Defendants Recorded Again Trying To Take Cynthia’s Vehicle

At about 3:00 pm again today, Defendants were recorded by law enforcement, the same who provided information Cynthia discusses in her October 2015 in the McNamara email, asking someone to tow her car and give them cash for it. These are people accused of stalking, harassment, attempted murder, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, coercion, threats and intimidation and should have no idea where she is or what she drives. She maintains a legally protected address.

The call recorded included requests for information as to whether or not her vehicle has cruise control and the mileage. The individual stated “Unless I know that, I can’t take this vehicle off your hands…..” He was told “Just go tow the vehicle and we will figure all that out later.” This occurred just one hour ago. This is one of many DAILY recorded conversations of Defendants premeditating and expressing intent to commit a crime against Cynthia and cause her even more tangible loss. Any judicial orders they claim to have procured were not procured by legal means. There is ample evidence of that as well and these police have Cynthia’s evidence plus their own which far exceeds hers. She has not the resources to obtain the evidence they do. Her attorney and Defendants attorneys were notified they were caught again, immediately. Defendants have been caught trying to take her car since last April, Perry recorded stating “It’s not legit but I will have her car towed and sold before she figures that out. “

See below:

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Click Here To See Report Of Vandalism of Her Car Linked To Chief Miller’s Murder

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