Recap Of Case Against Charles Perry and Motive To Murder Chief Miller

A quick recap on the case against Charles Perry and his co conspirators:

1) From 9/2011 to 2014 Cynthia maintained private Facebook messages describing of incidents of stalking by Perry, he made threats to ruin her business after she asked his campaign manager Ben Campbell to speak to him about his public show of romantic advances and asking him to stop. Her friend Cheryl witnessed some even that Cynthia did not and provided an email statement. These emails were filed with courts. No political frustration with Perry is mention during this four year period of time at all. All her communications express frustration with his stalking. She continued to state she did not wish to be a scandal and wanted for Perry to leave her alone. She documented these incidents of stalking and threats before she could have foreseen the need and current events.

2) During this four year period of time she only told a few close friends of Perry’s unwanted and bazaar attention while trying to reason with him so he would stop. At the time her concern was that someone else would see him and there would be a scandal that would hurt his career and her clients and business and of course her kids.

3) She never lived in Perry’s district. She lived in John Frullo’s and left Lubbock before Perry ran for the Senate. She assisted Perry in his election. Evidence of that is also filed in Court. She assisted on a fundraiser for both Perry and Frullo as well as both campaigns in helping them get elected.

4)She ended her campaign consulting in 2013 and focused only on medical sales to avoid having to interact with Perry. She worked on legislation in NM but nothing else and nothing in Texas. The legislation addressed reported child abuse of two faith based teen rehab facilities, both having been covered on the news due to the incidents of abuse being reported to authorities.

5) When a career change proved ineffective, she moved to the Dallas area and began dancing hoping religious Perry would not bother her there. She told a friend in New York who has no ties to Perry or Texas at all in a private facebook message that she was interested in dating one of her co workers, Fabian. When she got to work the next night oddly Fabian was very angry at her and there had been no fight between them. When she asked around she was told Perry had been calling her work and bad mouthing her. She then discussed the matter with Fabian and resolved the problems in part. However the manager taking Perry’s calls, Jimmy Edwards who had previously managed the clubs Lubbock club fired Cynthia for complaining of Perry’s interference in her work and relationships. Evidence of this also is filed with the courts. Again none of this is at all related to Perry’s job as a public servant. These activities are not what one needs to do to pass a law in Texas.

6) While in Dallas, Perry decides to run for Senate against Steve Massengale, who was a very good friend of Cynthia’s, had worked on school board issues and provided printing for all Cynthia’s clients. She did give Massengale a few pointers in trying to help a friend as he’d helped her but was not paid and really did not do much more than that. She made no mention at all of her problems with Perry’s stalking until after that election. Massengale had no idea there was a problem until after the election.

7) After she was fired from her job dancing, she emailed Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans and tells him of the problem and asks him to make Perry leave her alone as she did not want to be a scandal.

8) Cynthia contacted a friend regarding her problems with Perry’s stalking who told her he would do some checking and get in touch. He did and discovered an ongoing police investigation on a murder where Perry was of a few suspects. Other crimes had been discovered in that as well. One of the officers came to see her at her work and told her she needed to get out of Texas as soon as possible that she was in grave danger. He told her “We know he hacked you. We know he is trying to coax you into calling him and we know he wants you to call so he can take it to Matt Powell, his DA buddy to claim you are harassing him. He wants to arrange your False Arrest. Never call him. Get out of Texas as soon as you can. You lost your son because of him. He paid off that judge in NM to take your kid. He’s been doing things like this to people for years. ” She told the guy she’d planned to move to Miami Florida and already had a job lined up. Due to the danger at the very last minute she changed her plans and moved to Oklahoma near family.

8) The harassment from Perry became so unbearable Cynthia’s son asks her “Get us out of here and get us out of here today.” They did pack up everything they could fit in the car and fled to Oklahoma.

9) The stalking again became unbearable. She filed for a Protective Order in May 2015 which was denied in part due to her failure to comply with Ok law. She forgot to bring her police report to court. The order states the reason for the denial being that very reason.

10) She is approached a few months later in August 2015 by two local cops who told her “Charles Perry called us wanting us just to find some way to arrest you. We told him that is not why we signed up to be cops. We aren’t gonna help him with that. But you need to be careful because some guys will. This prompted her letter to the US Attorney and a cease and desist letter to Matt Powell.

11) She was then approached at work by David Roberson who asked her what her real name was. She told him she does not give her real name to customers. He then stated he already knew it, he came to see her for Perry and that she had better recant her claims that Perry is a stalker or he would put her in the lake. He told her Perry was outside waiting to talk to her. She refused to speak to him.
Roberson and Cynthia then had a lengthy discussion regarding Fabian at which time Cynthia advised Roberson she had no interest in Perry or in having any contact with him, wanted for him to leave her alone which was the purpose of her seeking a Protective Order and that her interest was in Fabian. Roberson stated “Fabian does not want you.” As if that mattered in regards to Perry. She did not want any contact at all from Perry regardless. She replied “I have to hear that from him. You all are not his spokespersons. ” Roberson then says “He just wants to fuck you. ” She replies “Then let us fuck and be done with it. You drag this bullshit out. ” Again, won’t change her position that she wanted nothing at all to do with Perry and she was highly irritated at the butting in of her personal life by people she does not want in her life. Roberson then stated “Actually the two fought over you for months.” She replied “That is not necessary. Perry is not on my radar at all. He’s butting in. That is the reason I sought a protective order so you can’t butt in where you don’t belong and this unwanted contact stops. ” She texted Fabian that night and told him of the incident before she could foreseen current events.

12) During the following months she continued to be threatened with death and false Arrest if she refused to recant her claims of Perry’s creepy problem. She began getting I’ll just after ingesting drinks at work. She bought Charcoal to offset the affects. She texts Roberson asking him to stop grabbing her crotch, which he says he refuses to stop in texts, and admits to giving her arsenic in texts. He tells her “Let your life fade away.” She shows a manager who tells her “At least he is poetic with his death threats.” But they don’t ban Roberson from her workplace. He is allowed to continue coming back. There becomes a delima as to what to ignore as stalkers seek to get a reaction and when to take some sort of action.

13) She emails and texts several friends and family and tweets of Perry’s threats to kill her or arrange a false arrest during the months of October 2015 to Jan 2016. She tweets to Tulsa Police that she believed she was being poisoned. They tweet back instructions that she file a police report.

14) In January 2016 Roberson came to her work and harrased her so badly customers complained to the waitress. When she blew it off they complained again and told her “You gonna wait until he blows her head off to do something?” He did end being told to leave but Cynthia was told it was because he grabbed the crotch of a female customer.

15) Cynthia filed a police report on January 21, 2016 with the TPD desk clerk who advised her that her report would be entered into the computer and a detective assigned who would call her to take evidence and get more information.

16) While she awaited that call, she was arrested on January 29, 2016, just a week later. She had not spoken to a TPD detective. Her blood had not been drawn for forensic testing of poison. The video surveillance had not been obtained from her work and both were lost as a result of the obstruction of justice by Perry’s claiming he was the victim in court before a judge and grand jury that he was the victim of “Retaliation against a public servant by filing a false Police report on account of his job as a public servant” He used that to intentionally prevent and delay the reporting of his crime to police in Tulsa where he committed the crime against her. He did it within one week of her report being filed before she could be tested for poisoning or give Detectives Robersons texts and before they could view video surveillance of Robersons actions at her work. The Detective left a message for her on February 15 2016 while she sat illegally detained in jail , not for committing a crime at all, but for following the laws in Oklahoma where she lives and the instructions tweeted to her by Tulsa Police.

17) While sitting in jail she was told Perry and his DA friend Matt Powell knew they made a terrible mistake and they wanted her to lie. She refused. “They just want you to allow them to save face. Will you?” Her response “Fuck that. I just lost my house. My mugshot is smeared all over the news. I did nothing wrong and they want me to lie? The fact they would so greatly impose like that even asking me is outrageous. Tell them I said fuck you.”

18) Defendants then sought to have Cynthia evaluated by shrinks so they could say she was crazy. There was a test for competency to stand trial which she passed every time but no other testing. They went to court and claimed she made a false claim of being poisoned and yet obstructed TPD from testing her. They let her sit illegally detained while the poison worked it’s way out of her system. Had they not poisoned her, and known the results would be positive they would have made sure she was tested to prove she lied. Instead they made sure she could not be tested. Nothing says “,We are guilty of attempted murder” more than blatant destruction of evidence of attempted murder.

19) Cynthia was ordered to see a therapist and did for a year and a half who called the false arrest a stalking escalation and arrangements were agreed upon that she would stay quiet about details of her false arrest if Perry ceased all contact, evidenced in her Bond conditions. He failed. She had the matter made public. Powell obtained the information and took it to her attorney complaining he needed to shut her up. These emails are also filed with the Courts.

20) As to a political attack or “in retaliation for his job as a public servant” nothing he did or does to her is what you do to pass a law in Texas. In order for someone to want to attack you politically you have to piss them off. They have to have needed something from you that you refused. Cynthia worked on government reform for ten years. She had experienced all kinds of refusals. That’s normal for the business. But there is no stalking allegations or even a personal attack of any kind against those who refused to support her issue. These acts by Perry are not what one does to pass a law, but It is what one does when suffering from Delusional Erotomania and needs a cover up. Cynthia had been in government reform for ten years before meeting Perry. Perry had not been involved at all. She was raised in it. Her granddad was the big fish in the pond where she was raised. He was the Chief of Police, a County Republican Chairman, a County Treasurer and City Councilman. She had moved from Vegas where she interacted all the time with Federal elected officials and local as well and had been working in politics in Texas for three years and had already well established relationships. She never asked Perry for help on any legislation in Texas because she never worked legislation in Texas. It takes thousands of people working together to pass a law and lawmakers who have a bigger voting demographic, committee seats and seniority are sought for their support. They can pull the low hanging fruit like Perry who had just been elected, had no seniority and represents one of the smallest districts in the state and because Cynthia did not work on legislation in Texas she has no idea what committees he sat on. She had no need to know. Either way he can’t pass any law at all by himself. There are no angry rants or tweets about any political issue in a period of time of almost ten years which there would be something, some issue brought to his attention or ranted about at him, if there was. She is very vocal and has no problem telling anyone who will listen when she is pissed, what she is pissed about and just how pissed she is and yet in ten years the only thing she says she is pissed about is his unwanted contact and stalking conduct. That’s a crime in all 50 states. He is married. His conduct is legally and morally offensive for all kinds of reasons. Intentionally misrepresenting material facts or concealing pertinent facts known is perjury and he had to put a fraudulent statement before the court to get the arrest warrant he had been threatening to get for months. The charges were dismissed by Powell in her favor and Perry continues to conduct himself same as always by threats, intimidation, harassment and making unwanted contact with Cynthia. He continues to threaten her finances, he property, her life, invade her privacy, threaten her relationships, threaten her with death and a second false arrest still claiming he is somehow a victim and she needs to be calmed down. She is fighting him off of her so if he wants her to calm down all he has to do is get out if her life, respect her rights and wishes and leave her alone as she has asked for seven years.

There is no possibility of any political vendetta. Perry is not relevant to Cynthia. She has been gone from Lubbock longer than she lived there. She never worked on legislation in Texas. She has not registered to vote or voted since 2012. She rejects Perry’s disgusting romantic advances daily and has for seven years. One of these days perhaps he will stop wasting his life away sitting around all day being the weirdest guy ever and go be a normal dude.

Politically three years before meeting Perry Cynthia had built her business and relationships to the extent that a former employee of Matt Powell’s ran for judge, sought her support and told her he was told he could not win without it. He didn’t get it and the candidate, Mark Hocker, she supported won. What she needs Perry for? He had not been involved in politics at all. He had no exposure as she did all her life, to people in positions of power and influence or public figures. Her family when she was a young child were the people of power and influence on the town where she grew up. She was born into it. She lived an exciting life in a glamorous city of Las Vegas where running into famous people happens very frequently. She met many movie stars and people of influence and wealth. Perry’s life is that of a small town bore. Nothing at all about Charles Perry to need or be enamoured by and so no need for any kind of made up attack. The facts and evidence support that he simply has some obsession with Sadism and gets a high attacking women and children and women he can’t even begin to keep up with. In order for there to be the need for a political attack there would first need to be a request for assistance that was turned down. Where is the request that was turned down that would predate 9/2011? Where are the angry rants about that refusal? There are none because Cynthia never made a request from a guy with no power. He was just elected and had none when all this started. He represents one of the smallest districts in the state. His demographic is 86% Republican so there would be no chance of electing anyone who shares different positions as Perry. She never worked on legislation in Texas. She worked Federal and NM.

Perry does need a cover up of his mental instability and imaginary affair. He does need that lie. She does not need his help with anything at all. All she wanted was to be able to build her business, enjoy her legally protected privacy, date who she wants, hang out with friends and family without worrying what threat was made to them prompting some bazaar question or comment that Perry would use her response to hurt her. What would her business look like now had she had a chance to build it over the past decade rather than having to shut it down to run from a predatory stalker / killer? What would her relationships and finances look like had he not spent all his time ruining her, hacking her, peeping on her in the privacy of her home?

21) From the summer of 2019 Cynthia blew up the phone of a Tulsa Police detective telling him of threats to her car and times when those threats were carried out. This went on for months. She can’t get to work or court without a car. Perry and his co defendants want out of their law suits. She had come at her on the highway. It cracked her engine in two totaling it and that could have been her skull. He had Robersons employees staying right next to her. She had additional incidents of attacks on her car and stalking incidents which she reported to Mannford Police where she was. Mike Nealey and Bret Gibson responded. Nealey told Cynthia “,This is weirdo. ” She said “Ya think? I have to deal with this no matter where I go for almost a decade. It’s been awful. ” She mentioned her lawsuits and said “Roberson, one of the Defendants, has his employees out here messing with me.” He shot a look over to Gibson she is not even sure how to describe. Six days later, he and the Chief, Lucky Miller,who had her report on his desk, went on a trip to Pensacola where Miller is best to death and Nealey arrested for the crime. Everyone said “Nobody saw this coming. These two were best friends. It does not make sense.” It does not because Nealey did not kill Chief Miller and was an intended victim too. He has no marks on his hands like you would see had he done that. He was found disoriented and mumbling and can’t recall what happened. He was supposedly so drunk he was not able to pull any punch at all much less one that would kill. He was not able to kick Miller or hit him with anything being as drunk as they say. He had no motive but Perry and Roberson did. This the second police report Cynthia filed where justice is obstructed and an investigation impeded and again within a week of the report being filed.

Nealey was not found hitting his best friend. He was found pulling at him trying to get him up. Witnesses say they heard someone yell “Stop it Mike!” But did they? There is so much witness tampering as a daily habit that we don’t know that is true. Cynthia was told “Recant your claims or we will kill you.” Repeatedly and they tried twice, with poison and a brick accident on a highway. Witness tampering is just what they do. If that was said, was Mike fight back or trying to, whoever attacked them and the guy wanted him not to ? Is there proof it was Miller that said that if it was even really said? If he said it how do we know Mike was not escalating a situation Miller was thinking he could diffuse with whoever was in that room attacking these two cops who just caught Cynthia’s corruption care? How do we know if that was said and said by Miller, is there evidence he was not just trying to get Mike to stop escalating a situation with their attackers Miller was trying to diffuse? Flimsy at best but Perry’s lies typically are. Roberson found out Cynthia was going to provide information to Nealeys attorney she thought might help. Perry hacked her phone and saw she called and left a message. Roberson made sure to call them before she did and had them ask her what the link was between he and Perry. Not relevant for Mike but relevant, they think, for them. Both are defendants in her law suit so that would be the obvious answer. Evidence filed with the courts would provide the link prior to the law suit. Why ask that question? What does that have to do with Nealeys innocence? Both are defendants in her law suits. Both want her car gone so she can’t work or fight them in court. They had motive to hurt these two cops, Nealey had none. Nobody saw it coming. They were not fighting. They did not want the crime reported to be investigated and this is second of two such impedements. It’s their habit. They changed the narrative of what occurred that night after we brought out flaws in their story three times. Nealey has not ever and the call from Roberson to his attorney was what? Another passive aggressive warning he had better not talk which is just more witness tampering? Why do that if you did nothing to cover up? Why change the narrative on a murder you did not commit? First he hit him and was found sitting on top of him, until it was pointed out there was no evidence of that on his hands, then they said he kicked him, but in a drunken state in the confined area where Miller was found that is not possible. So they then changed it to “He hit him with something ” again so drunk he has no memory and was found disoriented and mumbling? There is no way and again Nealey is not changing his story, they are and if you had nothing to do with the murder, why would you need to do that? Mike Nealey did not kill his best friend and boss. He was attacked to prevent he and Chief Miller’s investigation from going forward.

If you think about what the story is Michael Nealey who has no fuss at all with his boss and best friend is found sitting on top of Miller, so drunk he can’t remember anything, he is disoriented and mumbling, and injured being pulled off and yet there is nothing on his hands that would be there had he beat someone to death. Miller is undrunk enough to yell out “Stop it Mike” and he can’t run from a a man that drunk? That does not add up at all. That is not what happened in that room that night.

So much reeling heartache Charles Perry has caused other people to get off and then cover up the mental instability that causes him to be a sadistic criminal. He is a threat, a burden, a menace, and a burden to society and he is typical in that he is all about playing the victim entitled to a lie.

All he had to do is stop bothering everyone else with his drama and his problems causing one hardship, one profound loss after another. He has leaks because people are sick and tired of him.

All Perry has to do is take rejection like a man, go live his life in Texas where his family is, his business and his community rather than imposing his drama all over citizens of Oklahoma. Citizens of Oklahoma expect better than to be raped, robbed, ruined, threatened and harassed by crazies. Perry could do what we all do and go out and be productive. He instead chooses to sit around all day being a pervert and a bother and the weirdest guy ever and there has been enough loss from his inability to control his weirdo problems and act like a normal dude. No girl ever wakes up at age ten and says “When I grow up I wanna be with a peeping Tom sexual sadistic killer. I want that weirdo everyone makes fun of behind his back. ” No girl says that ever. Girls want normal dudes who are good to them.

We are told officers expanded their Investigation to included judges due to so many bazaar orders that make no sense. They did record several. We are told this is the year Perry goes to prison and you can expect he will be a drama queen claiming he is the victim. It’s his way. It’s difficult to stomach. He is not spending his time all day being a productive citizen. He’s making all kinds of problems and engorging in just weirdo stuff all day and he thinks it’s covered up. If you can read about it on court dockets and the net, it is not covered up. Prosecutors have read Cynthia’s brief and evidence plus they have their own. His $15 million paid out for his uncovered up cover up could have fed a small starving country.

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