Devastated Caused By Out Of Control Sex Crimes Not Tolerated In Oklahoma

The hidden secrets that have devastated lives have been more appropriately dealt with in Oklahoma which does not speak highly of Texas. Cynthia scolds people in Texas for failure to be humane.

“All this hidden secret sex addiction to weirdo twisted stuff that has led to all kinds of cover up and corruption and much more egregious crimes came out in Oklahoma. Why you people in Texas do nothing, we don’t understand. There are MANY lives and families completely devastated in a way that causes crushing pain and the kind you never get over. My family and I are re-traumatized every day. When Charles did something so severe and dangerous as to threaten me for months with death and false arrest then carry it out you must imagine how much more terrifying all subsequent threats must be. Why on Earth would he do any such thing and why on Earth would this be tolerated in Texas?

Attached are texts and emails long before Charles had me arrested telling people he was threatening that very specific loss. Dennis and I literally one day loaded everything we could fit in our car, fled to Oklahoma to be with family, to be safe, and to get away from him. We had just gotten a very nice home just behind Dennis school right next to the tennis courts at the school where he was Captain of the tennis team. He called his dad in October 2015 worried about me because right around that time I was being threatened with, not vague threats, but death and false arrest, so much I was freaking out and Dennis was worried about me. I was paying my bills myself. Dennis and I were starting to heal and put our lives back together and Dennis had to be told “If Charles carries out his threats, you are to call my cousin, arrangements have already been made for them to take care of you, and you are to let them know if anything changes and you decide you want to live with your dad.” When I was arrested he was my one call. I said “Remember what Charles threatened? He did it. I’m in jail ” can you imagine being a 15 year old kid, already having to leave your friends and be uprooted twice having to even have that conversation much less live it? We lost our home and have lived in a shit hole ever since. Now I don’t even have a home really. I have to move around all the time hoping this time they won’t find me. Do you know what that was like for us to go through? Why would anyone even think up something that heinous much less do it. My Bond Conditions stated he was never to contact me again which means he admitted guilt and agreed to cut it out.

How can Charles not know how disgusting and creepy his behaviour is and that that is why it’s illegal and most people do not do that ? How is it even possible, but for some legit mental retardation for him not to know this and know he should be deeply embarrased by his conduct? He was told “Don’t sit here and tell me you care. You don’t care. You care about a cover up and that’s all you care about and that’s not even working. You ripped that girl away from her family, she lost her house, her mugshot was smeared all over, you’ve not stopped lying about her ever since, then you guys drop the charges for not a crime but doing what the law requires so she can get protection from you because you do stuff like this, and you did not a damn thing to fix that damage to her reputation. Now you wanna take whatever little bit she has left and you tell me you care? Bullshit! Throwing a girl in jail is not how you get a date. Don’t sit here and tell me you care.” And that came when people here started to notice something was wrong with his story.

I think it speaks to the character of people in Texas and the people in Oklahoma that this all came out here and he’s not getting away with it. It speaks to the character of people in Texas that you do not a damn thing to put a stop to it there. He’s done this creepy perverted criminal crap all his life and just his it but you can’t hide this deep evil without help.

Now you have a repeat of the same crime almost exactly except this time worse when the same people were reported and more devasted families and more crushing pain and the kind these people will never ever get over involving kids again. The Millers will have birthdays, Christmases, graduations, weddings and no dad ever. The Nealeys may too. He didn’t do it and we know that. And Lubbock character has gone so far off the deep end nobody has done a damn thing to stop it. We are to relieve suffering caused by crime, even just as normal decent people who are humane. That was my Chief of Police granddad’s montra and life legacy that law enforcement is to relieve suffering caused by crime and to him you don’t get a choice. It is just what you do. But we all are responsible even when we just do nothing for the pain, loss and devastation Perry causes.

I realize people criticize my job but you don’t understand my job and before you do that, you all sat and watched him ruin my career that I’d worked my entire life building that had some honor and respect with it. Perry used that to get elected and none of you lifted a finger to stop him then before he had the chance to do that to me and Dennis. You all knew me before Charles crawled out from the rock he crawled out of. But what people don’t know about my job now is that it’s not at all what people think and everyone I e met in a strip club is by far better folk than any of you. Many of those people have done far more to care for me and protect me from the harm Charles was trying to cause me in strip clubs. Fabian is the manager of a strip club and has been since we met and yet he’s the only person I know that in six years has never once hurt me for Charles and he’s been asked to. He simply said what everyone should have said, “NO!”. It’s not that hard. He’s not religious or churchy but he’s the one who wouldn’t do as he was told. Most of my customers have lost a wife, some died and some just left or they caught her with someone else, kids are grown and moved away and they have no one. My job is to just be nice to people who are hurting. It’s not what people think. I don’t do drugs or drink or prostitute. None of that is any part of my job and guess what? Most girls I work with are just like me. There might be that one chick, but most are just like me. Most have kids. Most have kids whose dad’s bailed and nobody helps them raise and provide for their kids. Some of them take care of their children AND drug addict parents. You do not know what goes on in the lives of people you criticize. You do nothing to protect us. There is nothing humane about that and for sure not holy.

All this stuff came out in Oklahoma because the people here are just straight up better folks than any of you. It saddens me to say that but I cannot come to any other conclusion as much as I wish that were different.

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein”

How is it possible Perry does not know by now that he is creepy? How is it possible that by now he’s not as embarrassed as he makes everyone else ? Repeating rejection has gotten very very old for everyone.


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