismissed. This was a fraud and known fraud and she was not allowed in those hearings to cross examine, testify, testify with evidence or present her case and that is a requirement of the law. There has to be participation by both parties to achieve fairness and procedural accuracy. He had not the balls to face her fair and square in court. He is now very close to being charged with fraud. She gets this information as to his plans and intended harm from somewhere. It’s not little green men from Roswell as Perry claims. Cynthia doesn’t even believe such a thing exists. More delusion on his part. She later filed a Motion To Vacate when his harassment became unbearable in Mannford and Police recorded the judge agreeing to dismiss it. He then did. It’s posted here and gave not one reason, cited no case precedence for his decision. How much money was he paid for that? There is a paper trail of the money. 

This is another intentional crime against Cynthia emailed or texted about before he did it, not as an afterthought to explain away something. 

3) She filed two more law suits and Perry did the same thing in exparte hearings always, again having not the balls to face her in Court fair and square or allowing her to cross or testify or present witnesses or evidence or testify with evidence and twice police recorded him talking to the judges illegally to get her claims dismissed. Some of that is posted here of her discussing the order of dismissal to come before it was out just as she was told it would be by the cops who recorded Perry . Photos of those tip offs beforehand and subsequent denied orders that flagged off prosecutors here. 

4) In June 2018 she is told by Police Powell is calling up to Oklahoma demanding to know Cynthia’s whereabouts. She uses a legally protected address through the state. That’s the address on all Court Documents and verification was filed on the docket. He breached that and sent mail to her protected address, not made available to him through Court or anywhere by sending certified mail. That issue has since been resolved with the address not resolved on the injury.

5) Cynthia was tipped off by police in April, 2019  Perry intended to take her car, tow it and sell it stating “It’s not legit but I’ll have it done before she figures that out. Subsequently someone took a pocket knife to her radiator. A truck resembling on of the employees of Dave Roberson’s employee threw a brick at her on the freeway cracking her engine in two, which could have been her head. Totaled her car. That was in August of 2019. Someone then got into her trunk and put what appeared to be dried product used for making grout for tile or what is used for roofing tiles. It was also all over a unit next to her. She reports it to Mannford PD after neighbors complained of menacing traffic, people driving up and taking photos of Cynthia. Neighbors called Chief Miller three times asking him to increase patrol and didn’t tell Cynthia until after they called him. Their statements and a photo of one such vehicle here. Officer Nealey and Officer Gibson take a complaint. Six days later Chief Miller is murdered and Officer Nealey accused. 

6) In March we find out through cops investigating Perry on the other matter that Nealey was drugged and could not have committed that murder. He was knocked out and never tested to prove there was enough drugs in him to knock him out rendering him unable to commit murder. He’s interviewed by police and shows them he has nothing on him. His demeanor was not “I was beat up. Who did this to us? Where is Lucky? Is he ok?” His demeanor due to his condition was such that he had no idea there any fight at all much less a deadly one. He thought he drank too much and Lucky was probably just waiting for him to get done to go home. On March 2 2020 Cynthia writes the Florida States attorney excoriating his failure to get facts and probable cause evidence required to hold Officer Nealey. Subsequently depositions show Officer Nealey was indeed treated for overdose on scene with Narcan. That means he was drugged and a blood test would be exculpatory just as we said in March. Not collecting and preserving that exculpatory evidence rendering him unable to have committed the murder is a Brady Violation.

Depositions also show Nealey made a call to the front desk looking for a remote earlier in the night and when staff came to the room opened the door wide enough for staff to see Lucky sleeping or dozing on the bed. But when called on a disturbance at 8pm, Lucky answers and won’t open the door more than six inches. He didn’t need to conceal Mike. Mike was a registered guest in that room. He didn’t need to be concealed so who was in that room that Lucky was probably threatened into concealing? Did he have a gun to the back of his head while he got rid of staff? Photos of Mike’s interview that was all over the news don’t have the markings or swelling you’d see on a man who just beat someone to death. They just aren’t there.  Luck was killed due to strangulation and blunt force trauma so where is the depos detailing where the injuries were, size and shape and matching those injuries with a weapon? That’s required to show probable cause to hold Officer Nealey and not having him tested with the caveat that he was treated for drug overdose with Narcan on scene, is a Brady Violation. Thing is, we said he was drugged before these depos were even taken or put on the docket because the other investigation into Perry revealed that. 

Escambia County SO put that interview out to the public so the public could see Officer Nealeys condition. Everyone saw nothing on his hands and a man who had no idea what happened because he was out. Narcan was administered on scene for drug overdose. He wasn’t in a fight at all much less a deadly one. Lucky answered the door when staff came to check in the noise complaint at 8pm. He wouldn’t open the door more than 6 inches and he had no need at all to conceal Mike. Mike was a registered guest. He would need to conceal someone else in that room who threaten him if he didn’t. 

Do really think Escambia is Fife they would put that out knowing the whole world could clearly see Officer Nealey pointing out the lack of evidence on his hands that he was in a fight? Or do you think cops have a bond and they may have been pressured to frame Officer Nealey and that was there way of getting around it and doing a solid for their brother? I think that’s more likely than that they are Fife. I don’t believe for a minute they are Fife. I think a whole lot of cops are sick and tired of this kind of corruption and being held back in putting a stop to it and that’s in part why these other guys have kept things so covert and “need to know”. I have been the distraction while they go right up under Weird Charles and his Creepy Clubs noses and get all kinds of evidence to lock them up so they can’t hurt people ever again. More than ever in his life he’s been caught. That’s the results of his actions over the past six years. The more loss he causes and the more creeping he does the harder they go at him. 

This is another serious crime we had information on beforehand and we said before not as an after thought to lie. 

We know all about the Texas Billionaire Boys Club and what they do and the harm they can do to Cynthia. That is why she has this type of protection. For all you know she was bait all along. Perry is your weak link and this sect of this sicko organization has MRSA and is dying and killing the rest of it. How many times has this sect on Cynthia been caught in crime, planning crime, then when they do it anyways we can say “Well, but we did say he was planning that specifically. ” This sicko group comprised of a bunch fat pervert rich shit kicking hillbilly hick Texans, who thump the Bible and pretend the love Jesus are nothing but a bunch of sick pervert con artist and they have Undercovers on all of them all the time and leaks like Niagra. So you keep on doing what you are doing in picking on women and children so you feel tough, and expect to get caught and caught again and caught again same as you have all this time and know you are not getting away with it this time. Perry has not the social or economic background to be in such an organization so which one did he do a little something something for to get in this deal? We know all about that too.  We did say four years ago no amount of money would cover this up. Has it? You think this is covered up? It’s all right here so it’s not covered up and if you think it is, you are as delusional loony toon as Charles Perry and you people and your little green men can shove that delusion up your ass. You attack women and little children, you attacked us. We have been the ones to catch you in your little sicko perv crime more anyone else in your lives. Someone’s you kick the wrong bear. 

Lastly while Cynthia was in jail, these cops got her a word search puzzle that has Fabian intersecting with Hope. Fabian is the man she wants in her life that Perry has been recorded harassing and threatening away from her. “Me” denotes his selfish butting into things that are not his business at all.  “Sad” and “boo” denotes the fear and sadness Perry forces on this deal. That’s a pretty specific layout. This was not given to her at some random time in her life. It was in jail during that false arrest Perry shoved down her throat.  It was those specific words, not just any name Fabian’s name, not just in the same book or on the same page but arranged just like they are. Those cops did that for her. 

Perry is a loony kook who entertains an imaginary affair with Cynthia that is all in his head and he’s frankly a huge embarrassment to her and any normal person. He gags her. By now he should have had the capabilities of moving on when rejected. This is your MRSA. It is your virus killing your little sicko organization . While we cannot stand Charles Perry the benefit to law enforcement in catching the bad guys has been tremendous. For that we are thankful. 

That’s a lot of “We told ya so’s.” On Intel we got from inside your sick little sex offender club that you guys knew we had but ya did it anyways. We gave you the shovel and you just dug away. The cops said they have not had one this weirdo or this stupid in awhile and that this has been so easy it’s not even fair. Perry thinks Cynthia has a secret love and nobody understands that at this point. More like Alzheimer’s or some such. It’s definitely not love. He’s not able to function normally. He proves that more and more every day. 

For any stalker, they are not able to function normally. We have all been rejected. We move on and find someone that is a better fit and reciprocates our feelings. You put yourself in a place where you are always the wannabe and never the wanted which is not the case if you move on and find someone else like the rest of us can do. That’s what normal function is. Nobody owes you a romance and in this case nobody owes you a lie or a cover up.

Click here to see Court documents in support of claims asserted herein


See link posting documents referred to herein here:


See link here for updates as of October 15, 2020


Click here to see the very very severe and intentional economic harm Perry has intentionally caused to Cynthia Ortiz and her family and friends. It is abuse and it’s sickening anyone would do this. He’s been caught in crime more than ever in his life because of it. He does nothing but cause problems, hardship and impose. He has leaks because everyone is tired of him. “We have a guy with a weirdo problem coming up here, harassing and threatening citizens of Oklahoma, killing our cops, ruining our businesses to cover up his weirdo problem and that has got to stop.” Agreed.

The link below documents time and time again Perry planned and excecuted a crime in Oklahoma. Cynthia knew about it before hand and sometimes he knew she knew, and he did it anyways.


March 2, 2020 Cynthia says Officer Nealey could not have murdered Chief Miller. He was drugged and not given a Tox screen just like my case. It’s the same MO. It’s the same people involved. Cynthia just filed a police report with Officer Nealey 6 days before the Chief is murdered over car vandalism and didn’t name a suspect but said “I don’t know anyone else that would do something like this but Charles Perry because he’s done this kinda crap to me no matter where I go for almost a decade. He’s a stalker and we are in Court now. It’s likely related. Stalkers do weird crap like this. ” Officer Nealey said “This is weirdo. ” Of course it’s weirdo. If a stalker could be normal, he wouldn’t be a stalker. But when they go from stalking to attempted murder or murder, and you don’t get a handle on that, you have the problem, not just the victim. He tried. Where are the rest while he suffers right now, sitting where it appears Perry and his weirdo buddies should be? Not how you Sherlock that. Not at all how you Sherlock a murder of a Police Chief and his Detective.
Narcan was administered to Officer Nealey on scene for overdose, First responders say in depositions that started in May, 2 months later.

Cynthia’s deposition is at the link below. Prosecutor, not Officer Nealeys attorney, asks her if she’s in law enforcement that he needs to know about.

Cynthia’s Deposition in Michael Nealey Case

This is the Facebook message referred to in the Depo
We understand Lucky was upset over Perry’s Interference in Cynthia’s income and went to check things out at her work. Only a few people knew that and this person was not Lisa Nealey. We believe this was the killer. The screenshot above is from the same account but when confronted with spoofing Mrs Nealey, they changed the name on the account but continue to fish around to see how much we knew before Cynthia’s deposition knowing she’s a witness about to be deposed which is improper at best if not illegal. They screenshotted the subpoena so they knew what they were doing.

DISCLAIMER:  This disclaimer shall apply to each and every post on Facebook and all blogs and posts on justice4cyn.com. We assert our 1st Amendment Right to FREE Speech (Sullivan v NY Times, Garrison v Louisiana), and Protections under Domestic Violence Laws, Victims Rights Laws, Title 18 USC (The RICO Act),  anti-stalking and harassment laws, and rights against malicious and selective prosecution. Cynthia Ortiz is no different than all women in the #MeToo movement or any other victim of stalking and harassment. Perry and his weirdo buddies do not have the right to a cover up. The public has the legal and moral right to know what he does to her. Perry has leaks because people in Oklahoma, the public, does not like what he is doing to her. Normal people have empathy and don’t like one person causing malicious intentional harm to another. We understand Perry has a forged marriage license and/or Power of Attorney Cynthia has heard about but never seen much less signed. These documents are not legal. No consent was ever obtained and anyone who gives out protected private information of Cynthia is subject to litigation particularly when they failed to due diligence and authenticate these forged documents. Cynthia wants no contact with Charles Perry of any kind ever. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and avoid a conflict. His contact of any kind in all forms is offensive and criminal. Defendants were recorded discussing having someone take Cynthia’s purse, wallet, Driver’s License and keys from her workplace just as they did her social security card and her car. This would be part of provocation they were previously told “You cannot claim her emails, texts or whatever she tweets or anything on the internet is harassing to you when you are the one provoking. That’s entrapment. You cannot claim she is the one harrassing you when all she does is tell on you. She’s entitled to free speech, other women talk about abusive men just like she is and you cannot prevent her from talking about what you are doing to her or prevent her from expressing anger about it. The public has the right to know what you do in your personal life. She has the right to protect herself and you don’t have the right to keep her from protecting herself or from expressing anger about what you do to her. ” Defendants also, in not liking Dr Russell’s assessment were recorded stating “Dr Russell can’t change now what she said back then so we can’t say she’s just crazy. We have to get her back in therapy and get a doctor to say that ” All has been recorded and given to police on another case that have protected Cynthia for years. People don’t like what he’s doing to her. No normal person would tolerate that crap. Being Perry claimed in a Court of law, under oath, that he does not relevant business in the forum state of Oklahoma, when he sends his guys into work pretending to be customers, and we know they don’t do that for free, Cynthia, talking to strangers in a strip club that could potentially be deadly to her, tells some truth and some bullshit, intentionally and methodically and then laughs as they go running out thinking they got something, similar to what Defendant Roberson did in having Lady Godivas waitress ask her if the FBI was investigating. If Perry is not paying people to proxy stalk that will come out in Court as it will if he is. Charles Perry is not even a friend of Cynthia Ortiz much less any kind of romantic interest. He has made these claims against her wishes, without her consent, and these acts constitute slander and defamation and have caused her significant socio and economic loss. Perry is not someone Cynthia would stoop so low as to give the time of day to. He is also a married man, his wife, Jacquelyn Perry, may or may not have knowledge of his comments and false statements to people in Oklahoma about the status of his marriage. To Cynthia, Charles Perry is just a rejected stalker and strange bazaar person who appears to suffer from delusion, Erotomania, sadism, psychopathy, psychosis, antisocial disorder, and is sociopathic. He’s really made no effort to prove otherwise. She had the right to privacy and all legal protections from him under the law and we hereby assert those rights. The word “allegedly” shall be considered for all posts and comments herein.  Whatever imaginary fantasy he runs through his mind is not real for sure not to her. This is hereby public to establish premeditation and intent of Defendants Perry et Al to commit a crime against Cynthia Ortiz and any victim or witness as described.  The more contact Perry makes with Cynthia the harder law enforcement goes at him. The longer he stays in her life the harder they go at him and the deeper they dig. As far as Cynthia is concerned Charles Perry is not worthy of even being spit on by her much less in a romance and how dare he be so arrogant to think any such thing. To her he’s a job and nothing more. He continues to contact her which shows police he doesn’t mind being investigated, being charged and going to prison. Some people can’t stop themselves and have no control so they want police to do it for them and Perry clearly does not care about being put in prison for his crimes or he would not continue knowing he’s being investigated. Unfortunately his kids may not agree. It is disgusting he cares so little for others and what he’s putting other people through for his out of control fantasy. The word “you” is intended as a general term for all posts herein, and is intended for those to whom it applies. Metaphors and analogies are clearly understood by anyone with average intelligence and will not be explained for Defendants who have shown to be slow in putting easy concepts together. Defendants Perry, Powell, Roberson, Burson and Chadwick can and may be charged with perjury for any statements contradicted in their criminal case. Information herein in all posts only represents a small portion of what is available to prove a crime is being committed and Cynthia Ortiz is only one of many victims and witnesses. Any order procured through fraud or deception, resulting in an order used to then procure property or results in the loss of property, freedom, peace or any legal protections thereof will result in not one but two criminal charges, one being the order procured through fraud a d the loss of property or rights resulting from illegal use of an illegally procured order particularly but not limited to taking Cynthia’s car. What is it like to sit around all alone, not loved wanted or touched, some fat slob pervert with no life bothering everyone creeping on people who do have a life? Always just a wannabe, never actually wanted back for a decade? Made fun of because your imagination is out if control and everyone else just sees you as the delusional weirdo that you really are? What is that even like? What is it like to be THAT guy? They go after him harder until he is GONE on his own or in handcuffs, whichever comes first. 

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