The Case For Nealey’s Innocence- That Whole Thing Was Over Her Car

The information regarding Chief Miller’s of Mannford Police’s murder points to Perry and Roberson just doing the same thing they tried to do to Cynthia. It’s again obstruction if justice and possibly destruction of evidence to cover up all the crimes before that.

Click here to see court Depositions in his case

click here to see documents on Officer Nealeys Case

Cynthia’s depo

The questions some nut bag pretending to be Lisa Nealey asks in a private facebook message in the screenshot below, were addressed in Cynthia’s depo, which is the appropriate place, not Facebook. Mrs Nealey is not likely to jeopardize the integrity her husband’s case doing something this bazaar. The real killer might, though.

The quick overview is that six days after Cynthia Ortiz filed a complaint with Mannford Police for vandalism to her car, Officers Michael Nealey and Bret Gibson responding, Chief Lucky Miller and Officer Nealey who were best friends attended a conference in Pensacola, Florida where Miller was found by hotel staff beat to death and Officer Nealey charged with his murder. Miller was found already swollen and bruised in a confined space between the bed and the wall. Guests complained about noise and reports state Nealey was not injured in the fight but sustained a cut above his right eye when he was pulled off the Chief. He was found on top of him, mumbling incoherently. For a guy to be a fight at all, but certainly where a death occurs, he would have to have some evidence of that on his person. There would be some mark on him somewhere. If he has not a mark on him, any good Detective would Sherlock that and conclude it was not possible he was in any fight at all. How can you beat someone, and a trained police officer at that, and have not a mark on you? No defensive injuries, no bruising on his hands, feet or face or anywhere on him and yet Escambia ignored all that lack of evidence that actually is evidence. He was hit when hotel staff pulls him up, sustains a cut above his right eye from that, but not a deadly fist fight? He was found mumbling, incoherent and tells Detectives “Lucky is dead? I can’t believe you. There is nothing on my hands that would indicate I just beat someone to death.” Officer Nealey, we’re he in a fight would have physical indications of that and during his interview would have asked “Who did this to us? Where is Lucky? Is he okay?” But he didn’t. He indicates he did not know or have any physical indications there even was a fight at all. He said he could not believe Lucky was dead because there was no physical indications on him, his hands, indicating a fight. When there is a fist fight, or any fight both parties are going to have something on them to indicate they were in a fight and for sure a deadly one. Lucky didn’t just stand there like a baffoon and not move and allow himself to be beat to death. Whoever did that to him, would have physical indications of being in a fight on their body and because Officer Nealey didn’t, he didn’t believe what Investigators were telling him.

Not only did Officer Nealey not know there was a fight at all much less a deadly one, he had no memory of what occurred. He was knocked out. Again, any good Detective would run a full tox panel to see what knocked him.out, how much was there in his system, was it enough to kill a horse, to render him unable to be in such a violent physical altercation, and if so, what was the delivery method? Was he drugged? Did he drink so much he could have died? Did he drink so much he could not have beat Miller? Why was he found in the condition he was in and was his condition so impaired he could not have beaten my grandma much less a trained police officer about the same height and weight? None of that occurred. There were no tests. That’s a Brady Violation already. To make matters worse someone contacted Cynthia on Facebook pretending to be Officer Nealeys wife, Lisa and claimed he was beaten. Again, were that the case Officer Nealey would have said to Escambia Detectives “I’m beat up. Who did this to us? Where is Lucky? Is he okay?” Instead his actions show, he thought he was in the hospital for drinking too much and Lucky was probably waiting outside for him. He had no beatings. He had not a mark on him. We found out Joshua Burson, a Co- Defendant in the lawsuits against Charles Perry was the individual pretending to be Lisa Nealey. Only the killer would do something like that, to mislead investigators, perhaps? Why do that, if he had no involvement in the vandalism, the Chiefs murder, and the frame up of the investigating officer on Cynthia’s complaint. If not part of the corruption and murder to cover it up, why in the hell would anyone do that? Probably they would not.

The case and events that led up to that terrible day are outlined below. The situation is deeply saddening. Our hearts break for both families. Not a day goes by, that we don’t pray for the truth, for justice and remember what God has to say about it.

“He who avenges the blood of the murders cares for the helpless. He will not ignore the cries of those who suffer.”

PS 9:12

In honor of Chief Miller, his family and the Nealeys we are brave to see this through. Click link below:

Updates as of October 3, 2020

We did say in March 2020 Nealey was drugged. Court records of July 2020 state he was treated for drug overdose and found in respiratory distress. See more here:

In addition, depositions state hotel staff were called to the room three times on the night of Sunday, November 10, 2019. First call the door was answered by Officer Nealey regarding the remote to the TV. Things were calm and he opened the door wide enough for hotel staff to see Lucky resting on the bed by the window. At 8 pm noise complaints brought them back up to the room where Lucky answered the door and only six inches. That would indicate he was concealing someone in the room who threatened him if he didn’t. They knew Mike was there. He was registered guest. No need to conceal him. So who else was in that room that night Lucky would not open the door wide enough for staff to see? There are no cameras in the hallways, depos reveal. Cameras were only in the lobby. So who was it in that room that didn’t want Lucky to open the door wide enough for hotel staff to see? That question needs to be answered.

This case started out as stalking and harassment, although she only told a few friends for four years. Most lived out if state, however because friends in Lubbock saw Perry stalking too, some of them knew of the problem.

See email from Cheryl Underwood regarding her observations

click here to see how long Perry had been stalking and threatening Cynthia Ortiz before Officer Nealey caught her case just 6 days before Chief Miller’s murder

Cynthia was in government reform and campaigns for ten years before she met Perry in three states, had worked on campaigns in Lubbock but no state legislative initiatives. She was well connected in politics and Perry was not. He’d not been in politics at all and Cynthia used her’s to assist him in getting elected for the first time in March 2010 in a run off for State Assembly. She never lived in his district. Clearly she didn’t want a scandal as that would hurt her family, her kids and her clients.

See photo below of Cynthia with elected officials she’d met long before she met Charles Perry:

The stalking and harassment became unbearable so she changed careers in 2012 and focused only on medical to avoid having to interact with Perry and when that didn’t work she moved to Dallas in November 2013. His stalking became worse than ever. She started dancing thinking that would be where the conservative Christian Baptist Church Deacon married politician would not go. If you are being stalked and the stalking becomes severe you go almost anywhere that you think your stalker will not go. She’d hoped to lay low until Perry cooled off, got his act together and would leave her alone and she could even relocate and resume campaigns without it being noticed. In some places nobody would care that she danced. That didn’t work. Perry made things even more miserable. She and her sin literally loaded everything they could fit in her car, didn’t stop to unenroll her son from school and fled to Oklahoma to be with family. This was in September 2014.

Perry again found her and resumed his stalking and harassment worse than ever. She filed for a protective order which was denied in part due to her failure to bring her police report. One is required by law when seeking a Protective Order which is stated on the order. See order below:

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In August 2015 she was approached at her job by two off duty officers who told her “You gotta watch what you do. Perry called up here and told us to just find some way to arrest you. We told him that’s not why we signed up to be police. That doesn’t mean some other cops won’t do it. Watch yourself okay? ”

This prompted her to write a ” Cease and Desist” letter to the Lubbock DA, Matthew Powell, Perry’s BFF from Sunday School and a letter to the US Attorney asking for assistance, the Cease and Desist to Powell accompanied the letter to the US Attorney.

See below:

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In October a man named David Roberson, owner of Dynamic Shot, came to her work, told her he already knew her real name, he there on behalf of Charles Perry and said if she didn’t recant her claims Perry was stalking her he was gonna put her in the lake. He then had a lengthy discussion with her over the man she wants in her life, Fabian, her former manager in Dallas, and in fact that night she texted Fabian and told him of the conversation. See below:

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Later he began to threaten specifically death and false arrest to force her to recant her claims. She refused. She began getting ill after drinking drinks at work purchased by customers that she’d briefly left to perform work duties. She texted Roberson asking if it was arsenic. He replied “Yes”. She purchased Charcoal at Wholefoods to try to absorb whatever it was they were giving her to make her sick. This went on from October 2015 until January 2016. She texted Roberson several times arguing for her life stating “Killing me or arranging a false arrest won’t vindicate him from stalking. ”

She also received more specific information regarding the false arrest and emailed her ex husband on October 27, 2015. Perry hacked everything so he saw the email and changed some symantics but did carry out his threat to arrange a false arrest when the attempted murder failed and she reported his actions to Tulsa Police. The dates on these texts where Cynthia is arguing with Roberson to save her life and sinst death and false arrest preceded the filing of her police report and her false arrest. The fact that Perry and Roberson made threats to hurt her and tried to carry them out or did is the very reason she needs a Protective Order. When a threat is made then carried out that would tend to indicate the act was on purpose.

See below:

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On January 21, 2016 Cynthia and her sin went to TPD to file a police report as Perry and Robersons threats and harassment had again become dangerous. She was told by the desk clerk that her report would be entered into the computer, a Detective assigned and she’d be called back to come in and provide evidence Wich included a blood test to test her for arsenic or determine what was given to her to make her sick so that Detectives could then determine who gave it to her, and the other how, what, when and where of that, review texted death threats, video surveillance and so forth however that is not what happened. Instead a few days later Sapulpa Police knocked on her front door, not to get information on the crime she reported for further investigation but instead to arrest her. It blew her mind that Perry actually carried out his threat and a specific one. She’d not gotten a call back yet from Detectives. The law required she file the police report and she’d not turned over evidence or been tested for poisoning. She was charged in Lubbock, not Oklahoma where the crime occurred that she reported with “Filing a false Police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job as a Senator.” There were tweets or rants against Perry by Cynthia anywhere because she couldn’t care less about his job as a Senator. She kept her mouth shut about his stalking until she left town and his position no longer relevant. She helped him get elected. He had not been in politics at all. She had for ten years meaning if you want something done legislatively, which she never worked on legislation in Texas, you first need more than just one guy and you need several with influence which he didn’t have being he was new. She never lived in his district. He didn’t even represent her so the report had nothing to do with his job. Stalking is not a required duty to pass a law in Texas. There were no conversations anywhere going back to 2011 about Cynthia’s frustration with Perry over politics, just stalking conduct. On its face it was an illegal arrest. It’s not a false report to police if it was first threatened and threatened and threatened and no investigation allowed and in fact was obstructed and evidence destroyed as a result. No one ever tested her blood and she lost that evidence. Even in Powell’s custody no one ever tested her blood and TPD should have done a blood draw and had her blood inspected by a forensic pathologist and they would have had Perry not obstructed them with his false arrest. TPD Detective Liz Eagan left a message for Cynthia to come in to bring her evidence while she was already in jail for false reporting. She called on February 15, 2016. Cynthia was arrested on January 29, 2016 and the report filed with TPD actually upon a tweeted instruction by TPD and the requirements she failed to follow in her first attempt at a Protective Order on January 21, 2016. See documents below

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Once in jail her attorney advised Cynthia that Perry and Powell realize they made a terrible mistake. They want you to cover for them and just let them save face. I can’t make you. I can ask you. Are you willing to do that? ” Cynthia replied “My mugshot is everywhere. Charles has taken everything I have, ruined my career, I’ve lost my home, my sin now has to explain why his mom has been arrested and so tell them fuck you. No! I will do no such thing. I will just say nothing under one condition but I will not lie. If Charles Perry gets the hell out of my life and never contacts me or anyone I know again I’ll say nothing but I will not lie. ” Her attorney said he would discuss it with them and let her know. Weeks went by and she heard nothing. Her attorney then said “Since you refused to cover for them, Matt filed a request to have you tested for mental competency. I’ve never seen that done before by a DA. I’ll get you scheduled as soon as possible. ” Cynthia advised him “He told the media when I tried to get a PO “I’m not stalking her. She’s just crazy. ” So this is for that. He’s trying prove that. He threatened me with this for months. Everyone in my family knew and in fact we made arrangements for who my sin would stay with if he carried out his threats. I called my ex husband freaking out one night because he was threatening me with death and false arrest hard. So he’s just trying to make look crazy to discredit me. ” She was tested and passed. She was then tested by a second psychologist and again passed.

Her attorney then after she there for two months came and told her “You can go home. Perry won’t bother you again. See? It’s right here in your Bond conditions and because you’ve been traumatized by all of this, I agreed to this provision that you see a psychologist but please don’t think I agreed with they are trying to do. I think with what they have put you through it can’t hurt. They will drop the charges in a few months and we all just let this die out. Can you live with that?” Cynthia told her attorney “Make sure they are clear on that IF Perry never contacts me again part. ” He agreed and said “I cannot sell out your First Amendment rights and you have the right to tell the media what happened. But if he leaves you alone and he said he would you gotta stay quiet and let it go and they will drop the charges. ”

The second Cynthia returned home Perry went right back at it. He didn’t stop for five minutes and still hasn’t .

Below are her Bond Conditions, the letter from the Psychologist stating Cynthia just wants to live her life, be left alone, is honest and intelligent and that she is terrified of what Perry might do her. Below is also a link to a conversation between Dr Russell and her psychologist in which she states Perry did the false arrest to get Cynthia’s attention, escalate stalking and she thought he intended harm.

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Conversation between Dr Russell and Cynthia “When he knows it hurts you, he does it more”

Click here to hear TPD Det Luz Eagan Voicemail of 2/15/16

Charles were dismissed but not in a few months as promised but rather a year and a half later. Perry continue to threaten death and to arrange a second false arrest from the second she got home and still to this day.

Because Perry continued to threaten and harass Cynthia emailed media a few close friends some of whom forwarded to Perry, who forwarded to Powell who took them to her attorney with a demand he shut her up. Those emails are filed with three civil courts. A link at the bottom of this page contains all evidence filed with the courts including transcripts of the conversation with Dr Russell and Pinto, another of Perry’s proxy stalkers who tracked her down at her workplace. This one offered her $5000 for sex with Perry which she declined and argued with her for some time about the status of their relationship. Cynthia is not in a relationship with Perry and has not consented to be even in contact with him. He clearly though has a delusional one in his head and had Pinto convinced they were a couple, which we would like know what his wife Jacquelyn thinks of this.

Pinto came to her work during civil proceedings first soliciting prostitution on behalf of Perry then offering illegal ways to handle Perry rather than the legal way of suing. Cynthia declined this as well.

Click here to hear Cynthia’s conversation with Perry proxy stalker Pinto in March 2018

Perry then had Dave Roberson find Cynthia after she temporarily moved near family in Mannford. He put his employees with Dynamic Shot all around her. She began having problems with threats to her vehicle. Police investigating Perry on another who had provided her with specifics contained the email above of October 2015 about Judge McNamara told her check her tail light, that Perry and Roberson had someone take it out to have her pulled over. She did check it in the middle of the day which she didn’t just do normally and it was out. She was able to change it before being pulled over.

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She had a lot of problems with people pulling up to her in a harassing manner, stopping to take photos of her and vandalizing her car. She had a radiator hose inexplicably end up with a hole in it that looked like was made with a small pocket knife. The problems became so severe a neighbor contacted Chief Lucky Miller personally three times to complain about the individuals driving around Cynthia and taking photos. Miller told her he couldn’t do much without plates so the next step was getting plates for the Chief. The statements are below and where one witness states a Raptor was located as she wrote her statement on another occasion Cynthia photographed a black truck. The neighbor said she had lived there for years and had never seen the harrassing traffic that became an ongoing problem just after Cynthia arrived. Perry has repeated claimed under oath in Court that he is not a stalker. This is by definition “stalking and harassment”.

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In August 2019 while the ongoing threats to Cynthia’s car continued with the hopes of impeding civil proceedings and Cynthia’s ability to file appeals and responses being the specific reason given as she was driving to work a truck in front of her that appeared to be just like the one known to belong to one of Robersons employees dropped a brick in front of her on the highway. There are six or so blogs here about threats to Cynthia’s car and they were made public on this blog as they occurred. TPD was notified as well. The brick we believe was intended to hit her in the head. That would end law suits. Instead it cracked her engine in two and totaled her car.

On November 1, 2019 she found some sort of odd powder all over her trunk. She was on her way to work so on Monday, November 4, 2019 she asked the neighbor if she’d seen anyone messing with her car. The neighbor said she had not but she said “Come look at this unit. It’s covered in that powder. ” Cynthia reported the vandalism to Mannford PD, Officer Michael Nealey and Bret Gibson responded and took her report which was actually against an unknown suspect since nobody saw anything.

The vandalism reported is photographed below:

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Keep in mind within just a few months her tail light is taken out, her radiator had pocket knife size cut in it leaving her stranded in Tulsa, there is this strange brick accident totaling her car, and now this strange powder all over the inside of her trunk. There were also neighbors complaining to Chief Miller they were all being harassed and were scared and wanted him to increase patrol in the area by strange proxy stalker people pulling up to drive up to Cynthia to take pictures or just see if she was with someone or alone or stalk. Nealey looked everything over and said “This is weirdo.” Cynthia said “Ya think? I’ve had to live with this kind of crap for almost ten years no matter where I am he finds me. It’s very frustrating ” He asked her about the guy who had the powder all over his room and Cynthia told him “He may or may not work for Roberson. Robersons guys all sit out here drinking and smoking pot with these other guys and they could have paid them a little something to do it. They all hang out. He could have paid the dealer a little something for the key or a lock smith but they been doing this to my car, one kind of damage or another for awhile now. ” It then becomes the detectives job to investigate to figure out exactly what happened and the who, what, when, why and where of it all.

However, six days later again before any detective could do much at all tragedy occurs. Lucky Miller and Mike Nealey go to a conference in Pensacola, out if state and far away from Oklahoma law enforcement who knew of the corruption case they just caught and the protection of people who are familiar with their background, character, friendship, and case load were located. On Sunday, November 10, 2019 Chief Miller is beat to death, supposedly heard saying “Stop It Mike!” And Nealey is found mumbling and incoherent and supposedly had to be pulled off Miller. How on Earth do you beat someone to death when you are mumbling and incoherent? How on Earth does one get beat to death who is mumbling and incoherent but he’s coherent enough to say “Stop it Mike!” But not run? A trained police officer can’t run to save his life from a guy so drunk he can’t remember anything and is found mumbling and incoherent? On what planet would that be?

Click here to see Nealey Interrogation

Above is parts of his interrogation where he tells Escambia County he has nothing on his hands indicating he beat anyone to death, no memory of what occurred and he had no idea his best friend and boss, Chief Miller was dead and the two had no fuss. Chief Ridley, current Mannford PD Chief also expressed confusion as to these events as there was no sign of any problem between the two.

See close ups of Nealeys hands in photos below. There is no sign he beat anyone to death on his hands and there would be had he done it. Officer Nealey does not have a mark on him but for the one above his right eye they said happened from hitting his head on the wall when they pulled him off Chief Miller. Any good Detective is first going to want to answer the questions: What is causing this guy to be so impaired he can’t remember what occurred and is found mumbling and incoherent? How much of that is in his system? Was it enough to render him incapable of committing the crime he is accused of? What all is in his system causing him to be in that condition and how did it get there? As far as we know, no effort was made to get that information and how does one even hit or kick someone and in the confined space Chief Miller was found in, in that condition? How do you beat a guy to death in a confined space no less, when you are so impaired you don’t there was a murder, have no memory of what occurred, and are found mumbling and incoherent and do it leaving not one mark on you anywhere?

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And this sums it up pretty well:

Because he was found, actually the information we have, pulling at Lucky trying to get him up, not beating him, and in the condition he was in of having no memory of what happened, incoherent and mumbling, Detectives, were they astute, should have ran a full panel tox to see what put him in that condition and how whatever it was got in his body. He could not have physically beat anyone at all much less until they die in that condition and a full panel tox may have shown something besides alcohol that he didn’t take voluntarily or even may have taken it voluntarily although that is doubtful that would have made it impossible for him to physically perform that kind of beating. If it was not preserved by the DA there is a Brady Violation already.

See this was not just some random cop months down the road this happened to. It was the cop and his Chief who took Cynthia’s corruption case and not at some random time but suspiciously just six days after they took her report. It appears to simply be Perry’s MO of possibly drugging Nealey the same way he did Cynthia and when that didn’t work out the arrange a false arrest and again obstruct justice. Twice her reports are obstructed within a week of her filing. Both filings were against Perry and Roberson or as she put it “likely related”.

They think nobody will notice this stuff. People do actually notice. It speaks to their delusion they think they won’t. Perry now has three perjury incidents at least. The first was when he procured a false arrest warrant against Cynthia alleging and testifying under oath that she filed the report over a political vendetta when no evidence exists to support that because there is not one. The second was his testimony that her emails about his threats and harassment were harassment of him. The third was his testimony in State Court that was ex parte and we don’t know exactly what he said, Cynthia not allowed to be there in her own law suit to cross examine him but the judge states his claims in her order was that he has no contacts in Oklahoma. Vandalism in Oklahoma in person or by proxy is a related contact in the forum state causing the injuries alleged in the suit. That’s motive to kill right there. His habits are to do that. This would be the same thing he did or tried to do to Cynthia. She called him out in his stalking, tried to get an order of protection, he wanted that covered up so he tried to coerce her to recant. When that failed he tried to kill her. When that failed he arranged a false arrest. When that failed and she sued he went her car. He bribed judges too and that is being dealt with by the law enforcement who already investigating him on another matter and will be addressed in upcoming Motions to Vacate once courts re open from closure due to Coronavirus.

On the Miller / Nealey case it appears he did kill or cause to be killed, Chief Miller but failed with Officer Nealey. So he arranged a false arrest.

The criminal psychologists, not just Dr Russell believe Perry to be a sexually dysfunctional sadist, Antisocial sociopathic in that he feels no empathy for the losses he causes people, which are so catastrophic they will never get over it, but knows it’s wrong because he’s obsessed with a cover up. He cares nothing at all for the legal rights and wishes of others but demand you care about his. He has an extremely overinflated ego and grandiose idea of himself and feels he is entitled to take whatever he wants. He sees himself as a victim. Everyone owes him something in his mind. He can destroy all he wants but he is somehow in his mind a victim. That makes no sense to normal people but then he’s not normal. His conduct will never make sense to those of us who are normal. It will offend. It will anger and it should if you are normal.

For the prosecutor in Florida to conceal these material facts from the deciding body that most likely would change the outcome, especially in a case requiring the finding of guilt be “beyond reasonable doubt” is a form of perjury in and of itself.

Charles Perry has displayed very egregious morally and legally offensive behaviour and conduct of a long period of time and shows no empathy at all towards his victims or even the embarrassment to his own family in his obsession with a woman who could not care less about him in betrayal of his wife and the mother of his children. His behavior is deeply depraved and demented and yet he acts like he has no clue that he should be embarrassed by his offensive conduct. It’s embarrassing for others yet he has no embarrasent at all and he should and he should enough to stop. He is simply obsessed with covering up what he’s done, who it is investigating him and who is leaking. Nothing else concerns him at all, not his intrusion and invasion and devastation of the lives of other people, not the devastating losses he’s intentionally caused, not the great suffering he causes only his cover up which has not even been effective. Perry covered up his criminal activity all his life but these investigators and Cynthia have been the first to uncover what he hid all his life. Clearly his offsensive conduct is acceptable in Texas but it not acceptable or tolerated in Oklahoma. No normal man would tolerate the vicious abuse and attack on women and children that Perry engorges in daily. Officers have evidence he has attempted to murder Cynthia more than once. She is in that 85% statistic of stalking victims that the stalker murders or tries to murder the victim of their domestic violence. He cannot control his weirdo. It controls him. For a man who wants control he doesn’t have any or he would behave with dignity and mind his own business and go get busy doing things with his own friends and family and stop bothering Cynthia and other people in a state where he is not wanted. Unfortunately it appears based on facts, Chief Miller and Officer Nealey may also be a causualty of Perry’s obsession with a cover up.

Update: On July 3, 2020, Cynthia’s car was again hit while parked in the parking lot if a business she frequents and disabled. The front tire bent in and we have unconfirmed information Perry had that done hoping she would not realize how badly damaged the wheel was, would drive on it, the wheel would come off causing an accident and kill her. She’s too smart to drive in a car with a wheel that badly damaged. He and his weirdo buddies had been threatening again to ruin or take her car, to prevent her from visiting with Officer Nealey to provide information that might help him and file Motions to Vacate based on fraud upon a Court or a 12-1031 Motion. If they had nothing to do with Chief Miller’s murder they wouldn’t care about her talking to Officer Nealey, now would they? If there was no fraud upon the Courts, they wouldn’t worry about that either bad enough to damage her property or even try to kill her for now a third time, allegedly. Their constant attacks indicate guilt and desperation for a cover up. It’s not like people don’t notice that.

Update August 5, 2020

Click here to see what appears to be a spoofed Facebook of Lisa Nealey attempting to reach out to Cynthia. The information provided appears to be misleading intentionally and is inconsistent with information we obtained and Officer Nealeys interview with Escambia County SO. Click Link below:

Posted here are screenshots tweeted to Chief Franklin of TPD spoofing Lisa Nealeys account. If Mike had the injuries Burson said he had while pretending to be Lisa, Mike would have asked “Who did this to us? Where is Lucky? Is he okay? ” Not seemed shocked that there was a murder. He was shocked because aside from a cut above his right eye sustained from hotel staff pulling him up, there was not a mark on him. We’re he in a deadly beat down there would be something. He didn’t have anything, not even defensive wounds. Cynthia didn’t change anything in an email. Nothing was changed on the blog to provide this misinformation. She waited until officers told her who spoofed the account of Lisa Nealey. There a whole lot if questions about where she works and whether or not she meets police at work. Only the killer of Chief Miller would put out intentionally misleading info to deflect and want to know where Cynthia is meeting with police or how she communicates with them and which ones she talks to. Nobody else would give a crap. We have asserted Defendants committed perjury again in testifying in ex parte hearings they were not harrassing Cynthia in Oklahoma and they vandalised her car which was reported to Mannford PD just six days before Chief Miller’s murder and Officer Mike Nealey took that report. He was too impaired to have beaten anyone much less fatally. He was supposed to die too. When he didn’t die, as Cynthia didn’t die in October thru Dec 2015, when they were giving her arsenic in her drinks at work, something they admitted in texts, they had him false arrested exactly like they did Cynthia on January 29, 2016. It’s the same song different verse but this time, they killed a cop and they will now forever have cops up their ass so far up, they will be coming out their nose for the rest of their lives in prison or out. It will not matter.

Vandalism complaint, had it not been intentionally obstructed by way of murdering the Chief and attempting to murder the investigating officer to make sure there was no investigation and intimidating other police, would prove perjury, harassment, threats, intimidation, witness/victim tampering, stalking and coercion. They made sure nobody would dig. There is digging anyway but those guys are keeping things on a need to know. Once they figured out it was Burson contacting us pretending to be Lisa, he was confronted.

See more here:

click here to see more on Facebook

Defendants wrecked her car again in a hit and run in a parking lot on July 3, 2020, just before the July 4 2020 holiday afraid she would spend the holiday with her family in Mannford. Again another act showing consciousness of guilt, another attempt on her life, as the wheel was damaged and would have come off had she driven it. They were hoping she would not realize how badly it was damaged and do just that and have a much more serious accident. These guys have no cover up. They clearly don’t see themselves like the rest of the world does. Only delusional people would do that. They didn’t want her in Mannford talking to Mannford PD. Guilty people do guilty things like that.

Click here to see Defendants continued attempts and threats specifically against Cynthia Ortiz’s, vehicle She is the victim of their crime and material witness on another case, and their acts are being treated as coercion and victim tampering and witness tampering


More recently August 12, 2020 at 9 PM Defendants recorded again trying to get Cynthia’s car.

see US v Vreeland establishing concealment of material facts from the deciding body that would likely change the outcome is perjury

Click here to see ABA guidelines for Prosecutorial Misconduct

Click here to see Brady Rules

ick here to see Curry v Streater estblishing conduct of harassment

Click here to see Evidence Filed in Cynthia’s lawsuits

Click here to see evidence of Charles Perry’s mental illness

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Click Here To See A More Public Stalking Case Where The Stalker Behaved Very Similar To Charles Perry

Click here to see statistics on murder associated with stalking




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