When We Get Information To Protect You And A Judge Ignores It That Judge Will Have To Then Deal With Us

“I heard Charles Perry’s voice talking about using Judge McNamara to arrange my false arrest and Dennis on the tapes. We lost our home. We lost our home. ” Police investigating Charles Perry on another matter advised Cynthia of specific details regarding Charles Perry’s intent to arrange her false arrest in October, 2015. Perry hacks her, saw this email in the photo here, changed details but still arranged her false arrest. Those same officers have stepped up to protect her from many of his intended harm including additional attempts to murder her. Likewise due to the dismissals of her civil suits flagging off prosecutors because of the way they were obtained, in secret ex parte hearings where there was never a fair hearing where Cynthia was present in her own law suits, to cross examine Defendants, investigations were therefore expanded to Judges. As such they obtained the recorded conversation between Defendants and all three Judges this one being Morrisay of the Tulsa District Court in the photograph here. The Federal Judge in Lubbock was advised he was recorded making arrangements and agreeing to deny her Motion To Vacate as well. He gave no reason in his order. Judge Eagan of the Tulsa Federal Court also was recorded agreeing to deny Cynthia’s civil claims. All Cynthia’s notification to her attorney on another matter and LPDO are posted here. She gave notification before orders of dismissal were even out. She will be filing Motions to Vacate based on “Fraud Upon a Court” as soon as Courts reopen.While Cynthia was illegally detained due to Perry carrying out his threat to arrange a false arrest, she ordered a word search puzzle to pass the time. One page is photographed and posted here. On the page the words Fabian and HOPE intersect. Fabian is the man she wants in her life and frankly the only person she knows who has had six years to do something to hurt her for Charles Perry but has not. In the middle is the word “me” denoting Perry’s selfish and offensive intrusion and butting in where he has no business being and into things that don’t concern him. On the left is the word “Boo” and on the right is the word “sad”, denoting the fear and sadness Perry causes intentionally with his criminal activity. Cynthia has made her wishes very clear that she wants nothing at all to do with Charles Perry now or ever. He is simply an intruder in her life, not an invited or wanted guest. For those words to be, of all the words it could be, not just in the same book or even on the same page but arranged exactly as they are, and not just at some random time in her life but while she sat illegally detained due to Perry’s criminal activity and carrying out a threat and retaliating for her reporting of his crimes to police, someone with a lot of power would have to be watching out for her to get that to her, exactly that way, at that time. That would be who continues to catch Perry in criminal activity for the first time in his life and who now investigated others he has involved. We can say with certainty that the public is sick and tired of the corruption and the Bagdad Bob claims from Perry and his arrogant assertion that he’s not doing as accused, everyone else is crazy but him.Click here to see evidence filed in civil court, some of which came from information provided by police such as the McNamara email posted here. The evidence ignored by all three Judges angering police and their prosecutors. There was no hearing to exclude any of it.

Click Here To See Evidence Filed In Civil Court That Thus Far Has Never Been Excluded In An Evidentiary Hearing But Has Been Ignored By Judges

Perry’s MO is such that when he gets caught and people start finding out about his secret criminal activity he’s hidden all his life, he will try to kill that person and when that fails, he arranges a false arrest to both besmirch and intimidate the witness. He did that to Cynthia and now Chief Lucky Miller Officer Mike Nealey of Mannford Police who took her corruption case just six days before the murder of Chief Miller. While officers have been able to get information before Perry can harm, they aren’t always as much as they wish they could. They didn’t get it before the brick accident that appears to have been intended to hit Cynthia in the head on the highway and did crack her engine in two or the murders. Informants indicated two reasons for failing to provide that information one being the acts were so outrageous they didn’t think they’d actually do it. They thought it was bloviating and due to fear Perry would do what he’s done to Cynthia so many times in attempting to discredit by stating “This person is just crazy ” . In addition people have seen how many times Perry has been caught and thought he would therefore not continue in the outrageous. Most would not. He can’t stop, he says. It is no accident that of all the cops it could be and not just at some random time it was THE cops who took her case on and just six days after they took her case on. No astute detective believes in coincidence. If a Detective believes in coincidence he or she has absolutely no business being in law enforcement and they need to get out of it because mistakes like that is how you get people killed.Click below to see additional information on civil cases against Perry and information on the Nealey/Miller case as it pertains to events that occurred in the days leading up to the murder.

Click Here To See Info On Ex Parte Perry’s Secret ExParte Hearings

Click Here To See Info on Nealey Case


Crimes of property damage, vandalism and against Cynthia’s vehicle reported to Officer Nealey and Officer Bret Gibson of Mannford PD just six days before Chief Miller is murdered in Pensacola.

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