The Case For Racketeering Against Charles Perry

POLICE that got Cynthia the information in photos prior to Charles Perry carrying out his threats to kill Cynthia and when that failed arrange a false arrest “WITH INTENT TO RETALIATE, OBSTRUCT JUSTICE, DESTROY EVIDENCE, COERCE, AND TAMPER WITH A WITNESS, increase resources in their time and money on Perry’s criminal case when he continues to threaten her, harass her, make problems, cause drama and contact her. He gets very upset Everytime he gets caught but he gets caught because he continues in criminal activity. $25 million dollars a lot of money to pay for a cover up that he never got. His conduct is deeply depraved and very offensive and he pissing everyone off with this. His only solution is to stop but he’s not getting it. He continues to go at Cynthia and go at Cynthia and go at her and go at her and go at her and piss everyone off more and more and that then has led to more information on his criminal activity being uncovered. He’s got leaks. People are not tolerant of his conduct. He simply still isn’t getting it. When you have this much information on criminal activity floating around and you can’t tell it’s time to stop, you are just simply not the brightest bulb.

This includes evidence of Judicial Misconduct and police don’t tell Cynthia anything at all but that which pertains to her safety. That means they have her evidence plus their own most of which she is not given details about. It’s a “need to know” being Perry has a history of threats and harassment and bribes to Texas law enforcement. “Cover this up and I’ll make it worth your while. You don’t, I’ll ruin your life like I did hers. ” That is the reason this is on “need to know” status. Cover up if crime is not a Civil Right as Perry seems to think. He’s caught more in crime than ever before in his life. That started with Cynthia. She was raised by four generations of POLICE. What was he thinking?

In the puzzle photographed here the word Hope intersects with the word Fabian. Fabian is the man Cynthia wants in her life, not Charles Perry. “Me” denotes Perry’s selfish intrusion and butting in but only for a time. The two words still intersect. “Boo” and “sad” denote the fear and sadness surrounding the situation. She got this in jail during the worst moment of her life caused by Charles Perry. Dates of emails and texts show he first threatened it. Oklahoma law demands the filing of a police report to get a Protective Order for stalking. A previous attempt was denied in part because she did not bring the police report to Court. Within a week, before she’d been contacted by TPD Detectives and before she could be tested by TPD for arsenic poisoning and before they could take proper custody of her evidence Perry had her arrested for filing the report claiming it was Retaliation for his job as a public servant as Texas Senator. He has no rants anywhere at all in a ten period of time but for stalking. Nothing political in ten years is mentioned by her at all. She complains if his stalking and back to 2011 him pulling up behind her home and watching her which is not what one needs to do to pass a law in Texas. She told only a few close friends for FOUR years to avoid being a scandal. There is no evidence it was related to his job as a public servant at all. She committed no crime. Oklahoma law required her to file the report. He obstructed a police investigation in Oklahoma be physically preventing her from turning evidence over to Tulsa Police. Charges were dismissed by the Lubbock DA in her favor. This puzzle with those specific words not just in the same book or on the same page even but arranged just as they were and not at some random time in her life, but right at that moment was not accidental. It was done on purpose. Perry couldn’t stop it and didn’t even know about it to stop it. That’s the kind of power he has against him that is absolutely going to shut down his criminal Enterprise. This conduct is not being tolerated nor should it.

The second report she filed, not even naming a suspect, but appears to have been related based on events that occurred immediately after was in Mannford Oklahoma just six days before the Chief was murdered. If you think that is coincidence, we have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

Schulte a Lubbock native hosted sex trafficking sites on his computer some included child porn. Charles Perry is part of a black market organization of men with sadistic perverted sex addictions in which they set up hidden cameras in the homes of women with minor children without their knowledge and/or consent. Perry travels alone most of the time, the US Marshals tell us. He has no alibi and goes out and trolls to find victims. Cynthia is one. She’s sold on the black market, deep web scenario in the privacy of her home and when she moves, the second she leaves to run errands or go to work, new cameras are installed. These men sit around watching women and children in the privacy of their home not knowing they are being watched and they have not given consent. Perry had a forged power of attorney he passed around indicating Cynthia consented however she has not and the document is forged.

Perry is under investigation in part for this. He cannot afford $25 million for a cover up of stalking as a small town accountant. His partners are being investigated as well. These officers are the officers who have protected her repeatedly and provided the information as outlined here.

This is a sick twisted sex trafficking crime and one Perry clearly believes killing for to cover it up is appropriate.

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