Morrisay On Wire Discussing Prepaid Order Before Pleading Even Filed Which Is Success For Law Enforcement

Charles Perry has an ongoing police investigation on him and they tell Cynthia when she is in danger. He’s not being stalked. That would just be more delusion. Seven years Cynthia rejects Perry’s unwanted romantic romantic advances vigorously and he simply acts like a drama queen teenage girl, and won’t man up and move on.But for hacking, no one could know, but police investigating Perry, what statue Cynthia intended to use to file a Motion to Vacate in order to call a Judge to give her a heads up and get that prepaid order. The Judge is told what day she has marked on her calendar to file, which only a hacker would know. Her calendar is electronic and on her computer and phone. The Judge is warned by Defendants “They have prosecutors looking for any abnormalities in rulings, to which the judge replied “So I have to come up with a better reason to deny her than ‘because its frowned upon.'”Cynthia also located another ruling recently made by Judge Claire Eagan, also recorded last year, on two issues Cynthia had in her Court, “Failure To State A Claim” and “Res Judicata”. Her ruling was vastly different than her order on Cynthia’s particularly on the “Failure To State A Claim” issue. These would be some of the abnormalities that caught the attention of prosecutors.Perry also recorded discussing having Rogers County pull her over, demand a breathelizer knowing she would refuse one because she doesn’t drink. Once in a blue moon and not much and there is no drunk driving and they all know that. He said “She won’t be questioned without an attorney and she doesn’t have one. So pull her over and demand she take a breathalizer. She doesn’t drink so she will refuse. When she refuses the breathalyzer, take to her to jail and let her sit and think about what she’s done. Then you get her an attorney and question her. ” Perry is attempting to use resources funded by Oklahoma tax payers to harass a victim of his crimes and handle his personal civil suit. Perry cannot seriously think that he is more important than Bill Clinton in that if Clinton’s moral failures were addressed, his won’t be.The two recorded conversations obtained by police THEN told to Cynthia, are crimes. You don’t use police to harass a material witness and victim of your stalking and harassment. The conversation with the Judge was a crime in progress and one of many such recorded conversations involving Charles Perry. It’s stacking up. The investigators have her evidence plus a whole lot more of their own. Defendants have no idea what all they have to put into that Court. Those investigators consider Perry’s contact to Cynthia in any form acts of coercion, harassment of their material witness, and an attempt to suborn perjury. He cannot control his weird. He just continues to go at it. It’s insane!!!!!Where is his wife while he creeps on Cynthia? Why has she this far failed to get her ick husband off Cynthia? Cynthia does not want Charles Perry contacting her, in her life, butting in to any part of her life, not her privacy, not her money, not her relationships and he just cannot restrain himself. Where is Jacquelyn while her husband engorges in some delusional affair with a woman who can’t stand him?

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