Order Prohibiting Contact

Twelve times Cynthia sought Orders from Judges prohibiting Charles Perry from all contact of her and everyone she knows. ONE time her request was granted.In civil Court all Judges denied her the right to equal protection under the law. The only legit one in part was Judge Ihrig. She did forget her police report. When Perry carried out his October 2015 threats to arrange her false arrest, outlined in the McNamara email seen here and everywhere, in January Perry and Powell realized that was a bad idea and attempted to coerce a lie to “save face”. Her Response was the same her response always is “Fuck you!!!! I just lost my home and my mugshot is everywhere and I broke NO law. Oklahoma requires me to do what I did and you obstructed TPD from investigating my complaint. Fuck you!!!” They then agreed to her demands that Charles Perry NEVER contact her again IF she just stayed quiet. They backed off their request that she lie. This is not conditions you see normally in a criminal case indicating it was not a criminal negotiation but a cover up negotiation. She had already changed careers, left town then the state to get away from Perry before she even told anyone but a few people of Perry’s bazaar unwanted very very offensive conduct. He cannot tell the difference between real and his fantasy life. He cannot reason like a normal dude.They further tried to besmirch her with a “I’m not stalking her, she’s just crazy” angle using a shrink however the shrink saw Cynthia twice a month for an hour or two per visit and found no such thing is true. She states in her letter and in this recording, Perry is the danger and Cynthia just wants for him to go away. Twelve times she’s asked a Judge to make him go away. ONE time when Perry was desperate enough to admit to stalking and agree to leave her the hell alone, her request was GRANTED.Click here to hear Cynthia talking with her shrink:

Click Here To Hear Cynthia Talking With Dr Russell

Cynthia told everyone and in the McNamara email, her ex husband that Perry was a threat to her safety and well being. He still is and he’s been a kook all his life and just his it. He’s been caught over and over and over in criminal activity. Cynthia was raised by police. She’s comes from four generations of nationally recognized police. She knows effective bad ass police that have caught a deeply deranged depraved criminal in his criminal activity over and over and we understand they are after his co conspirators too and once they wrap that up, Perry will be arrested and that is anticipated this year. These officers have accomplished what no one else has. You mess with Cynthia, you get on that shit list and that of course is your choice. Don’t be a cry baby when that doesn’t work out well for you. You asked for it.Perry has asked Cynthia to go to dinner so the two can talk. We think he has completely gone off the mental deep end to even make such a request. She’s not suicidal. Why do all this to her and then ask her out for dinner? So he can feed her Strychnine with her steak and wine? It shows just how delusional this man is that he would even ask. She has agreed to allow him to “explain” himself downtown at Tulsa Police station after being read Miranda as long as he is willing to do so without his attorney there. We would love to have his explanation as to what the hell he was thinking when he did all this. This guy has no ability to put together normal thoughts in his head, but the rest of us have no problem with it at all.Just to give full disclosure, keep in mind if you assist, aid or abet Charles Perry or his co conspirators in any way at all you put yourself on the shit list of police and the only police that have caught this guy in a lifetime of criminal activity. But for a very few that we know of mitigating factors, not because they told us, but because it came to light during investigations, you help this guy, you get on that shit list and you made that choice all by yourself so can deal with what happens once you put yourself on that shit list, all by yourself.By the way, Cynthia used to never cuss. You go through something this heinous and are forced to live with a depraved nut bag who put you thru something this horrific, not one thing, but one thing after another, and not for a few days, weeks or months, but a decade, it tends to make you cuss a little.

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