More Evidence Of Corruption And Perry’s Erotomania

May, 2015 Cynthia seeks a Protective Order against Charles Lee Perry of Lubbock Texas. It is denied in part because she forgot her police report required by Oklahoma law.

October, 2015 she is approached by David Roberson, owner of Dynamic Shot who tells her he was sent by Charles Lee Perry of Lubbock Texas a d he tells her he already has her name, her address, her history, her family and he will put her in the lake is she refuses to recant her claims Perry is stalking her.

Oct 2015 thru Jan 2016. She is threatened repeatedly with death and false arrest. She begins getting sick after drinking drinks at work purchased by individuals who tried to convince her arsenic, when given in small doses over time will help your body build up an immunity to it over time. She doesn’t go for it being she didn’t just fall off the Turnip truck yesterday and instead buys Charcoal to absorb the poison when given while she is at work. She has a child to take care of at home. She has to go to work. She’s going to work as a law abiding citizen and becomes a victim of crime every time she does. She calls her ex husband freaking out scared to death Perry is going to carry out his threats. Threatening someone’s life if they don’t be in a romance with you is a crime and not how you get a date. This is the reason Perry’s being considered sadistic, sociopathic, Erotomania, and whatever words mean “Officially Crazy And In Serious Need Of Butterfly Net” the criminal psychologist consult deemed appropriate.

Jan 4 2016
She texts “Likewise me being dead or arrested on some faked up charges like he’s been trying to do for two years is also never gonna equal him not stalking or vindication . “Jan 21 2016 She files a police reports in compliance with Oklahoma law. She is told by the desk clerk her report will be put in the computer, a detective will be assigned, and will contact her to collect evidence and a more detailed statement.

On January 28, 2016 Charles Lee Perry, Texas Ranger Joshua Burson, and Lubbock County District Attorney go into a Lubbock Court and claim Cynthia filed a false Police report, in retaliation for a public servant doing his job as a legislator. They state under oath and penalty of perjury she made false claims of being poisoned. The conceal from the Court and Grand Jury pertinent material facts as follows:

1) No political frustrations are mentioned by Cynthia at all ever. Her frustrations were all regarding Perry’s unwanted contact and romantic advances. She changed careers, moved twice to get away from Perry and only told a few people of Perry’s stalking conduct from 2011 to 2014. None of this is what a guy needs to do to pass a law in Texas or any part of his legislative duties, or his job as a public servant.

2) She committed no crime at all but was acting in compliance with Oklahoma law where she’s lived since September 2014, had a signed lease to a home, utilities in her name, and pays taxes. The first Protective Order of May 27, 2015 was denied due to her failure to comply with the requirement of filing a police report.

3) She had not been tested by Tulsa Police crime Lab for poisoning to confirm or rule out arsenic or any other deadly substance.

4) Perry threatened specifically death and false arrest in retaliation for her rejection of his romantic advances, and reporting his crimes to local police in Oklahoma.January 29, 2016 She is arrested for the first time in her life at her home in Sapulpa Oklahoma. The arresting officer, Todd Lawrence had already been called regarding what appeared to be attempted break ins at her home. He knew of her situation and at the time of her arrest states “I have a fugitive warrant that I have to serve and I am not an attorney so I’m not sure but this looks illegal to me. Talk to your attorney. This looks off to me. You have a protected address so how did he find out where you live?” Cynthia advised Officer Lawrence she believed Perry obtained her address from her former boss who had a co worker text her to get it under the guise she needed a place to hang out and change for about an hour. Perry should not have known or cared where she worked or who she worked with or where she lived and only a stalker would do that.

February 15 2016 Det Liz Eagan of Tulsa Police leaves a voice mail asking Cynthia to come in to provide a statement and give her evidence of she wishes to pursue charges. Cynthia was sitting in jail in Lubbock. She lost her home.April 6, 2016 Cynthia goes home on Bond, part of her Bond conditions include a provision indicating Perry admitted guilt to stalking and harassment and agreed he will stop. This is not normal plea negotiations. This is a cover up negotiation. Perry and Powell first demanded Cynthia lie to “let them save face”. Her Response ? “Fuck you. ” They then had her subjected to me talk compentency exams from two psychologists, Meagan Thoen first of Texas Tech. She passed. Her attorney then had her tested by Robert Morgan also of Texas Tech, which is a conflict of interest. Dr Russell complained “Once you passed the first time, why have you tested again and not only that by someone whose office is right down the hall. You would only be re tested if you failed but you passed with flying colors so why have you tested again? None of that makes any sense unless they were trying to come up with some way to make you look crazy “

A criminal psychologist in OKC that Cynthia consulted advised her “In order for me to put my license and reputation on the line, I have to see all your evidence and if the video surveillance was destroyed and your blood test not taken, it’s not possible. I cannot say I don’t see what you see in order to diagnose delusion as they want. I first have to look at what you are looking at and you see something that simply is not there. Being they destroyed your evidence that is impossible although it is telling they destroyed your evidence. But I personally would not put my name on any diagnosis at all without thorough review of all the evidence and it does not say much for Lubbock if those two did. You were not evaluated for mental illness, that is a four hour intense evaluation, evidence is no longer available for me to inspect and for them to sign their name to any hint of any diagnosis at all with out that, is not very intelligent on their part. I wouldn’t risk my reputation or my license they way it appears they have done. ” So, because that was a fail, they then agreed that Perry would never again contact Cynthia and she would just not talk about details of her false arrest. The second her feet hit Oklahoma dirt Perry went right back at the threats and harassment worse than ever.

June, 2017 Lubbock DA Powell dismissed all charges in her favor after spending a year and a half trying to find some way to go to trial. His efforts failed due to material facts and evidence being supportive of Cynthia’s claims and support Perry’s criminal charges to come.Cynthia sued three times for various injuries.

Perry then goes to the Judge Ex Parte, on all three, Cynthia not in any kind of hearing ever with Defendants in order to cross examine, present evidence or witnesses or testify. His attorney was seen in Judge Morrisay’s office for 20 minutes before a hearing of October, 2019 in which she sought a default judgment against Lady Godivas for not answering her civil suit at all. OK procedure gives 21 days. After well over a year they had filed no response, were given notice in the months prior of her intent to seek a default judgement and the Motion to to GRANT denied “because it’s frowned upon”. We aren’t sure what planet that would be on. When no notice is given of intent to seek a default judgement for failure to answer. She had the notices on her desk. They were on the docket months before. Anyone can see them still.Defendants, obtaining information via hack, see Cynthia marks on her calendar a date she intends to seek a Motion to Vacate after receiving information regarding two Federal judges on tape arranging dismissals with Charles Lee Perry of Lubbock Texas on tape. They advise Morrisay of Cynthia’s research being on case law related to decisions for Vacated Orders under 12-1031. They further advise the Civil Court Judge “There are prosecutors going through all her cases and the number of denied orders that are off has them looking at judges so be careful what you do.” Morrisay replies “So I will have to come up with a better reason to deny her than ‘because its frowned upon’. “

Cynthia further had one attack after another against her vehicle. One vehicle was totaled when a brick was thrown at her on the highway and thankfully did not hit her in the head, but instead hit the pavement, bounced up and cracked her engine in two. A photo of her cracked engine is posted below. The intent was to impede civil proceedings. She told people and it has been posted here and all over the blog that Perry wanted to make her fail. He has eight to nine seasoned attorneys going at her in court, she has not a day in law school and that’s not lop sided enough. He wanted civil proceedings shut down and since April 2019 Tulsa Police have been told, her attorney was told and it’s all over her blog that Perry wanted her car destroyed or to take it from her.She reported vandalism to her new car on Nov 4 2019 to Officer Michael Nealey and Officer Bret Gibson of Mannford Police. They tell Cynthia they will investigate her complaint, no suspect is named being there were no witnesses but Cynthia states “I’ve had a stalker problem with this guy out if Texas and only he would do something like this. We are in court. I believe it’s related but of course I am not sure but I believe it is likely. ” Officer Nealey states “This is weirdo.” Cynthia replied “Ya think? I’ve been subjected to this for a decade no matter where I live he pops up and does weirdo. ” They tell Cynthia once her report is complete their boss Chief Lucky Miller has to sign off on it. He never gets the chance. Six days later he and Officer Nealey are in Pensacola Florida, away from Oklahoma Law Enforcement where nobody is familiar with their case load, the danger involved in the one just reported by Cynthia, the history, where Miller is murdered and Nealey is accused of the murder, being so drunk he has no recollection of events, is found mumbling and incoherent, had no idea there even was a murder is accused of beating the Chief who was his best friend and boss to death. No tox panel run at the time to determine what put him in that condition or to determine if he was physically capable of beating anyone at all much less to death. Reports from Mannford indicate no one saw it coming, there was no fight between the two at all. Now for a second time Oklahoma law enforcement is obstructed from conducting a complete and thorough investigation into Perry’s criminal activity, there is again murder or attempted murder. There is again, no blood test when one is legally required, and again a false arrest. When a prosecutor knows he cannot get a guilty verdict because evidence shows he has the wrong guy or he or she failed to preserve evidence in compliance with Brady v Maryland which addresses due process and due diligence and civil rights, he or she MUST dismiss criminal charges. Otherwise it is Prosecutorial Misconduct and there is no Qualified Immunity when clearly established rights in place at the time a Prosecutor should be fully aware of are violated resulting in false inprisonment and a Fourth Amendment violation. He didn’t get the test. There is no motive on the part of Officer Nealey to want to hurt Chief Miller. There is motive on the part of a criminal who suffers from at the very least Erotomania, has a history of stalking, harassment, perjury, obstruction, attempted murder, vandalism, destruction of evidence, retaliation and coercion. Once you see a pattern you cannot unsee it.

Click here to hear the audio of Det Eagan and other audio evidence filed with the Courts and ignored improperly.

There were NO hearings to exclude any of Cynthia’s evidence. It simply was ignored and that pissed off cops who helped her get some of it, not to sue but to keep her from getting killed.Perry has touted his belief he will never be arrested for his crimes and stated he paid $25 million so he is not so he clearly admitted to bribery but he didn’t get to the police protecting Cynthia investigating him on another matter. He should have no such reasonable expectation. Cynthia can’t stand him. He makes her skin crawl and yet tells people in Oklahoma he believes they are a couple. On the audio submitted to Courts, Pinto states his belief Perry is in a romance with Cynthia and she indicated she wants nothing to do with Perry, he suffers from serious delusion, and cannot tell the difference between reality and his fantasy life. Everything else he’s done is to cover that up and because he messed with the wrong people this time, he’s more caught than he has ever been in his life. This is not his first rodeo. He’s done this all his life. You don’t mess with cop people and expect that to end well and he refuses to stop and makes it admits he has no control to stop.When he and Cynthia met he was a small town accountant with no background in politics, no background in being around people in power or with notoriety. Cynthia grew up in it. She grew up in the small town of Roswell New Mexico. Her Granddad was the Chief of Police, the Roswell Police Station to this day has his name on the front door as the building was named in his honor. He was the GOP Chairman, a County Treasurer, and. City Councilman. They were the people in power in the small town where she grew up, also by the way, where actress Demi Moore grew up. Her Granddad also has been quoted all over the place due to his Affidavit regarding the mysterious alien incident. He personally stated he did not believe aliens even existed much less that they landed in Roswell but in consideration of the brilliant man that he was, he provided the Affidavit when he served on the Roswell City Counsel and the Affidavit he provided is somewhat benign in that he certainly peaks interest while not providing any kind of smoking gun being he personally did not believe aliens exist but knew the mystery would bring profit to city of Roswell when they opened the museum. Because of the way she grew up, the many in law enforcement she was around all the time, people of prominence in Roswell she has no problem relating to individuals in elected office or in law enforcement. People in Roswell knew who she was even though she no idea who they were. She moved to Lubbock from Las Vegas where she worked with Federally elected officials from 2000 until 2013 beginning in New Mexico, then to Nevada, in government reform. She never worked on state legislation in Texas at all. Perry was never exposed to that type of lifestyle. Cynthia was in it and around that lifestyle all her life. She believes Perry is a small town nobody compared to those she was around all her life and simply cannot relate properly to those of higher social status. Stalking her is not properly relating to her. His contact is against her will and makes her throw up. He continues to ignore her wishes, cross boundaries, operate far outside the social norms, offends socially, morally, and legally, and cannot seem to control himself as the rest of us do without any effort at all.Click here to see her granddad’s affidavit

Click Here To See Cynthia’s Granddad’s Affidavit On The Roswell Alien Issue


People’s lives have been devastated as a result. This corruption is not being tolerated in Oklahoma as it has been in Texas. Thus, Perry is more caught now in his deeply depraved criminal activity than ever before in his life. He is repulsive and has no clue his conduct should embarass him. It’s illegal for a reason. Most people do not behave the way he does because they would be too embarassed. He can’t stop. He simply has gone off the deep end and can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction and truly believes everybody else is a stupid as he. People notice and his conduct and corruption are not tolerated in Oklahoma and the result has been he’s more caught now in criminal activity than ever before in Texas, in his life, and his belief that he will never face consequences speaks to the deep level of delusion he is stuck in. Perry is married to his high school sweet heart, is a church deacon and knows his conduct is wrong because he would not have paid $25 million to cover it up if he didn’t know. Why keep doing the same thing that put him in that position? No normal person would. People do notice and then gag.


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