Perry Caught In Alleged Crime More Than Ever Before In His Life Despite $25 Million Dollar Pay Off For a Cover Up

Six years ago Cynthia told Perry’s campaign manager, Ben Campbell, “I will sign an NDA and never tell that your client has a stalker problem if you get that sick fuck out of my life and he NEVER contacts me again.” They refused.

When Perry carried out his threats to arrange a false arrest, the same conversation happened again. Perry carried out a threat to arrange a false arrest. He asked Cynthia to allow him to save face and lie. He did so through her attorney. She refused but said “IF he never contacts me again, I will agree to just say nothing. ” Her attorney told her “I can’t tell you what to do here, but that’s what they wanted me to ask. I can’t force you and it’s totally up to you. ” Again she said “IF he never ever contacts me again I agree to just say nothing but I will never lie for that sick prick. All he had to do is get out of my life and leave me alone. ” There were then provisions in her Bond Conditions that. Texas State Senator would never have allowed had he not admitted guilt and agreed to stop his unlawful conduct. As soon as she got home, he started right back up again. He began demanding she plead guilty and told her if she didn’t he have her arrested again. He threatened and still does, death and another false arrest non stop every day all day. He will start out by making very unwanted romantic advances, she rejects him and he threatens some type of harm. He’s threatened to take her property, told her he is a very powerful man and bribes judges and cops and will do the same things all over again.

Perry was told then “You are living in delusion. You give back every penny you took and all Cynthia’s property and you get Fabian and Triston here so we can talk and work out what you ruined and you stay out of all that completely. You don’t call and threaten either of them to find out what was said, you don’t interfere or butt in in any way at all, you don’t use them to get information that is none of your business, you dont ask any questions about Cynthia’s personal private information or influence what they say and you get out of her computers, do not ever again peep or have her followed and we all never hear from you again and if you do that, you will not get a pass on pending criminal charges but you will get some mercy for doing the right thing and making it right. If you don’t, you can pay however much money you want for a cover up and it won’t matter one bit. It will get worse for you. You will leave and you will stop on your own or because police make you. She doesn’t want you. She doesn’t like you and you will stop forcing yourself on her like some crazed rapist and you will get out of her life.”

Looking back at all that has come to light on Perry’s secret hidden criminal activity, you can see no matter how much money he has spent on a cover up his crimes alleged right now but we’ll documented are more uncovered right now than ever before in his life. You don’t want to piss off the police that did what no one else has ever before done in this criminal matter. It’s exactly as Perry was told it would be years ago.

Click link to hear Cynthia tell her Court Appointed psychologist she wants NO contact with Charles Perry and wants to know how to be rid of him. The psychologist compared him to her mentally disabled patients and assessed the false arrest as a stalking escalation intended to harm her.

All he had to do is leave Cynthia alone as she has asked for seven years. Antisocial ignore the rights and wishes of others. She said NO contact ever in any form. So his continued conduct that is legally and morally offensive shows evidence that he suffers from a mental disorder. Antisocial is a disorder of the mind. It is not how normal mentally stable intelligent people behave. It is a crime. Officers simply go at him harder when he continues to ignore Cynthia’s rights and wishes and he continues to cause loss after loss after loss in her finances and relationships because he is cry baby stomping his feet like some spoiled rotten little brat who didn’t get his way. They simply increase resources to speed things up and expend to get all his criminal partners and those who would aid and abet and enable. Anyone can see it. It’s plain as day or anyone but a delusional individual who is stuck in a fantasy world that only exists to him.

By the way every single time Perry guys see thru hacking money coming in and know Cynthia is headed out, that is recorded. No legal way to know that information. It is recorded each and every time you all say “She just got money. She’s headed to the store. Follow her. Get your guys ready.” And when this goes to trial you can explain why in THE fuck you did this to another human being in a country that is free and has Constitutional Rights in place and laws and statute for protection of citizens to your wives, your children and the public. It costs not a dime or any time at all to leave other people who couldn’t give one crap at all about you and don’t bother you at all, the fuck alone. Your conduct is illegal, offensive and you will CEASE AND DESIST or face the legal consequences and this is your public legal notice and the only one you will get. Leave her alone. If you have to watch people who have a life, you clearly don’t have one and you really are quite pathetic and a bore. All you have to do is look back to see how things in this case have evolved and understand it is not wise to piss off the cops protecting Cynthia and they don’t get pissed off unless she’s hurt. They are the only ones who have caught Perry over and over and over and indeed not one penny of that $25 million prevented it. Lubbock clearly puts up with this type of thing but it is not tolerated in Ok. These cops would be the same who provided information contained in the McNamara email of Oct 2015. You wanna mess with that, don’t be a cry baby when things don’t work out for you. Grown people make grown up choices and can live with grown up consequences. Right? It’s not one set of rules for you and another for everyone else despite you being up on some high horse. Maybe it’s time you get off that.

Click Here To Hear Cynthia And Dr Russell In October 2016 Counseling Session


This right here is stalking, harassment and happens Everytime Cynthia goes out and it is a crime in all 50 states. It’s menacing conduct intended to cause fear and anxiety in the victim. It caused so much fear even in those around her Chief Miller of Mannford was called three times to ask for increased patrol. He was killed just six days after Cynthia filed a police report for vandalism to her car. Officer Mike Nealey and Bret Gibson took her report. Nealey was found incoherent and mumbling and had no idea what had just happened and not physically capable of beating anyone. Yet, he continues to sit in jail for a crime he didn’t have a thing to do with, no motive and clearly not capably due to his very very impaired physical condition. He points out in his interview “I can’t believe you. Look at my hands. There is no sign I was in a fight. I had nothing against Lucky. I can’t believe you. ” Perry had clear motive to have committed murder against both and a history of trying to kill people who find out about his hidden criminal activity and when that fails he arranges a false arrest. It is habit and a pattern and once you see a pattern, you can’t unsee it. This is not rocket science and you don’t need any special Sherlock skills to get it. Everyone gets it just fine but for Charles Perry .

Perry and his buddies have threatened to take Cynthia’s car to retaliate, to prevent Motions To Vacate to be filed for what is now Judicial Misconduct and Fraud Upon A Court. Retaliation against her will only result in more criminal charges in the works against them. She’s a material witness and a victim in which RICO prohibits tampering, coercion and any retaliatory actions. They don’t want her talking with Nealey either and since they threatened her if she does that, she wants to now do that. She comes from cop. He’s a cop. He was on the job investigating her complain and as a cop you are not worth a shit if you do not step up and help your cop family especially when a police officer is now a victim of crime. You protect each other against criminals. It’s not an option not to. So she now may go have a chat with Officer Nealey and he has the right to be fully informed of all material facts in his case. This is the US. We have laws and a Constitution. That Constitution applies to all citizens despite Perry’s assertions that it’s for him but not victims of his alleged crimes.

Click Here To See Case For Nealeys Innocence

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