Evidence Defendants Are Buying Judges

Prior recorded conversation discussing a Judicial Denial the day before it came out. That’s two. Texts were sent from Cynthia to her attorney on April 17, 2019 and the order was issued the next day in April 18, 2019. The second was discussed with Sam Cummings who said he would deny Cynthia’s Motion on the 30th of December which he did exactly on that day. She told her attorney of the conversation on the day before, Dec 29, 2019. She told her ex husband on October 27, 2015 of Perry recorded discussing false criminal charges to be filed against her and her son, the Judge in that one was Judge McNamara. He did false arrest her on January 29,2016 and the charges dismissed by Matthew Powell in her favor on June 27, 2017. She sued and now there is two more incidents where Defendants contacted Judges in her civil suit to ore arrange the order. That’s a lot. See evidence in photos.The email regarding Judge McNamara’s involvement was seen by Perry, as there is ample evidence filed in the Courts that he hacked Cynthia and saw it and simply revised his plan when he carried out his threats to arrange the false arrest on January 29, 2016. He still carried out his threats, but McNamara had no involvement after this email indicated they were caught.Click Here To See Evidence Perry Suffers From Erotomania and DelusionClick Here To See Evidence Filed In Court But Ignored By Judges With No Hearing To ExcludeClick Here To Follow Us On Facebook#
Click Here To See Federal Stalking Laws Perry Is In Violation Of


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