Perry Demands Apology From Cynthia And This Is The Only Apology He Will Ever Get

Cynthia sued Perry and his co defendants three times to be rid of him, to get an order prohibiting his contact, which he continues to make with her against her will, and Perry had ex parte hearings and got them dismissed. Police obtained recordings of him making arrangements with judges beforehand to dismiss her claims. He promised transparency. He is on the accountability committee and yet he has secretive hearing after secretive exparte hearing after secretive exparte hearing. These were her law suits and yet in not even one was there any kind of fair hearing where she was even there to cross examine Perry, to present evidence, to testify with her evidence or to offer witness testimony. Police sent this information to their prosecutor who then was so alarmed he opened investigations into all judges and this does not exclude Tenth Circuit. Officers were angered at the fact that the Judges gave no consideration to anything submitted including some information regarding the danger she was in they procured and gave to Cynthia. One said “If I give you information that you are under threat and in danger and the judge ignores it, I’m not going to let that go. I’ll get that judge in my investigation and that judge will answer for that act as much as Perry will. I expect them to uphold the law and act in an unbias professional manner and if they can’t do that, they won’t be a judge. ” The first information regarding Perry’s illegal conversations and arrangements with Judges came before her false arrest in Perry’s intent to use Judge McNamara of Lubbock to facilitate her false arrest. He did carry out that threat, that is part of her law suits, but did not use that particular judge being he’d been caught, has hacked her and saw that email. He simply changed details but carried out the threat he had made for her failure to lie for him and recant her claims that he is exactly the creepy depraved stalker she says he is, and did have her false arrested. That is the nature of the suits. This email was sent months before Perry carried out his threat on January 29, 2016 for filing a police report in compliance with Oklahoma law and a tweet telling her to do so from Tulsa Police. Her arrest obstructed their investigation. Charges were dismissed in her favor and we’re appropriately followed by her law suit.

Perry procured his orders of dismissal through illegal means and has told people he will take everything she has and force her to lie. That is just another crime and subornation of perjury. He’s obsessed with a cover up that isn’t. His criminal activity is more exposed than ever before in his life and while the officers investigating him are not from Oklahoma, although that does not mean some in Oklahoma law enforcement are not providing an assist, this criminal activity came out in Oklahoma as he has leaks. People in Oklahoma refusing to tolerate conduct they accept in Lubbock that is legally and morally offensive and bazaar. Perry’s criminal activity has never been more exposed. He further told media that he would work with her if she apologized. She is very sorry that he is so pathetic, out of control and has no life that he has to stoop corruption and to the deranged, heinous, and bazaar attack of women and children to feel power. That’s all that will be said in response to those ridiculous comments.

Perry is under suspicion for the murder of Chief Miller and Florida fails to get it right, these other officers will and it will occur when they are ready and they will not hesitate to embarrass the ever living hell out of those who are inept and incompetent. They can move forward and then we watch how that works out for them when all this shakes out. It appears Officer Nealey is the second individual falsely accused and imprisoned for something Perry allegedly did and the second pertinent blood tests were not obtained from or inspected that would provide Exculpatory evidence that would prove he could not have physically have done as accused and the second prosecutor who failed to due diligence, preserve the forensic evidence and showed a reckless disregard for the truth. Cynthia was the first, Nealey the second.

Photos show information provided to Cynthia regarding illegal arrangements for dismissals of her claims before orders even came out. That information was obtained by police investigating Charles Perry and what that means is if he’s being recorded then so would anyone talking to him and his co defendants as well. In fact in some cases the person he is talking to is doing the recording. That would be one of many leaks. There is a reason Perry’s corruption and his crimes are more exposed right now than ever before in his life. Duh…..

Perry has many leaks due to the anger at what he’s put Cynthia through all these years and continues to put her through. She wants no contact. He continues to ignore her rights and wishes, show no empathy, and obsess with a cover up. He is committing a crime and yet plays the victim. When he’s caught and she tells on him or addresses the problems with his attorney he has the audacity to claim he is being harassed if you can even believe that. Perry has caused intentional catastrophic loss and suffering for others and yet he thinks he is the victim of harassment when he’s caught. It doesn’t get more delusional than that. Oddly Perry thinks he can do all this and nobody will notice and he’s doing that while seeking information as to who his leaks are and who the officers are. That’s the level of crazy Cynthia and her family have been forced to deal with for a decade now. You can’t reason with a person like that.

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