Motions To Vacate In Prep

Perry told people in Oklahoma long ago “I’ll get these dismissed, get all her stuff then she will have no choice but to do what I tell her. She’s gonna say her to and be with me. She won’t have a choice. She is going to apologize. “No hearing was Cynthia in when he had her claims against him dismissed. She was not there. He held secret ex parte hearings. She did was denied a fair trial where she could cross examine him and present evidence and witnesses or testimony with her evidence. The rulings were so outrageous and out if line with other case’s the abnormalities prompted investigators to include judges. Three were recorded making backroom deals with Defendants. It does not matter what Perry claims. He’s in some trouble and a lot if it. (See Patel v OMH)The law suits were filed as Perry threatened Cynthia specifically with death and false arrest. He then tried to kill her and his hitman, David Roberson admitted in texts to giving her arsenic. Perry was recorded talking about using Judge McNamara in October to arrange a false arrest. Her email about it in Oct 2015 posted here and everywhere and filed on the dockets. She filed a police report on January 21, 2016 in compliance with Oklahoma law held in Market v Khloer in which citizens are required to file a police report to get a Protective Order against Stalking. Eight days later before Tulsa Police collected evidence, he carried out his threat to arrange her false Arrest. There was no investigation into her complaint or time for one between the date she filed it, in compliance with OK law on Jan 21, 2016 and Jan 29, 2016. Charges were dismissed in her favor. She was in compliance with Oklahoma law. He alleged to get the warrant for arrest that she retaliated against for his job as a Senator knowing the law requires her to file a police report. Her forensic evidence was destroyed as a result and justice obstructed. The same police who have prosecutors now investigating judges also gave Cynthia the information detailed in her Oct 2015 email shown here. Cynthia’s first protective order was denied because she forgot her police report.Perry’s threats are THE reason she needed the Protective Order. He continues to threaten, harass, force himself on Cynthia against her will and make her the victim of his crimes every single day still. He is about to go to prison whether he gets that or not. He doesn’t get much so it’s not surprising that he continues to do the very same things he keeps wanting covered up and he wants to force her to lie about. changed careers and moved twice before telling anyone what Perry was doing to her but for a few close friends who did not even live in Texas. There is no evidence of a political vendetta because there is not one. Cynthia never needed Perry in order for him to piss her off on something like that. She had just used her connections to help him get elected when his stalking started and she documented what he did to her even back in 2011 before she could have foreseen what he would do to her four years later in another state. He had not been in office or politics in order to do anything or even establish relationships or rapport with other legislators. She had been in it ten years. She never worked on legislation in Texas. He lied or he’s delusional. There is no political vendetta and no evidence of that at all. He was creeping behind her house in 2011 and she Facebook messaged her friend back then. That is not what you need to do to pass a law in Texas. He threatened to ruin her business if she told that he was hitting on her. That’s not part of his legislative duties. Showing up at restaurants as Cheryl Underwood discussed in her email is not either. All that is stalking and harassment and it’s a crime. He’s still at it. She is the victim of crime every day.Now she is preparing Motions To Vacate. Perry is more than ever interfering in her money thinking he got away with all this and to make more pleadings very difficult. None of this makes her want him. He’s a monster to her. He seems to want to keep her locked up like some hostage and she had no interest in being any such thing like that. She wants no contact with him because he does stuff like this to her every day all the time and it’s hideous, sick and twisted.Perry has leaks and Cynthia has quoted all defendants verbatim same as she relayed what Perry talked about using Judge McNamara for in her email of October 2015, in very incriminating conversations or when talking to Judges about what he wants civil orders to say, crimes in progress and that information goes from his leaks, people pissed off at what he’s doing to her, to police then to Cynthia or recordings are played for her. Perry would be shocked if he knew who all hears that. It’s a “need to know” investigation and only select are involved but it would shock him to know who is in that loop. The meaner he is to Cynthia, the more leaks he has. No normal prudent sane reasonable rational humane person could sit back and watch how he does people and not want to put a stop to it. They are making ever effort to do just that. People want him in prison so he cannot harm anymore and they are helping law enforcement get to that end. Law Enforcement is called to relieve suffering caused by crime. That is the intent. Perry does nothing all day but criminally attack Cynthia and other people who he thinks might help stop his reign of terror. It’s heinous what he puts her through. Only a deranged depraved individual could do this and for so long. Everyone is anxious for the investigation to run to completion so he is stopped, especially Cynthia. She wants nothing to do with a man that nasty.

We hear constantly “Why is he putting her through all this? I can’t believe they did that to her! Why is he not in jail? If I did what he is doing I would be so why isn’t he? Why is doing all this?” For a sadist he thinks it’s fun. The officers therapist is prepared to testify he has no empathy and simply wants his cover up and has big problems with Sadism Antisocial Disorder and is Sociopathic. They all are. Nobody does this all day who has a normal mind.

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