Evidence Supports Perry Suffers From Delusion and Erotomania

With regards to various events, in response to Perry’s claims that Cynthia has some sort of delusion, there are threats, events and issues coming at her constantly. Things that occur that are out in one of four categories 1) Charles did it and we can prove it. 2) Charles did it, we know it but we can’t prove it. 3) Something occurred and he may have or may not have. We aren’t sure. 4) something occurred and we know Charles had nothing to do with it at all. Once in awhile Cynthia gets it wrong. Nobody gets it right all the time and sometimes it’s hard to tell with so much coming at her constantly. They also changed things up when they get caught as we saw with her email regarding Judge McNamara in October 2015. Perry did carry out his threats to arrange Cynthia’s false arrest and in doing so, obstructed justice, impeded the chain of custody of her evidence causing it’s loss. Charges were dismissed in her favor and now the subject of law suits which Perry has made more trouble for himself than he is able to grasp in his illegal dealings of that. He did carry out his threat so there was no imagining anything. And he did go to court and lie about her police report being about a political vendetta. There is no evidence of a political vendetta because there is not one that’s his delusion. He did threaten her vehicle and she did have an accident when a brick was thrown in front of her on the highway followed by tampering with her new vehicle reported to Mannford Police. Just six days later the Chief of that department was murdered and the investigating officer, Michael Nealey, accused of the murder. We don’t believe for one minute the investigating officer committed that murder. Cynthia was seen by a psychologist for a year and a half. That psychologist called her false arrest a stalking escalation and something Perry did to get attention as Cynthia blows him off. He can’t get attention any other way but making problems for other people. He has done this so much he has leaks. He could chose to be a productive member of society and spend his time doing impressive things he can be proud of rather than things he has to lie about and cover up just as the rest of us do. He could just be faithful to his wife, but he instead chooses to behave as a sadistic weirdo. He has a sense of entitlement in thinking everyone owes him a lie and a cover up and no such thing is true. That is also delusional.

With regards to Perry’s claims that Cynthia developed a fixation with him, it’s the other way around and the facts show that clearly.

1) Perry spent his life in a small town, not exposed to people in the public eye, in power or who had influence. He lived a boring life as an accountant in Lubbock, which is a small town and never ventured out to even get to know how other people in other places think, conduct business, perceive things, different cultures even within the US, and never lived the fast paced high demand life of an individual who would live in a big city, where life is fast paced and demanding as Cynthia did during her time in Las Vegas. Business in Las Vegas in very very competitive. One has to constantly daily make improvements in order to just survive. There is no such thing as “We have done it this way for thirty years.” As is the common response to addressing problems and deficiencies in Lubbock. Everyone is always on the look out for the next best attention grabber to bring business in. Vegas is flashy and loaded with famous people coming in and out of town and she met many.

2) Cynthia grew up in Roswell NM where her family was the big fish in that little pond. Her granddad was Chief of Police, ran for Sheriff, was the County Republican Chairman, County Treasurer and City Councilman. She, her sister and her cousin were in political ads for their granddad when he ran for office. People they didn’t know knew who they were. Perry had no idea when Cynthia met him, what it’s like to live in that environment. She did. When you are raised in it, it’s not a big deal. When you are new to it, you have no clue how to handle it properly. She was acustomed to and used to being in and around people of power, influence and notoriety. Perry had not been exposed to anything like that. To him, he was well beneath her social status. She had been working in Federal, not state, government reform for ten years before they met so you can imagine the people in power she was around day in and day out most of her life. He was a boring nobody accountant with no life, no excitement, nothing interesting about him, nothing stands out as being highly impressive about him even still and it did her and it had going way back before they met. When you are raised in the environment as she was it’s natural and normal to be able to interact with people in power or famous people but if not, a person may be nervous, and a little inept in being able to communicate with people in power or in the public eye. Cynthia was not. She was raised in it with her granddad being just that. It comes natural to her to be able to interact freely and at ease with someone famous or someone with influence and power. Perry was a nobody when they met. She’d been in and around power, influence and famous people day in and day out all her life. Her social status was by far well above his in that way.

Perry’s claims Cynthia would develope a fixation with someone like him compared to everyone else she has been around all her life who had power, influence and notoriety on a much much larger scale than Perry will ever have is as nutty as he is. There is no evidence of that because it’s simply more of his delusion Whackadoo land and people in Oklahoma who know what he has done to her for years refer to him as Senator Whackadoo. He’s a joke in Oklahoma, not some cool famous guy people respect and want to get to know. He’s the beast everyone prays will go away. Cynthia this kept her mouth shut about his imaginary affair imposed on her for four years hoping he would be normal and just stop. She made major life changes to get away from him, ending her political consulting career, moving twice and suing three times. There is no excuse for his criminal activity at all. There is no excuse after that much effort to get away from him for him to continue to believe they have any relationship other than criminal/victim. He’s a reject too stupid to take the blow off hint, take it like a normal respectable man and move on. That is nothing to be impressed with and no one in Oklahoma is. People may say what he wants to hear to his face to avoid being badgered and bothered but behind his back he is not well spoken of. He has leaks and in fact the officers investigating him said The meaner Perry is to Cynthia the easier they get information. Everyone wants the burden and threat gone, and in any illegal way, but as it is available under the law, GONE. He has no business being in Oklahoma anyways.

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