Perry Camp Starts Rumors About Officer Nealey As If False Accusations Of Murder Are Not Bad Enough

Police investigating Perry that started as a murder investigation then expanded to her, then his peeper site, now Civil Court Judges advised her : “Do remember he hired a guy to fake a medical emergency knowing you’d help, they were then going to tell you that individual had a disease that you would need a shot to prevent you from getting that disease and what was in that shot would have killed you dead in minutes. They were going to explain it away as an allergic reaction and we obtained a recording of that entire conversation and that will be played in his trial. So if he comes anywhere near you, and tries to touch you, you don’t know what he’s got on him that may hurt you or kill you and if he touches you, if you don’t take him down it may very well be you that goes down. You take his ass down if he tries to touch you ever because if you don’t, it’ll be you. ” Cynthia was worried about damage to her hand should that be necessary so the officer explained ways to get Perry off of her without hitting her hand. They are that concerned about her safety and well being and the danger Perry is to her life. He has done that much talking about killing her. Just before this recording was obtained, he was recorded stating “I think we found a hitman that can kill Cyndi and it not be linked to us.” He knew that was recorded and given to law enforcement and he still planned out Cynthia’s murder with this guy who was supposed to give her the shot. He is that stupid. This would be in part due to recordings of Perry obtained by police indicating he planned to wear a disguise to try to go to her work to talk to her. She is not going to talk to him. He should know this by now. There is nothing to discuss. She rejected him for seven years and that should be enough. It would be for anyone not severely mentally ill.

Not to lift up serial killers at all but they have grandiose ideas of themselves and think they are smarter than police. Many write letters to police and /or media taunting them. They even outsmart police but only for a time. Eventually they get caught. In the history of ever Perry is the only one whose had to bribe away police. Not these guys though. They have kept their investigation on a very much “need to know” status so Perry cannot bother them the way he bothers everyone else and he is a not just a huge threat but an annoyance and a burden. He at best gets on everyone’s nerves and seems to enjoy getting on everyone’s nerves. Being Perry is the only serial killer in the history of ever that has been caught and caught and caught and had to bribe away cops he is the dumbest one in the history of serial killers and these cops on his ass and Cynthia think circles around him in their sleep. You got a guy who can’t even keep up with Burt and Ernie, can’t tell the difference after seven years between a relationship and a crime, you know then he needs to be institutionalized. He shows no empathy for the suffering, just obsessed with a cover up and so much so he spent at least $25 million, from what we’ve been told on the most uncovered up cover up ever. He actually thinks everyone else is as dumb as he is and that the rest of us don’t get it because he doesn’t get it and that of course would just be more deep delusion. He is very very delusional.

From what the shrink says he is Sciopathic and even another commented that sociopaths lie about things they know are obviously not true and Perry has and he does. There was a series of rumors he put out to ruin Cynthia’s reputation last year and now a new one. They actually have told people Cynthia and Nealey had an affair. In a small town someone would have seen something and had photos of it were that true especially Dave Roberson and Charles Perry being they have had their people all over her all the time as supported by eye witnesses. First they said she had a biker boyfriend which she never has and there were no photos of her out in dates at all much less with a biker and that was to explain Pinto. No evidence because there is not one. Then they told local police she had a prostitution business. Again no photos or evidence because she does not. They said she claimed Perry is a stalker over a political vendetta and again there is no evidence of that because there is not one. Cynthia met Officer Nealey one time and only one time when he came to take her report and he was with Officer Gibson and there were people around everywhere being police showing up tends to draw attention. They are sociopath so they cannot comprehend someone doing the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do. They have no idea what that even is. Perry told Cynthia he gave to her and she should be thankful. After he ruined her life, got her fired twice, took her money, her son, tried to kill her more than once and take her life, had her car totaled, arranged a false arrest and has tried to do that again too, he claims he gave, when he sent some proxy stalker in to buy the cheapest VIP there is, had him grab at her crotch hoping she’d let him hoping to discredit her claims Roberson engaged in sexual battery. That is not “giving” That is actually more intentional sexual battery. He is mentally ill. His definition of giving and love is some sick twisted stuff and he will still boss her around like he actually thinks he matters. He does not matter and she is not going to pay any attention to a loon who can’t even keep up with Burt and Ernie whose done nothing but pile crap on her and endanger her over the police who keep catching him trying to kill her, still he is trying to ruin her job, still he takes her money, and still he tries to take her car and her life. He’s still going at her even as many times as he has been caught. No normal sane person does that. He cannot stop himself. He’s being stopped though. He pissed off a lotta folks who have helped get information to put him away so he can no longer harm, rob threaten and terrorize Cynthia and other people. As for Officer Nealey, Cynthia said “They didn’t think it was bad enough to falsely accused him of murder so they gotta add an affair that never happened too? ”

These men are hideous and frankly pathetic that they have nothing better to do all day but stuff like this. If you have a life, you are interesting and attractive and just draw people to you. These people don’t have a life and nothing better to do with their time but interfere with those who do have a life and they can’t figure out why they turn folks against them that have helped police lock them up so they are stopped? Not able to keep up with Burt and Ernie. There is no other way to put it.

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