Peeper Site A Target And Nealey Required Full Tox Panel When Hospitalized

The peeper site and those involved is who law enforcement who has acted time and time again to protect Cynthia from Perry’s intended harm and injury are after. That is going down. There is nothing more disgusting and twisted and sick on the planet than that deal.

Perry’s delusional belief that because he has always gotten away with his sick and his corruption that he always will is as Whackadoo as he is. He has demanded a conversation with Cynthia with the delusional belief she would give him information that would stop law enforcement from doing their job and ending his heinous reign of terror and no such thing is ever going to happen. She wants for him to be gone. Those are her wishes. For him to ignore her wishes and continue to impose his own speaks to his insanity and severe problem with Antisocial Disorder as the officers shrink has determined based on that fact right there. His contact is not just unwanted it is nasty.

It was discovered through officers investigations that for many years Perry has trolled around finding single women to pay a lock smith to break into women’s homes while they were at work or out of town. He also hires a guy to install hidden cameras in the privacy of their home to peep and sell watch time. These women have minor children in the home a d being it’s online it has international implications. Those involved are who law enforcement is after at this point. They have plenty in Perry and his co defendants. A small town accountant is not going to have $25 million to pay out for a cover up and bribe judges and such. A guy who hosts a peeper site will. The sad thing is Perry has no idea how enbarassed he should be by his weirdo. Most people with a gun to their head will NEVER do what he’s doing without blinking, because it’s pervert, it’s twisted, it’s sicko, it’s weirdo , it’s repulsive, and it is a serious crime especially when it involves children being watched in their own homes. These women have no idea, have not given consent, and are not compensated for being raped in their own house where they should be safe.

The US Marshals advised they could not serve Perry Summons for Court because “he is always everywhere but in Lubbock.” On the road, alone, without his wife, to do God only knows what. He also has no alibi. Ted Bundy once bragged he didn’t go out and party with the guys, like he was some goodie goodie only he was out trolling women and viciously taking their lives. Just because someone seems like such a nice guy does not mean they are.

Perry is not entitled to information on the case against him until Court. He is not entitled to know who all is involved, who all the witnesses are against him, how information is obtained and all he can do is speculate at this point. His demands of Cynthia is being treated as harassment of a victim and a material witness to his crimes by these guys who have for the first time in his pathetic sick twisted Whackadoo life have recorded him over and over for the first time in his life. They have obtained incriminating information against him right up under his nose and he has no idea how they do that. The problem for Perry is, they do that. You don’t need $25 million for a cover up, that ain’t covered up, or to buy judges if you have not committed a serious crime and many of them. You don’t need to inquire about who your leaks are if you have nothing to leak. You don’t need to inquire as to which law enforcement agencies are investigating if you have no crime to investigate. Whatever information law enforcement got to Cynthia to protect her was to protect her and establish intent and premeditation. The penalties for intended criminal acts are so much worse than negligent acts. You thought it out. You planned it. You threatened it. You made phone calls and met with people to execute a criminal act that caused another person profound loss that will never get over and not once but almost daily for decades. When a guy does that, the penalties are so much worse when premeditation and intent to hurt someone is established. That is why they get her the information to not just protect her but prove he intended and planned out a crime against her. He can’t stop. He has no control over his weirdo compulsions. He is a slave to his desires and delusions.

Anyone involved in funding that peeper site and the harassment and threats to any victim or witness, you are on notice. That deal is going down. Charles Perry has no control over that at all nor has he been able to control the investigation that for the first time in Perry’s life uncovered some very heinous criminal activity despite $25 million he thought he could buy a cover up and that all by itself is an act showing consciousness of guilt. It is evidence all by itself. He knew he did wrong and needed to buy a cover up. If you can read about it on Court dockets it’s not covered up. They after those involved in the peeper site and that deal is going down.

As to Cynthia’s civil suites, two Federal judges were caught on wire agreeing to a prepaid order dismissing her claims. She will file Motions to Vacate and whatever they do, if it’s not legal, there will be serious consequences on that as well and again just as Perry has had no control over the how, what, when, and where that information was obtained he has no control over the resulting consequences.

Lastly, on Michael Nealeys case, that cover up is being addressed the same as everything else. We have established Defendants on Cynthia’s case had motive to again for a second time impede a police investigation where she made a complaint about what they were doing that they just testified under oath in Court to not doing. That’s a perjury charge. She had for months complained to Tulsa Police about threats to her car. On some of it, there was not much they could do but they knew, they were aware Perry was going after her car to Impede civil proceedings and in his delusion thinking she would then call him so he could coerce her to lie. His intent to suborn perjury from her. He appears to be used to threatening and bribing and getting people to change up their sworn testimony. Not this time. Not with this one. His delusion would allow him to think that’s a possibility when if he’d get a grip on reality, he would know Cynthia is not going to take his bribe or sucomb to his threats. She simply notifies everyone on the planet that she was threatened and that has been her pattern and her habit for seven years. Only a delusional freak could not get by now she is not putting up with acts of coercion and victim/witness tampering. She shouldn’t have to. We set out expectations based on our assessment of any given situation and clearly Perry has no ability to properly assess any given situation or he wouldn’t expect Cynthia to lie for him no matter how much he bullies her. She was trained to deal with it and she has shown over a long period of time she can and will deal with it like a boss. Perry does not mean a thing to her. He is just another sick twisted criminal who needs to be locked up so he cannot cause more suffering.

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Only the killer, who coaxed Officer Nealey to Pensacola would want the answer to these questions. It was improper for this individual pretending to be Mrs Nealey to contact Cynthia at all but for sure knowing she’s a witness and had been subpoena’d.

With that said, they had motive to impede Chief Miller’s digging. This would be the second time Perry did exactly what he did. He tried to kill Cynthia and it failed. He then carried out a threat to arrange a false arrest to obstruct justice and destroy evidence. The false charges were dismissed in her favor. There was no crime. She was following instructions by Tulsa Police and the laws in Oklahoma where she lives and where the crimes against her occurred. That gave rise to her law suits. The attacks and threats to her car were intended to make her unable to pursue her law suits. Chief Miller and Officer Mike Nealey caught her case. Six days later, less than a week, one is dead and one is framed for the murder. A man so drunk he can’t recall what happened and was found incoherent and mumbling who could not physically pull off one hit much less beat a man to death who was his best friend also false arrested. Two people have been in jail for something Perry allegedly did. Cynthia was one, now Officer Nealey. We have information indicating Perry and Roberson allegedly had Miller beat to death, Officer Nealey too, which is the reason he was in the state he was in, and/or drugged, just as Perry had arsenic slipped into Cynthia’s drinks, something was slipped into Mike’s and we don’t know what blood tests he was given at the hospital but if it was not a full panel tox screen, they missed evidence. Chief Miller supposedly yelled out “Stop it, Mike!” And yet he could not have run from a guy so drunk he was found mumbling and incoherent and can’t remember anything to save his life? That does not even make sense. We don’t know if Chief Miller or the perpetrator yelled out “Stop it, Mike!” But if it was Chief Miller, he was undrunk enough to do that, trained for attacks being he was a seasoned police officer, and yet could not have gotten away from a guy as drunk as Officer Nealey was reported being? We have ocean front property in Arizona if you believe their bullshit story. So why is he still sitting in a jail cell and Perry free? That’s pissing people off. Perry has leaks because all he’s done is piss everyone off. Most do not enjoy watching suffering much less causing it. You can’t be normal and creep and peep and launch some sadistic attack all day everyday. You are weirdo Whackadoo as it gets same as BTK and Ted Bundy. All Perry has accomplished all these years is that. He’s not impressive, he has not outsmarted law enforcement, he has had to bribe which Bundy and BTK never had to do. BTK was also a married church deacon and public servant. He seemed stable, normal, and like a good guy until he didn’t.
The information currently available indicates Perry and Roberson allegedly arranged for the murder of both Chief Miller and Officer Nealey, they were interrupted by hotel guests before they could get Nealey, so they framed him and Burson knew but Powell had no part of it and no knowledge beforehand. If that changes as more facts become available, we will inform herein. But at this time, the facts are as stated above, allegedly. This cover up also is not going to be tolerated. You go after cop people you can reasonably expect a whole lotta cops up your ass every minute of every day and you will go to prison. That’s a general statement and a general rule of how things work in cop land. It’s a family and one you don’t mess with and think there won’t be any consequences. You hit one, you hit them all. Cynthia comes from four generations of police. Chief Miller and Officer Nealey were just doing their job. He caught a corruption case and a bad one. Cops might fight with each other but when someone from the outside attacks, that’s not going unpunished. Perry is caught repeatedly making incriminating statements and that has never happened to him before ever in his life and his inquires as to who leaked and to which law enforcement agency did the leak simply confirm it was him making the statements. He is the criminal here. All his actions and conduct over the years led to these results and yet he has no clue and no ability to stop.

Where is Jacquelyn Perry while her husband mentally rapes women and children in the privacy of their homes and ribs, ruins, and devastates other people’s lives? Why is she not with him more so he has no opportunity to do that to other people? Is it enabling, or aiding and abetting?

All that Perry has done has gotten him in the jam up of his life and we are certain he can take all that he’s dished out.

See info on evidence of Judicial bribery. You don’t need to buy a judge if you have done nothing wrong.

“As lawmen and women, we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime.” — Chief L. M. Hall, Roswell Police, Cynthia’s Beloved Granddad

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Investigators have Cynthia’s evidence plus their own. In her suits there were no hearings excluding anything she submitted nor was she ever allowed to produce her evidence in a hearing with or without supporting testimony. It simply is available on the docket. All has been ignored by Judges, leading investigators to tell her “When we go through all the trouble to get information to protect you and you are able to use it in your civil case hopefully to get a Protective Order at the very least, and a judge ignores it, we strat looking into that judge. Two Federal Judges were recorded agreeing to Perry’s request for dismissals of Cynthia’s law suits. Evidence at link above. There is more, but the evidence at link above dates when she was told of the recordings by law enforcement. She was told before the orders illegally obtained by Defendants hit the dockets.


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