When Judges Ignore Information We Got to You We Open An Investigation Into That Judge

“When we get you information to protect you and Perry and his co Defendants carry out the threat we told you they were making and a Civil Judge ignores it, we investigate that Judge. That is not the appropriate response. That does not exclude the three Tenth Circuit Judges. We need to know what crime was committed that caused that piece of evidence showing premeditation to be ignored. That is not acceptable practice of law and justice. We are doing something about it. Perry will be in prison before this year ends because he is not going to continue to harm Cynthia the way he has since the day they met. She said she wanted nothing to do with him and he is to respect that and go do something more productive with his time or face charges and we are more than happy to include charges of the harassment of our material witness in our case. We can and we will. He’s not going to get by with his status quo and not face criminal charges. He is not a man if he cannot behave himself like one. Cynthia wants no contact, he continues to taunt us and her, engage in knowingly illegal conduct and this is not acceptable behaviour. He is being stopped whether he is smart enough to understand that or not and our psychologist is prepared to recommend he be placed in a mental health facility. We’ve all had enough of his drama. He’s done nothing but cause loss hardship and drama everywhere he goes and that is simply not going to be tolerated by us. He is to leave her completely alone or face criminal charges with us and that’s all there is to it. We don’t put up with that crap. It’s a shame anyone would. You cannot have a healthy respect for your fellow man or for law enforcement and just let this stuff go. We are not. ” — Law Enforcement Investigating Perry on what started on a murder, expanded to Perry’s stalking of Cynthia, then to his peeper site and now to Racketeering and Fraud

Cynthia asked Perry for seven years not to contact her or anyone she knows ever again. He continues to stalk, hack, peep, creep, threaten, harass, cause problems and make trouble for her. When you do something constantly other people don’t like they are not going to like you. Perry has leaks as a result. He’s been caught more times than we can count and yet continues to do the very same things that have led to leaks to these officers. He says he has no control over his compulsions to stop. All the more reason for the psychologist to recommend he be placed in a mental hospital. She has expressed concern in that she thought due to his public status he’d try to prove her wrong. She stated “Being that he didn’t means he can’t. That makes him very dangerous. He cannot control himself. He needs to be institutionalized and he may be too far gone for rehab to be effective at this point. ”

The email herein depicted Perry’s threats at the time which he simply revised after seeing this email via hack but did carry that specific threat out on Jan 20, 2016. The charges were then dropped in Cynthia’s favor giving her the right to sue. Evidence of intent to cause the loss and injury went ignored by three Judges in district Court and three on the Tenth Circuit. Perry then held a series of ex parte hearings where he testified but Cynthia was not there to cross examine, present evidence, offer testimony with evidence or offer witness testimony and simply had her claims dismissed. He actually thinks nobody suspects a thing and that is simply more delusion and not the case at all. People are more outraged than ever and Perry has leaks because of it. His corruption is not being tolerated more than he knows. He is more concerned about his cover up than showing empathy for the problems and loss he causes. Pretty pathetic. Anyone who watches movies knows nobody gets happy when the bad guy wins in fact that’s a great way to get people pretty riled up especially when the win was not obtained through legitimate legal means.

This would be part of that evidence referenced herein

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