Perry Repeatedly Ignores Requests To Cease Contact With Cynthia But Instead Demands Law Enforcement Stop Protecting Her

If any person or person(s) keeps doing the same things that they need a $25 million cover up for, while asking who caught them and who gets incriminating evidence against then from right up under their nose, that person is not all there and not entitled to any mercy. You dont need a cover up at all if you are doing nothing wrong and if you are covering it up then you show you know it’s wrong. Cover ups are an act showing consciousness of guilt and evidence all by itself. Normal people have the good sense to stop when they keep getting caught over and over. But someone who keeps doing what got them jammed up to begin with knowing he or she is under investigation , that just does not make any sense at all. Investigators have Perry on recording talking to Judges to get his prepaid order. That’s never happened to him before now. They have him discussing how to kill Cynthia, more than once, and it not be linked to him. They have him discussing ways to arrange another false arrest to “calm her down”, he says and that’s never happened to him before either. And yet he keeps at it. If a cop is on the side of the road natural instinct for most people, even if they are not speeding, is to hit the brakes. Perry speeds up then can’t figure out why he is trouble.

Several years ago a story was featured on Netflix’s Deep Under Cover, which is a true story documentary hosted by the real Donnie Brosco, Joe Pistone, regarding an undercover op uncovering Judicial bribery. A prosecutor was involved in the undercover and it took two years but after the investigation was complete they had defense attorneys, judges, and a state Assemblyman arrested and convicted. Perry, unlike those guys, has flat been told straight up, “you are under investigation” and he acts like he has no clue what that even means, but then wants to know who it is and who his leaks are, information he is not entitled to. His recorded conversations have been told right to his attorneys and he still just goes at it. His case is much bigger so it’s taking longer and he seems to think that means he can just keep on with the criminal activity that has devastated so many. He’s been told even before the law suits “Stop it! And they may show you a little mercy. But if you don’t why should they? You are showing no mercy to your victims so why should you get any?” He chooses not to stop. We have no words for that.

Initially Cynthia was not allowed to even admit there was such an investigation but when Perry’s conversations became so dangerous in his looking for a way to kill her or arrange a second false arrest that he hoped would not be linked to him, investigators believed at the time if he knew there was one it would act as a deterrent. Perry is not bright enough however to see it that way. Most people would be. That’s his problem, no one else’s.

$25 million is a whole lotta money to pay for an uncovered up cover up and not an amount an small town accountant could come up with. It is an amount a guy hosting a peeper site selling “watch time” could.

Perry and his co conspirators and attorneys who have at the very least shown gross negligence in their conduct, if not aiding and abetting, allegedly, will get the same mercy they have shown their victims.

Just as this women begs law enforcement to “Please Stop!” Perry has begged the same. The fact he would even ask speaks to his deep deranged depraved delusion. Law Enforcement is not going to stop. It is as if he has invaded Cynthia’s home, is sitting on top of her beating the ever living crap out of her, raping her, trying to figure out how to kill her and then claims he is the victim when she’s kicking him off her. He is in her home. He is violating her. If he wants her to stop kicking him off, then all he has to do is get off her, and get out if her home as he has been told to do for 7 years. She does not like him, she does not want him, she is not in love with some deranged disturbed attacker like Charles Perry and he is hideous to her. He is imposing and forcing himself on Cynthia and she is tired of it. She made massive life altering changes to get away from him. She has sued three times and all his prepaid dismissals will be vacated either now or after his arrest. She wants no contact and he continues to ignore her wishes and force himself on her against her will. When she’s asked him to stop, he continues to force. He is not wanted and she’s made that clear. What he wants is shoved down everyone else’s throats til they all vomit. That is what stalking and harassment is and it is a Federal crime because he is crossing state lines so when he begs law enforcement to stop protecting her from his virtual rape, his grand larceny, the threat and the danger that he has made himself for a decade, it is insane and just like this woman in this video reeks of some very sick twisted thinking. All he had to do is leave Cynthia alone as he has been told to do for 7 years. It’s the law. Perry hacks, peeps, harasses, threatens, has attempted to kill her twice at least, carried out a threat to arrange a false arrest, has continue to try that again, has besmirched her, devastated her life while he has lost nothing. He betrays his wife, family, community in chasing a woman who rejects him daily and has for a decade. His contact is not wanted and she has ZERO desire to hear anything at all from Perry ever. He continues to demand a conversation between the two , they his proxy, and she has flatly refused and said “He wants to explain and tell me how he feels. I don’t care. I just want for him to get off me and never bother me again. I have made that clear for almost a decade in all my words and actions and there should be no doubt I don’t want that sick twisted prick anywhere near me. He is not attractive to me at all. He’s a cruel sadistic sicko that I have worked as hard as anyone could work, invested all my time and money into getting away from or fighting him off me. I don’t want to hear how he feels or what he wants. We all get it. He wants a lie and a cover up and he is not going to get one. He needs to respect my rights and wishes that he cease and desist all unlawful conduct and go away. He can save his feelings for his mommy. I don’t care to hear it. I don’t what he feels. He grosses me out. He is seriously deranged and abusive and that is not someone I would ever be friends with much less in a romance. He should know better. ” Instead of respecting what Cynthia wants and leaving her alone he continues to force himself on a woman against her will who is not his wife and wants no contact with him at all ever. He has made himself a burden to others and nothing more but asking law enforcement to stop intervening to keep her safe speaks to his deranged mind. He will get the same mercy he shows his victims just as this woman in this video.

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Perry seems obvious or his grandiose thinking, common for serial killers, keeps him from comprehending the law does apply to him too. His contact is not wanted and makes Cynthia’s skin crawl. Law Enforcement is not going to stop enforcing the laws, protecting and serving, and keeping her safe from Perry’s threats. He made himself a threat and he did it intentionally and knowingly. She has protection because she needs it. We’re he not a threat, she wouldn’t. All he has to do is not give them anything to uncover by compliance with the law. It’s not that hard. He acts like he has been asked to climb Mt Everest and yet the majority of people in America live everyday without violating the law or posing a threat. Why can’t he?

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