Perry To Be Charged One Count of Harrassment Of Material Witness For Each Contact Made Directly To Cynthia

Officers obtained this one a minute ago

Another one “She just decided to abandon her appeals for now and instead pursue a Motion to Vacate to address these Judges. She really had no choice. She can’t keep going to court and having them do some back room deal and throw it out. It would not have done a bit of good for her to go through the trouble of an appeal for Charles just to go buy another order in his favor and frankly its a black eye to the legal community and process as a whole that he did that to her. So she’s smart in the way she chose to pivot in another direction to get that handled before she proceeds. It’s to her credit that she caught that and decided to address it before wasting more time on appeals Charles can just buy his way out of. ”

Investigators have prosecutors who don’t give Cynthia legal advice but they can tell her when they have recorded Perry and his co defendants recorded making a back room deal with a judge to get her claims dismissed illegally . They can also review her case and spot abnormalities. They are also attorneys. They have told her she made some mistakes but for the most part are quite impressed with her pleadings and that they opened investigations into judges due to the abnormalities and the high number of them.

They have also stated Perry will be charged with harassment of a material witness for each and every contact with Cynthia.


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