Pinto Solicits Prostitution On Perry’s Behalf

Recording of Cynthia talking with a man who came to her work, soliciting prostitution on Perry’s behalf. He initially indicates he thinks Perry is Cynthia’s husband. Perry did tell many people in Oklahoma he and Cynthia were engaged. Cynthia had no idea. She never agreed to any such thing in fact she’s rejected Perry for a decade, changed careers, and moved twice to get away from him. She was shocked when she was congratulated after returning home from jail after for her new engagement after Perry carried out a threat to arrange a false arrest and later dropped charges to retaliate against her for reporting his stalking to police. Likewise, people in Oklahoma were shocked when she presented her Bond Conditions indicating the agreement made when she was in jail is that Perry would never contact her again. This incident is a stalking incident and has nothing to do with Perry’s job as a legislator or his political positions. It is a seriously deranged delusional personal moral fail. It is not what you do to pass a law in Texas.

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“Pinto” and Cynthia Ortiz,

Plaintiff, at Blue Diamond Cabaret

7320 E. 6th Ave.

Stillwater, OK 74074

March 25, 2017 1:30 am

Pinto: “Can I get that light?”

Cynthia: “Ok, but who told you I’m his girlfriend?”

Pinto: “I am not going to tell you that. What I’m telling you is”

Cynthia: “But I’m not his girlfriend. He’s delusional.”

Pinto: “I can’t get into that.”

Cynthia: “You keep telling me I’m his girlfriend.”

Pinto: “I cannot get into any trouble.” Unintelligible

Cynthia: “Ok but you’re telling me, what you’re telling me is the senator told you I’m his girlfriend and I’m not his girlfriend.”

Pinto: “I’m not telling you who said what, cuz I”

Cynthia: “You are under the impression”

Pinto: “Occupied. I’m not occupied but you are. So anyway.”

Cynthia: “No but how am I occupied?”

Pinto: “I can’t get into all that.”

Cynthia: “I am not in a consensual relationship. Listen to me. I am not in a consensual relationship with this man. He is crazy! I don’t like him! But”


Pinto: “But you’re beautiful. Let me give you a piece of advice.”

Cynthia: “Go ahead”

Pinto: “Take that bitch for everything he is worth. I’m gonna leave it at that. Give me a hug. “

Cynthia: “Allright. Thank you.”

Pinto: “Go after him for everything he’s worth.”

Cynthia: “Oh, I’m suing him. I’m suing him.”

Pinto: “Fuck that! Look at me. Take him for everything he’s worth.”

Pinto to another individual: “Gotcha. The other jar.”

Cynthia: “Take him, like take all his money? Like try to be his girlfriend and take all his money? But I don’t like him. He makes my skin crawl, like literally”

Pinto: “You know what?”

Cynthia: “I couldn’t let him touch me. It would make me vomit to touch him.”

Pinto: “What you need to do is put him in his place.”

Cynthia: “Right?”

Pinto: “Have somebody there to back you, and um, you’ll come out a lot stronger.”

Cynthia: “How do I, how do I put him in his place?”

Pinto: “I can’t get into that right now. Cuz you might have a wire on.”

Cynthia: “I don’t have a wire on.”

Pinto: “So, You need to have somebody that’ll back you.”


Cynthia: “Right?”

Pinto: “That don’t give a shit, and uh, and put him in his place and tell him what’s what and uh, that’s a wrap.”

Cynthia: “But when you sue somebody and you try to get a restraining order, is that not sending a message, ‘I don’t like you, I don’t want”

Pinto: “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.”

Cynthia: “Allright”

Pinto: “You need to do it the underground way.”

Cynthia: “Do what?”

Pinto: “Do it the underground way”

Cynthia: “Well, if I do that I could go to jail for doing something

Pinto: “Nah, You’re not going to be the one doing it. You missed the big picture. Look at me. You missed the big picture.”

Cynthia: “Well, I’m not gonna, like have someone kill the guy and.”

Pinto: “I didn’t say nothing about killing nobody.”

Cynthia: “No, you didn’t, you did not, you did not offer that. What I’m saying is I’ve had people offer that and I always say ‘that is not I deal with this.”

Pinto: “You’re missing the big picture. I said put it in the right perspective. “

Cynthia: “Ok, well, I’m telling you, I don’t like him.”

Pinto: “You’re missing the big picture, Honey.”

Cynthia: “Which is what?”


Pinto: “You’ve been fucking around with the wrong people.”

Cynthia: “What do you mean?”

Pinto: “If you want someone with the right perspective, you’ve got to talk to the right people.”

Cynthia: “Who’s the right people?”

Pinto: “Can’t tell you that, I just offered, uh”

Cynthia: “I know but you’re giving me these vague,

Pinto: “No I’m not”

Cynthia “these vague options that I don’t know, you know I’m not from here.”

Pinto: “Look at me. What do you think about me?”

Cynthia: “I think you seem like a nice guy”

Pinto: “Big blue eyes”

Cynthia: “yeah”

Pinto: “North Carolina”

Cynthia: “Right”

Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “okay”

Pinto: “If you want somebody to behave, you get into their pocket, you gotta approach them with that personality, Listen, you’re not thinking right”

Cynthia: “I am thinking. I know.”


Pinto: “Think about it. I’ll be here two weeks from now”

Cynthia: “okay”

Pinto: “I won’t be here before two weeks from now. I gotta go out of state.”

Cynthia: “okay”

Pinto: “I’ll be here another two weeks from now. This weekend” …unintelligible

Pinto: unintelligible “Think about that. That’s all I’m saying”

Cynthia: “Allright”

Pinto: “You aint got nothing to do with it.”

Cynthia: “I got what?”

Pinto: “You got nothing to do with nothing.”

Cynthia: “Allright”

Pinto: “But, I’m your caretaker”

Cynthia: “Your my caretaker? “

Pinto: “Just sleep with him.”

Cynthia: “Nah! He makes my skin crawl. Oh I hate him. I, he’s bleeeeck to me!”

Pinto: “Now you listen, get richer. He will really be nice and uh, he’ll pay $5,000 for one night. So anyways. “

Cynthia: “If I could not throw up all over him, I might go for that, but I really would. “

Pinto: “You really need someone to back you.”


Cynthia: “He’s just nasty. He’s a gross creepy weirdo.”

Pinto: “I understand that. You can think about it.” unintelligible, “ So, you know, Let me know. unintelligible”

Cynthia: “I like, like, I want to be with a man that I like, and not one that creeps me out. He creeps me out.

Pinto: “Ok so, two hours you can be creeped out so you can make 5 grand.”

Cynthia: “Like I think he’s loopy. He’s a fruitcake.“

Pinto: “Two hours with the man for five grand, then you can come to me and I’ll treat you like a queen. So, I’m gonna leave it at that. Listen to me.”

Cynthia: “I’m not gonna do it. I would never do that.”

Pinto: “Then you’re missing the big picture.”

Cynthia: “What’s the big picture?”

Pinto: “I can’t tell you that.”

Cynthia: “I am never”

Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “Why? did you sign a non disclosure?” laughs

Pinto: “Listen, you put a man up there on the chopping block” unintelligible

Cynthia: “Well, you work for him. He sent you in here.”

Pinto: “No I don’t work for nobody.”

Cynthia: “Okay, But you knew my situation. You knew who I was. You knew my situation, so someone sent you in here.”


Pinto: “No, no no. Listen to me.

Cynthia: “Allright”

Pinto: “Nobody sent me in here, and I’m telling you to your face, look at me, I don’t know you, and I know what ya like so, chill out. I’ll be here in two weeks from today,

Cynthia: “yeah”

Pinto: “and um, I can’t, I can’t tell you, cuz this is not my establishment, this is another well known establishment, another guy that I respect, I don’t work for him, so I can’t be into the conversation, but you know what, think about that. Think about who you met, what we just talked about, and um, and what you like. That’s all I’m saying. Once I talk to Chris, but you got to figure it out.”

Cynthia: “That sounds like his MO, talking in riddles, so nobody can really pin anything on him.”

Pinto: “Not talking in riddles.”

Cynthia: “ You just did”

Pinto: “I tell you the truth. But, You have to figure out the truth. “

Cynthia: “I’m gonna tell you the truth is he makes me sick. He makes”

Pinto: “I can’t take that here”

Cynthia: “Why?”

Pinto: “Because. You are working for another man and I can’t fuck that up and I gotta be respectful.”

Cynthia: “What do you mean I’m working for another man? This guy?”

Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “yeah”

Pinto: unintelligible “I’m going to give you my phone number.”


Cynthia: “Don’t call me. Come in here and talk to me. Don’t call me. Don’t, like don’t, you don’t want your number in my phone.

Pinto: I’m going to give you my name, What you do is say, Pinto. You know that thing you was going to do? What you do is give me a name and an address. “

Cynthia: “okay”

Pinto: “and give it to me when I come back. He will not be dead, he will not be, he will not be dead.”

Unintelligible, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll tell you the truth. you take my number. Do not ever give my number, my phone number to anyone, but if you know a lady that’s having a problem?

Cynthia: “yeah”

Pinto: “decides she wants help, call me okay?”

Cynthia: “okay”

Pinto: unintelligible “I won’t put your number in my contacts. But you know what? One of them ladies, they want a real man”

Cynthia: “yeah”

Pinto: “ that takes care of them, unintelligible, just cuz I ride a motorcycle, I look like a thug, but what I do is my business. What I do on the side ain’t nobody else’s business. So, I’ll tell you this. Unintelligible.

Cynthia: “I don’t think you need to like, give me your phone number, or anything cuz”

Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “What? I know. I don’t want him to fuck you up and he could. A guy that tells you I’m his girlfriend and I’m not. He’s, he’s literally a fruitcake, like

Pinto: “Look at me.”

Cynthia: “literally”


Pinto: unintelligible “look at me”

Cynthia: “Don’t”

Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “But I don’t want”

Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “And he told you I was his girlfriend? Did he say that?”

Pinto: “I’m not getting into no trouble on that.”

Cynthia: “But who told you that? I’m his girlfriend”

Pinto: “I’m not going there with you.”

Cynthia: “What?”

Pinto: “I’m not going there with you.”

Cynthia: “Why? Why will you not just tell me who told you that?”

Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “Just tell me who told you”

Pinto: “I’m stressed out and I’m not doing it. Now, I’ll be here in two weeks. ”

Cynthia: “You know people lie, right, especially some delusional fruitcake.

Pinto: “But, you’re beautiful”

Cynthia: “Well, but I’m not his girl.”


Pinto: “You are fucking beautiful.”

Cynthia: “Thank you.”

Pinto: Unintelligible

Cynthia: “Yeah”

Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “Thank you but I’m not, still not, doesn’t make me his girlfriend.”

Pinto: “I understand that, but I’m just saying, you’re missing the big picture. Ma’am? ”

Cynthia: “What is the big picture? What is the big picture?

Pinto: “Can I put my leg up here?”

Cynthia: “What? ”

Pinto: “Can I put my leg up here?”

Cynthia: “Yeah”

Pinto: “My knee is about to go. You’re missing the big picture”

Cynthia: “Which is what?”

Pinto: “If you want things handled, handled the way, you know, you hear me?”

Cynthia: “Yeah”

Pinto: “No names. Oh oh oh, hang on. Uggg. You’re missing the big picture.”

Cynthia: “But I don’t know what that is”

Pinto: “Uggg, hold on.


Cynthia: “I mean I really don’t”

Pinto: “You’re a beautiful lady”

Cynthia: “Thanks”

Pinto: “And, uuh, I wish the best for you”

Cynthia: “Thanks”

Pinto: “And advice I give is you ever need someone to beat the shit out of him, let me know.”

Cynthia: “I will”

Pinto speaking to another individual: “Oh you got ones? Unintelligible “Besides I need to borrow $5. Unintelligible, I’m joking at you. Look at me. I done put it in pocket. I love you. I’m truth. Remember that. Right young lady. unintelligible

Pinto speaking to Cynthia: “You need someone to disappear, let me know.”

Cynthia: “I will”

Pinto: “You’re missing the big picture. I’m 40, ok 50 plus, I ain’t been there done that and aint’ planning on doing it. So, can I put my leg up here?”

Cynthia: “yeah”

Pinto: “My knee is kinda. I hurt it jumping out of an airplane.”

Cynthia: “you jumped?”

Pinto: “years ago”

Cynthia: “Oh yeah?”

Pinto: “Oh, I used to be a Marine sniper.”


Cynthia: “Oh yeah?”

Pinto: “We jumped in Afghanistan. I hurt myself in the knee.”

Cynthia: “Oh no”

Pinto: “But ain’t, I had went, I had it, like a unintelligible, but anyways, long story short, you know what? Look at me and I hate, I, I can’t stand it, cuz I hate when somebody looks away when talk to them.”

Cynthia: “oh yeah?”

Pinto: “Cuz that shows disrespect.”

Cynthia: “Well, I do this cuz I can hear.”

Pinto: “I I know. You know what? I’ll be here in two weeks. “

Cynthia: “Allright”

Pinto: “Let me know what you want. “

Cynthia: “I don’t want anybody hurt. Really, like I really don’t want that to be the option that I use.”

Pinto: “Listen stop! You’re talking too much. Unintelligible, but you need something done, but you’ll owe me a favor.”

Cynthia: “I would owe you a favor?”

Pinto: “yes”

Cynthia: “I’m not gonna ask you to do anything like that though.

Pinto: “no”

Cynthia: “If you could get to know me better, like, that’s not how I roll. That’s just not how I roll.”


Pinto: “A lady, you know what, I helped a lady that her husband beat the hell out of her.”

Cynthia: “Right?”

Pinto: “Every evening, and she stayed with him for the kids. So one evening I caught him, unintelligible, and I beat the hell out of him.”

Cynthia: “Did ya?”

Pinto: “and I told him why. Beat him really bad. She didn’t pay me any damn money. Don’t wanna talk about whipping nobody. I got a life. Don’t want no god damn money. But, everybody gonna treat women the same no matter where I’m at. No matter how old I am. And that’s the truth. “

Cynthia: “you allright?”

Pinto: “Nah, nah my beer unintelligible but you know what? You’ll never ever hear anybody else say that ever again.”

Cynthia: “Allright”

Pinto: “So, anyways

Cynthia: “Thanks for caring”

Pinto: “Look at me. Don’t make me, get ugly tomorrow, to him.”

Cynthia: “Don’t make you be ugly to him tomorrow? What’s tomorrow?”

Pinto: “Sunday”

Cynthia: “What?”

Pinto: “Sunday?That’s okay”

Cynthia: “Tomorrow’s Saturday. What’s on Sunday?”

Pinto: Tomorrow is Saturday?”


Cynthia: “Yeah”

Cynthia: “Why? What’s on Sunday?”

Pinto: “Nothing. I got something else. I’m sorry. “

Cynthia: “oh”

Pinto: “My daughter. I apologize. Ahhhgg “

Cynthia: “What’s on Sunday?”

Pinto: “I can’t tell you.”

Cynthia: “Yeah you can. What’s he gonna do? He’s been threatening me. Is he gonna do it? Is he actually gonna do it?

Pinto: “He’s not gonna do a damn thing. You know why? ”

Cynthia: “Why?”

Pinto: “I got you. Best conversation you ever had. All talk, no action. I’ll make sure of that.”

Cynthia: “What’s talk and no action? Him?”

Pinto: “Excuse me?”

Cynthia: “He’s all talk and no action?”

Pinto: “Both both are”

Cynthia: “If he does what he’s threatening. It will fuck him up much more than it fucks me up.”

Pinto: “Politically, it won’t do a damn thing. Politically, you could ruin him.”

Cynthia: “What?”


Pinto: “Politically, you could ruin him.”

Cynthia: “Yeah and I don’t give a shit about that. I just want him to leave me alone. Really, that’s it.

Pinto: “Well, maybe I hop on my bike, roll up to his house, and knock on the door. Unintelligible, I got enough balls to do whatever I want. ”

Cynthia: “Politically, politically, he’s a nobody. He’s really a nobody. He thinks he’s this big ass shit something. “

Pinto: “Listen to me. I pull up on my bike “

Cynthia: “What?”

Pinto: “I’ll pull up on my bike, We’ll roll up there and drink a Jack Daniels, we’ll be friends afterwards. If not, unintelligible, I’ll make him submit and say we’re friends. That’s the big picture, unintelligible, cuz he is my friend. “

Cynthia: “He is your friend? No he’s not”

Pinto: “No, I say that in case you got a , in case you got a wire on.”

Cynthia: laughs “Does it look like I got a wire on? Where would I put a wire?”

Pinto: “There are three or four ways past anything.”

Cynthia: “What?”

Pinto: “There’s three or four ways past anything. So, unitelligible, North Carolina, so”

Cynthia: “Well, his big picture and my big picture are not the same. He’s, he’s just a fruitcake. He’s just some small town nobody fruitcake. To me, that’s what he is. I’ve known powerful people and he’s has no power. He thinks he does. “

Pinto: “Maybe unintelligible. Anyway, I gotta walk out here. unintelligible”

Cynthia: laughs


Pinto: unintelligible

Cynthia: “yeah”

Pinto: “Hey it is what it is. What time y’all close? “

Cynthia: “What?”

Pinto: “What time y’all close? Two?

Cynthia: “Yep”

Pinto: “What time is it?”

Cynthia: “I have no idea.”

Pinto: “Neither do I. I will in a minute. Mmm…1:30 “

Cynthia: “What are you with? Are you with the Monguls or what are you with? What does that say?”

Pinto: “Oklahoma Chapter”

Cynthia: “What? Oklahoma Titans?”

Pinto: “Oklahoma Chapter”

Cynthia: “Mongul?”

Pinto: “Lets, anyway, I’m from Oklahoma. I represent my shit straight. You know what? But, aaahhh…. I done talked enough. You have a good night.”

Cynthia: “Thanks you too”

Pinto: “Be careful”

Cynthia: “Allright, you too

Pinto: “Oh I am. I done drank enough beer. Lord Jesus. You want him gone, let me know.”

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