Perry and Chauvin Cause The Same Outrage In All Normal People – Nobody Likes To Watch One Cause Intentional Suffering Of Another

Charles Perry was a nobody accountant in a small town. Cynthia was raised in the home of the Police Chief and elected official and worked in government reform all her life. She was around very astute intelligent effective caring police all her life and elected officials from all over the place all her life. Perry had exposure to none of that and stalked her Facebook when they met. He used her and her connections to get elected. He suffers from Antisocial Disorder in his refusal to get out if her life and the drama and problems he causes to get off has led more than one shrink to determine he’s sadistic and cannot get off unless he’s bothering, annoying and causing harm. He’s suffering from delusional Erotomania as well they tell us. He’s delusional. He cannot break away from his daydreaming. Cynthia could not care less about him and yet he had people in Oklahoma convinced they were a couple. Cynthia is grossed out by Charles Perry and has made massive life altering changes to get away from him over and over and over.This man who approached Cynthia at work where he would only know where that was from stalking and by illegal means sounds like he truly believes Cynthia is Perry’s girlfriend and clearly she doesn’t think that or want that and even rejected $5000 to sleep with Perry. You can’t pay her enough to be even in the same room. He makes all her skin crawl. She has to consent and she won’t and does not want to ever and Perry is in violation of Federal law in all kinds of ways.Click link to hear recorded conversation with Pinto and Cynthia in which she’s offered $5000 for sex with Perry which she flatly rejects. has had police watching out for that are investigating Perry on what started out as a murder investigation, expanded to include Perrys illegal peeper site in which he’s trolled and stalked women, had cameras installed in their homes, and sold watch time and these women have not consented, would not consent and have minor children in the home also being watched. That is child porn. It’s very sick and twisted. Cynthia is one of many victims. Mike Nealey did not kill Chief Lucky Miller and I don’t know how many different ways we need to say that but that man and his family are as much victims of crime as The Miller family and Cynthia and her family.Click here to see the extreme horrible suffering Charles Perry is causing Mannford, The Miller Family and the Nealey family and Cynthia’s family. Three families have suffered and suffered and suffered, their children hurt all the time, so Charles Perry can enjoy some sick sex addiction and try to cover it up. Cops say they have an easy time getting information because people don’t like watching one person make another suffer and they want justice and they want it now. These cops want ALL involved in Perry’s peeper gig meantime Tulsa needs to get on what’s been done in Tulsa and stop fucking around with people’s lives. Can you get confessions or not because Cynthia can get it done and save families a trial and we can boldly put this here and Perry still won’t put all this together in his head. It’s happened more times than we can count. It will be here that he threatened something specific and he will do it anyway a d actually thinks nobody will suspect a thing. Chauvin brazenly murdered a man knowing he was filmed doing it and Perry is the same mental case as that guy. I’m sure now though Chauvin probably now doesn’t think it was worth it to feel all tough guy at the expense of other lives, including police hurt and killed over anger at what he did. People don’t like watching other people be forced to suffer. Perry allegedly killed a cop to cover up the sick things he does to Cynthia. When he’s in prison hope he thinks it was worth it. police that got Cynthia all the info here and who have so so so much more on Perry said it’s easy to get because as we see with the case of George Floyd it is normal human behaviour not to like or tolerate one person so viciously attacking another. Chief Miller was beat to death because he was gonna dig and he was killed just a few days after Cynthia filed a complaint about vandalism to her car. Mike was supposed to be dead too and when he didn’t die, the same as they did to Cynthia and the arsenic failed, Charles Perry, Dave Roberson and their weirdo bunch allegedly framed him. Two people went to jail for what they did. This caused great outrage with all normal people. Cynthia’s suffering has caused great outrage with all normal people. Mike Nealey and his family’s suffering and the Millers has caused great outrage with all normal people.IT IS MAKING IT EASY TO GET INFORMATION AS IS SHOWN HERE TO PUT CHARLES PERRY AND HIS WEIRDO BUNCH BEHIND BARS SO THEY CANNOT HURT PEOPLE EVER AGAIN.Link to info on delusional Erotomania to Cynthia’s conversation with Dr Russell who says Charles Perry intended to harm Cynthia Ortiz and escalates more than she can ignore. He can’t get her attention without making a problem she is forced to deal with because she does not like him. We have been told Perry is claiming he is a victim of harassment due to his actions being confronted here. We understand it’s “content specific” . He is going to have to take that up with the police and psychologist directly when they are ready to confront Mr Perry face to face. They know the catastrophic losses he’s caused other people and hardly see him as the victim of anything. This is in part confronting him for his conduct that is criminal and if he does not like being confronted, then he should stop. That is the only solution. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner were all subjected to decades of harsh ridicule on show Saturday Night Live and this is hardly that. For him to act like he is different and a cover up is a civil right is outrageous but typical of someone with a very messed up mind.And as June 7, 2020, whatever she’s done has been to get away from Perry and fight him off and according to new recordings obtained by police, some people are getting it:”Police get another recording: “Charles Perry has some sorta weirdo thing going on with him, he hacked Cynthia and no doubt has cameras on her and when she does things he’s taking it as some covert hint that is not meant the way he takes it in fact her intent is that he not hack her or see her or even know what she does much less take it as some secret covert hint and that is tell tale Erotomania right there. She wants no contact with this guy at all much less for him to intrude in her privacy the way he has. He takes any sing she plays on her phone like she’s hinting to him and that is simply not what she’s doing. If she dances to a certain song at work he takes that wrong too because she clearly does not want him even knowing much less taking it wrong. He shouldn’t know. He should know. He knows through illegal means not because that’s what she wants. This guy is whacky. He’s got trouble. She’s not interested in him and he’s been told repeatedly that even if he forces her into something she will always just be looking for a way out same as she is now. That girl is always trying to get out from under him and him forcing himself in her makes him look ridiculous and he’s so nutty he don’t see it. Nutty people don’t know they are nutty and when listen to that guy talk it’s mind numbing just how nutty he is and now he wants her broke thinking she will have no choice but to give in. Well he’s tried that before and it backfired in him. She’s going after his money not him if that’s what he does. Turns out though she can be at a point where she can barely eat and she still won’t give in. You force a woman into something it’s not about love. It’s about taking your money and this one might be a cop. It might be about getting close enough to him to get more evidence so once he’s arrested he can’t get out of this one and Charles knows that and he’s not thought it through just same as he’s done all these years. Cynthia’s heart is with another man and for Charles to think he can frame her for a crime she’s not even thought of, much less committed, or make her go broke so she can’t fight him off or whatever his next thing is he comes up with that is as bat shit crazy twisted as it gets it ain’t gonna change who he is, who she is, or the facts of all this. It won’t change any of that in fact to me it builds on what she’s already got. We don’t know what these boys have who are on his ass but no doubt they’ve got a lot and they have Cyndi’s best interest at heart and Perry does not. You care about a woman you be good to her and Perry has spent the last decade ruining her thinking he can force her to be his concubine or his wife or something she has ZERO desire to be a d everyone knows it. He’s just nutty and doesn’t see how ridiculous he looks doing all this to her. I don’t know what the hell we do but that one is not working. It is not gonna be anything. If can’t control his self ant better than this and has no better control over his ability to figure out how bad this looks we gotta do something besides attack her. That is not working. He looks ridiculous. He looks absolutely ridiculous and this concubine bullshit he’s got in his head is as strange as I’ve ever heard. Cyndi wants this other guy and no question Perry’s not understanding than when you do things like he’s done to Cyndi, that’s not gonna change. It’s just not going to change and I’m sure as successful as she’s been all these years in being able to adjust and remake herself and transform herself however she needs to to accomplish the goal of catching Charles in crime, teaching herself the law, she’s assiduous, she can out sting op our guys, she fends these boys off, in spite of all the ways they gone at her, she makes the best of it and continues to improve then we all know once Charles is arrested and no longer holding her back that girl can do some, I mean we don’t know how much she can accomplish once he’s no longer around to hold her down and hold her back. That’s all he’s done. He ain’t worth a shit and that’s why he does that. When she says he’s not good enough for her, boy that’s an understatement. He has nothing to show. What he does is by tearing other people down not because he’s some brilliant guy who goes out and accomplishes something impressive on his own and she’s doing that everyday while he’s trying to hold her down and ruin her. That’s amazing to me. That impresses me. I think anyone that can hold up for as long as she has with all the stress and anxiety Charles Perry causes that girl day in and day out and teach herself the law like she has and now she’s in college too and reinvented herself to learn to dance the way she has then that’s a person that is a mover and a shaker and she did all that while Charles Perry sits around all day trying to ruin her. I don’t know anybody as strong as this girl is. This man she wants, this Fabian guy, is a lucky man is all I can say. Charles is as mean and whacky and there is nothing about him that is even close to deserving for a girl like Cyndi. Just not even close. He can’t do a damn thing without tearing other people down. That’s not what I would call impressive and Cyndi don’t tear people down. She moves ahead and learns what she needs to learn. She don’t make a bunch of false accusations. She’s just right. She is just right. She’s catching a bad guy is what she’s doing. She has screwed those idiots up more times than I can count. They hit her, she comes right back at them with how that was a crime according to the law. They look like a bunch pussys who can’t get their head out of their ass. I’m impressed with her is all I’m saying and I think I would like very much, if she can do all that she’s done while having to deal with nutbag Perry and deal with his attacks all the time, I cannot wait to see what she can do once he’s arrested and no longer around to mess with her. She’s somebody Is like to know. I mean you can’t help but wanna know someone who can do and get through all the crap she’s had to through. I don’t know how she does it. I would to know how the hell she pulls it together on the inside of her and just does what she does. She has had to deal with nonstop attacks from Charles and non stop drama and he is misreading her signals and in a big way and I know what it’s like to have somebody that just won’t go away and leave alone although I’ve not had to deal with that person just trying to ruin me and she’s had to deal with both, the devastation Charles causes and the annoyance. When he’s gone off to prison and no longer a problem for her I can’t wait to see what that girl can do. I want to be able to get to know her much better and see what makes her tick because she’s an amazing woman and she’s got what it takes to do some amazing things. All this while Charles just goes at her all the time. I’m just saying I’m very impressed by her. Charles ain’t worth a shit and doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and I wish he’d pull it together and go on about his business. Charles has thrown on thing after another after another at that girl and she just reinvents herself and goes on. She adjusts and keeps going and that amazes me how she does that. I think she’s got something inside her we all need.”The latest of Perry’s alleged scams:Defendants recorded discussing they have about a week to do something to intentionally cause harm and injury to Cynthia. Again they are very very worried about Motions to Vacate and her talking with Officer Mike Nealey about what she knows about what really happened the night Chief Miller was murdered. Nealey did not commit that crime. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t care if she talked with him.Always something. Perry is stuck in delusion and thinks the more he harasses and harms Cynthia, the more he proves he’s not. That speaks to how low his level of intelligence really is and how delusional the man is. She does not like Charles Perry. His contact and attention makes her skin crawl. This is not the kind of person she would associate with in any way at all and she’d be sorry she supported his election were it not for the fact that her work is helping to put a very very bad man behind bars so he can never harm anyone ever again. Derek Chauvin got away with his offensive actions 18 times, that someone took the time to file a complaint, until he didn’t. Perry’s conduct is criminal. It’s not only offensive, weirdo and strange, it’s criminal. He put himself in the public eye and under public scrutiny and Cynthia helped him do that, so do you really think that was an accident? We’re he not in the public eye there would not be some opportunities for law enforcement to get him as much as they have. It’s what they do. They catch bad guys.

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Pretty sad this many cease and desist notices have had to be sent, worded this firmly, and they continue to stalk,harass, threaten and torment even after being caught in criminal activity over and over and over again. Power guys don’t spend a decade being rejected. They just don’t have the time to do drama like Perry and his friends do. This offensive criminal conduct and attack on women and kids, gets caught in Oklahoma. Apparently Texas is fine with it. It’s not tolerated in Oklahoma.



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