Perry and Powell’s 2016 Plans To Harass Cynthia To Get Her Talking So They Could Claim Harassment Coincide With Justice Scalia’s Death

While Cynthia was in jail for the first false arrest Perry threatened in October, 2015, then carried out in January, 2016, Powell got chatty about the next planned false arrest. Other Defense attorneys were told, they told their clients and the clients or other inmates told her. “They are going to send you home, harass the fuck out of you, get you tweeting about what they are doing to you, then have you arrested for harassment. They got a new law and they want to use you as the test case before the US Supreme Court. Get rid of your phone and your Twitter. ” And she immediately told her attorney who took over her twitter and got rid of her phone. They have done exactly as she was warned they would. Interestingly, just a few days after she arrived in Lubbock jail, while they were planning all this, in West Texas, Justice Antonin Scalia dies and Former DC Homicide Detective William O Richie called the events surrounding his death “fishy”. He’s a seasoned homicide detective so he would know how to Sherlock and tell when something is off. Justice Scalia was outspoken about his staunch defense of the Right to Free Speech and whatever is public is to protect Cynthia from Perry and Powell’s intent to harm her and they have done nothing but harm her and other victims. They have leaks because everyone is tired of them bothering her, her family and people in Oklahoma who want nothing to do with them at all. They are not relevant and have no business doing anything in Oklahoma at all. They have businesses, jobs, family,.and constituents in Lubbock and that’s where they need to be focusing their attention, time, energy and resources, not in a state where they don’t live, and have no business being and they are not wanted. Perry has been caught in crime more than ever in his life since he went after Cynthia Ortiz. She comes from police so you might imagine how upset that made some people in law enforcement and how that might trip up and sadistic sicko criminal like him.

As of September 1, 2020, after they know Cynthia was warned of a premeditated stalking and harassment crime intended to provoke to then commit fraud upon a Court, they are complaining about, try not to pass out and in fact maybe sit down before you read this, being berated. John Hinkley Jr after trying to kill the President and shooting six people asked not how they were not did he apologize. He complained about being hurt when tackled as he was shooting so this is part for the course in a sociopath. Poor me. I’m a victim. And we all want to kick the shit out of them for thinking any such thing. How dare they make such a complaint after what they have done to people!!!! It’s mental. Below is a text to Cynthia’s attorney about their ridiculous complaint.

Four years ago we all said “It won’t matter how much money Charles Perry pays for a cover up. His alleged criminal activity, Racketeering, peeping and creeping and such won’t be covered up. It’s more uncovered than ever. Cynthia changed careers from political consulting and sold medical from January 2013 to October 2013 to avoid having to interact with Charles Perry. In fact she sold sports injury supplies to Texas Tech football players and athletes. When that was ineffective she left. She started dancing with the hope that he would value his family and his reputation as a Church Deacon and happily married family man, not to mess with her in a strip club. When none of that worked, she left Texas in 2014. She wants NO contact with him now or ever a d the more he invades her privacy, takes, butts in, creeps on her, the harder police go at him and his corrupt cronies so they can wrap things up and get him in custody where he can no longer hurt people. There is a bigger bunch they are after.

Just as we said, Perry’s alleged criminal activity is more uncovered than ever. Police only tell Cynthia that which pertains to her safety and well being. They have her evidence plus their own. All he had to do is what every one else on the planet does when rejected. Move on. Go on with life. It’s called functioning normally. Perry has proven over and over and over he is unable to function as a normal human being.

Perry and his corrupt cronies, which includes but is not limited to, Matthew Powell, of whom many have complained they are sick and tired of his “holier than thou” act, when he’s just as dirty and corrupt as the rest, will get the exact same mercy they extended to each and every victim. Every day they have to live with the loss of privacy, money, smeared reputation due to slander, people they love that were ripped from their lives, being stalked, harassed, coerced, intimidated, threatened, bothered, imposed on, and Perry refuses to cease and desist, that same mercy he extends to those he destroys will be extended to him. That includes but is not limited to Cynthia Ortiz, her entire family, her friends, Fabian, people she works with and the Miller family who will now and forever have every graduation, every wedding, every Christmas, every birthday with no dad there and every day Officer Michael Nealey sits in jail, with no probable cause to.hold him captive, also ripped away from his wife and son, also lost a home for what Charles Perry and his corrupt piece of shit cronies allegedly did to cover up stalking and harassment. Charles Perry is a burden and imposition and an intruder. He’s not an invited guest. He’s forcing himself on people who don’t want him around and the outcome he produced is he is more caught in his alleged crimes than ever before in his life, despite a shit ton of money paid out for a cover up and just exactly as we said four years ago, it will not be covered up this time no matter how much money he pays out for a cover up, it is not. We are achieving our desired outcomes. Perry is still a reject. His Alzheimer’s requires a repeat. Charles Perry is not in a relationship with Cynthia Ortiz. He’s a reject. He’s all alone in that imaginary affair he shoves down everyone else’s throat that actually only all in his head. Cynthia changed careers and moved twice to get away from him. She sued three times to be rid of him. Him buying judges to get her claims dismissed only resulted in more pending criminal charges and he pissed her off and police as well doing that to her. There was no fair hearing or trial. She was not even allowed in Court to present evidence or cross examine as Perry held secret ex parte hearings where no one knows what he said or was allowed to refute or present evidence in dispute of his claims. He was recorded however, speaking to all three Judges off the record in backdoor deal making conversations to arrange his dismissals and as such Motions to Vacate are in prep and may be filed after his arrest. We all said his alleged crimes would be more exposed than ever four years ago and of course they are. And he will be in prison soon and he will get the exact mercy he showed every person he harmed and devasted. That’s his choice. All he had to do is go be normal.

The more he imposes and intrudes and butts in and contacts her when she’s asked and asked and asked Perry to please stop, the harder police go at him. We are sick and tired of the need to repeat the same thing over and over and over and Perry is still bothering Cynthia and other people when he’s been told to stop. She said “NO!” And by God that is what she meant. His continued contact, makes her throw up. He’s a burden. He’s an intruder, not an invited guest. His failure to comply with the law and respect the rights and wishes of others is atrocious, obscene, offensive and sick. All he had to do is go function normally like everyone else can do just fine. He has no control over his weirdo problem. He’s a powerless weak pussy and a reject. Real men, real tough guys defend and protect women and kids. Perry has no ability to function normally. He’s had ten years to do it and he simply is not able. He will get the same mercy he showed each and every victim of his alleged crimes. That goes for all of them.

To repeat for Perry’s Alzheimer’s problem, an adult cannot beat up a little kid and with a straight face, claim he is tough and the winner. Nor can a man pick on women and children and with a straight face claim they are anything at all but a pathetic coward and a weak little powerless pussy. Go pick on a man bigger than you, then claim you won if you even live to tell about it. A man in control accepts personal responsibility for his mistakes, finds a woman that feels the same about him as he does her and moves on like we all do when rejected. Perry’s son, no doubt, was rejected a time or two and he moved on so how embarrassing for him to have a dad that can’t function normally, who not only betrayed his mother but can’t man up and move on like normal dudes do. How do you look up to or respect that?

As Yellawolf put it so well in his song “Til It’s Gone”,
“Ain’t much I can do but I do what I can
But I’m not a fool, there’s no need to pretend
Just because you got yourself in some shit
It doesn’t mean I have to come deal with it
You handle your own when you become a man
And become a man when you handle your own” and framing Officer Nealey, harrassing and attempting to coerce Cynthia, or smear her to cover up a sicko problem is not getting it done. Police are more than happy to go behind Perry as he gets in their face and defies the law and them harrassing their witness, and scoop up his poop so to speak, by collecting every ounce of evidence Perry so enjoys leaving for them to collect so they can put him behind bars never again to hurt or crush another soul.

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Click here to see August 29, 2020 Updates and documentation of Perry’s next plan to coerce

Also posted here is an email Cynthia sent to David Widdoes, the Sapulpa City Attorney advising him that while she was in jail for the first false arrest, the arresting officer did question whether or not it was legal and how they got her address being she had a protected address but said “I think this is illegal but I have a fugitive warrant. But you need to tell your attorney everything and I would imagine charges would be dropped. I’m not an attorney but it looks illegal. ” And while she was in jail, Powell told some other attorneys in Lubbock of his intent to help Charles Perry harass Cynthia once she got home to get her tweeting about what they were doing to her hoping to then use her as a guinea pig for a new law on harassment. They wanted to arrest her for talking about them harassing her then put it before the US Supreme Court. Being Justice Scalia was vocal about upholding the right to free speech, they wanted him off the Court. While she was in jail, the rumor mill started immediately. Those attorneys Powell talked to told their clients who told Cynthia “Get rid of your Twitter. He’s gonna use that to put you back in jail and get him out of your phone. ” She got a new phone the second she got home. She gave the Twitter info to her attorney. Justice Scalia, odd as this may sound died while she was in jail, while they were planning that, in West Texas and the whole thing publicly questioned by DC Homicide Detective William O. Richie.

Intent has long been established and Perry did in civil court make these claims the year after this email was sent and this is one of many on the same topic sent immediately after she returned home.

Click here to see info on Justice Scalia’s staunch defense of free speech:

Click here to see comments from Detective Richie

And it does as plans to arrange Cynthia’s second false arrest, specifically Perry and Powell quoted “We will harass her, get her tweeting about it then have her arrested for harrassing us using the new law. Her case will be the first test case before the Supreme Court”, at the very time, Justice Scalia dies in West Texas and we aren’t to question that maybe his death was caused? We have a dead police Chief also to cover up, not just stalking, but a deep web peeper site that involves child porn, women and kids being watched in the privacy of their home without their knowledge and/or consent and Racketeering. They have a hit out on Cynthia too. They have tried multiple times to kill her but failed. She knows to much but you know who knows more? Police who initially gave her a heads up which is documented in The McNamara email and those police are real men who protect and serve women and kids. They are not powerless weak pussys or slaves to some weirdo problem that should be so incredibly embarrassing one can’t help but stop after being caught over and over and over again as Charles Perry and his bazaaro buddies are.

This threat, which is not vague but pretty darn specific, goes way back and intent and premeditation are established herein.

Click link below to see Perry’s link to the murder of Chief Miller and what we believe to be the frame up of Officer Mike Nealey just six days after Cynthia filed a complaint for vandalism to her car.

More on Perry and Powell’s “Hillbilly” plans

All we can say about that man’s observations is Ya Think?

Perry thinks that because nobody will tell him anything on the “need to know” investigation and he hacked her phone and thinks he knows everyone she talks to that he can explain away his leaks as Cynthia just has schitzophrenia. We think that’s funny. Typical delusional hillbilly Perry though. What’s it like to be a rejected wannabe for a decade? Then have one crime after another after another after another to cover up and then pay out all kinds of money only to have the crimes be more uncovered than ever in your life? That’s quite a fail. Looking at outcomes, he didn’t get his cover up and Cynthia wants someone else and vomits at the very thought of Charles Perry. He’s all alone, not loved , not wanted, not touched, embarrasses everyone with some delusion that we can all see is a figment of his fantasy life he’s not in control of at all. He didn’t get the cover up or the girl after a decade of trying. The sad part is, he has no idea he should be as embarrassed by his bazaar conduct as he makes everyone else.

Meanwhile Charles Perry continues to threaten, harass and attempt to coerce Cynthia with his next attempted frame up since he got caught on the last. He never stops with this stuff.

August 30, 2020 6am Updates Perry cronies recorded again talking about going into clubs and asking to see ID’s and trying to find out how much money Cynthia has and so on. See screenshots below. They aren’t getting it still. The more they mess with her, the more police have to get the bad guys. The harder they got at it. They enjoy creating evidence and police enjoy collecting it. They made so much they had to bring on more people.

Click link below to see evidence Perry suffers from Delusional Erotomania

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DISCLAIMER:  This disclaimer shall apply to each and every post on Facebook and all blogs and posts on We assert our 1st Amendment Right to FREE Speech (Sullivan v NY Times, Garrison v Louisiana), and Protections under Domestic Violence Laws, Victims Rights Laws, Title 18 USC (The RICO Act),  anti-stalking and harassment laws, and rights against malicious and selective prosecution. Cynthia Ortiz is no different than all women in the #MeToo movement or any other victim of stalking and harassment. Perry and his weirdo buddies do not have the right to a cover up. The public has the legal and moral right to know what he does to her. Perry has leaks because people in Oklahoma, the public, does not like what he is doing to her. Normal people have empathy and don’t like one person causing malicious intentional harm to another. We understand Perry has a forged marriage license and/or Power of Attorney Cynthia has heard about but never seen much less signed. These documents are not legal. No consent was ever obtained and anyone who gives out protected private information of Cynthia is subject to litigation particularly when they failed to due diligence and authenticate these forged documents. Cynthia wants no contact with Charles Perry of any kind ever. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and avoid a conflict. His contact of any kind in all forms is offensive and criminal. Defendants were recorded discussing having someone take Cynthia’s purse, wallet, Driver’s License and keys from her workplace just as they did her social security card and her car. This would be part of provocation they were previously told “You cannot claim her emails, texts or whatever she tweets or anything on the internet is harassing to you when you are the one provoking. That’s entrapment. You cannot claim she is the one harrassing you when all she does is tell on you. She’s entitled to free speech, other women talk about abusive men just like she is and you cannot prevent her from talking about what you are doing to her or prevent her from expressing anger about it. The public has the right to know what you do in your personal life. She has the right to protect herself and you don’t have the right to keep her from protecting herself or from expressing anger about what you do to her. ” Defendants also, in not liking Dr Russell’s assessment were recorded stating “Dr Russell can’t change now what she said back then so we can’t say she’s just crazy. We have to get her back in therapy and get a doctor to say that ” All has been recorded and given to police on another case that have protected Cynthia for years. People don’t like what he’s doing to her. No normal person would tolerate that crap. Being Perry claimed in a Court of law, under oath, that he does not relevant business in the forum state of Oklahoma, when he sends his guys into work pretending to be customers, and we know they don’t do that for free, Cynthia, talking to strangers in a strip club that could potentially be deadly to her, tells some truth and some bullshit, intentionally and methodically and then laughs as they go running out thinking they got something, similar to what Defendant Roberson did in having Lady Godivas waitress ask her if the FBI was investigating. If Perry is not paying people to proxy stalk that will come out in Court as it will if he is. Charles Perry is not even a friend of Cynthia Ortiz much less any kind of romantic interest. He has made these claims against her wishes, without her consent, and these acts constitute slander and defamation and have caused her significant socio and economic loss. Perry is not someone Cynthia would stoop so low as to give the time of day to. He is also a married man, his wife, Jacquelyn Perry, may or may not have knowledge of his comments and false statements to people in Oklahoma about the status of his marriage. To Cynthia, Charles Perry is just a rejected stalker and strange bazaar person who appears to suffer from delusion, Erotomania, sadism, psychopathy, psychosis, antisocial disorder, and is sociopathic. He’s really made no effort to prove otherwise. She had the right to privacy and all legal protections from him under the law and we hereby assert those rights. The word “allegedly” shall be considered for all posts and comments herein.  Whatever imaginary fantasy he runs through his mind is not real for sure not to her. This is hereby public to establish premeditation and intent of Defendants Perry et Al to commit a crime against Cynthia Ortiz and any victim or witness as described.  The more contact Perry makes with Cynthia the harder law enforcement goes at him. The longer he stays in her life the harder they go at him and the deeper they dig. As far as Cynthia is concerned Charles Perry is not worthy of even being spit on by her much less in a romance and how dare he be so arrogant to think any such thing. To her he’s a job and nothing more. He continues to contact her which shows police he doesn’t mind being investigated, being charged and going to prison. Some people can’t stop themselves and have no control so they want police to do it for them and Perry clearly does not care about being put in prison for his crimes or he would not continue knowing he’s being investigated. Unfortunately his kids may not agree. It is disgusting he cares so little for others and what he’s putting other people through for his out of control fantasy. The word “you” is intended as a general term for all posts herein, and is intended for those to whom it applies. Metaphors and analogies are clearly understood by anyone with average intelligence and will not be explained for Defendants who have shown to be slow in putting easy concepts together. Defendants Perry, Powell, Roberson, Burson and Chadwick can and may be charged with perjury for any statements contradicted in their criminal case. Information herein in all posts only represents a small portion of what is available to prove a crime is being committed and Cynthia Ortiz is only one of many victims and witnesses. Any order procured through fraud or deception, resulting in an order used to then procure property or results in the loss of property, freedom, peace or any legal protections thereof will result in not one but two criminal charges, one being the order procured through fraud a d the loss of property or rights resulting from illegal use of an illegally procured order particularly but not limited to taking Cynthia’s car. What is it like to sit around all alone, not loved wanted or touched, some fat slob pervert with no life bothering everyone creeping on people who do have a life? Always just a wannabe, never actually wanted back for a decade? Made fun of because your imagination is out if control and everyone else just sees you as the delusional weirdo that you really are? What is that even like? What is it like to be THAT guy? They go after him harder until he is GONE on his own or in handcuffs.

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