Perry Threatens Cynthia With Second False Arrest Again To “Calm Her Down”

This is getting to be a bit much with Perry’s threats to throw Cynthia back in jail “to calm her down” as he put it.

Her email to attorneys

“So they got another one, and again they never tell me who gives the recordings to them or info or how they get it but the guy said

“Perry said he wants Cyndi back in jail. He said “Well we just gotta get her calmed down.” He is so full of shit! I told him “You are just mad because you get caught and she tells on you and she brought all this stuff out you guys were hiding about Mike Nealey. There is nothing more here but that. You can’t talk to her, you can’t coerce her like you did last time, you can’t induce her, she won’t lie for you, and if you need another smear campaign everyone is already on to you on that one so that ain’t gonna work. You can’t use that to get out of your law suits because it’s illegal so what is the point of doing that. It’s just more intimidation ”

What’s he want, sit there being a weirdo all day watching her in jail, keeping her from her friends and family like he did last time? That’s what he wants and that’s kidnapping. That’s not legit. He said he wanted her arrested for treason for talking to these guys from this other country. That ain’t treason. We don’t know what he did or who he did it to or who all they work with in the states but solving a crime involving a citizen from another country ain’t treason. She’s not giving out government secrets, they said it’s a murder so I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff . He’s just pissed that she rejected him and tells on him when they catch him. There is nothing here but that. ”

We have already gone over all this at length and probably I will testify that I heard the recording and that I recognize Charles voice and Matt’s on some. There are many things so at this point, I am a material witness. He is harassing a material witness which is a crime. But if course Charles has so many, what’s one more.

Charles has had several guys into my work over the past few weeks tell me “It’s time for you to go back to Texas.” I have no desire to go to Texas maybe ever again. I have no desire to talk to or see Charles Perry ever again and I sure as shit am not going to lie for him. I am tired of repeating myself. All this should be very clear to everyone at this point. I’ve said it daily for seven years.

But that was the officers went with me tonight.

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” — Aristotle”

If he does it again, she can again say “Well but I told ya so.”

Some of Cynthia’s friends asked her “What happened to dinner and a movie? Why is he always trying to throw you in jail. He’s one of those nutty types that if he can’t have you no one can. There is no other reason for him to put you through that.”

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Charles Perry developed some sort of bazaar fixation with Cynthia years ago when she helped him get elected working as a political consultant. She had been in the business for a decade before the two met, moved from glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada and had been around Federal elected officials , for the most part but state as well, all her life. Perry had not. He lives in a small boring town, was an accountant had never been exposed to public people or people of influence. Cynthia had all her life. He seemed to have developed a mental affair that she wants no part of and has made major changes in her life to get away from Perry, to avoid conflict and finally had to sue to be rid of him. Whatever is in his head is not real to her. She has fought him off for seven years. Most guys take the blow off hint long before now. He seems to suffer from Delusional Erotomania. Perry has long burdened and imposed his delusions and drama on Cynthia and her family and many other people. This is not in any way normal healthy respectful behavior. He’s become quite the embarrassment to her.

Click here to see evidence Perry suffers from delusional erotomania

Update on Feb 13, 2020

On Perry’s claims of being a victim

” I guess on Perry’s effort to claim he is a victim, he had tried to claim what he’s doing out if court makes him a victim of harassment. What those cops prosecutor told me is

1) You have the right to report what he is doing to you to police, friends and family, media, on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you wishes to report it.

2) You have the right to be pissed off and express being pissed off about what he’s doing to you out of court publicly.

3) You have the right to express your opinions publicly or to anyone at all about what Charles is doing to you out of court.

None of that is a crime in any state and if it were not just Perry trying to find another cover up angle, or whining and complaining About being caught again, and if he’s just go away like you have asked him to for seven years he would not have any problems right now with people finding out what he’s doing to you. There wouldn’t be anything to tell.
You telling people what he’s doing to you is not a crime. He does know it’s wrong or he wouldn’t get so upset when you tell people what he is doing or when we tell or when anyone tells.

Other police may not do anything about it but we are. We are not going for his bullshit because we weren’t born yesterday. Some cops may be not smart enough to get him , but that would not include us. We get it and we don’t need help seeing what he’s doing. We get it. In fact we know more about it than you do. He’s trying to find any way he can to play the victim and that is just simply not the case. You are the victim if his crimes and we know that. He is no victim. He’s a corrupt sick piece of shit. He’s not getting a pass from us and we don’t want him knowing who we are so he can’t come here and bother us and make demands we cover all this up or threaten us. It’s just not how we work.

Perry now claims he has a witness and we checked what he has is someone who saw you texting your attorney and reading. But let’s just say for arguments sake, some guy walked up to you or one of your friends posting something on Facebook or Twitter about what Charles Perry is doing to you. The facts are that it is still not a crime to report a crime and what Charles is doing is a crime. On Facebook, Twitter or wherever to whoever, reporting a crime is not a crime. I don’t care what bullshit story he tries to tell, it’s just not a crime. You can tell anyone you want what he’s doing to you. That is not illegal. You can be pissed about it, you can have an opinion about it and you can express all that wherever you want to whoever you want. You don’t threaten him, he’s a very real threat to you. Being we are the ones telling you when he’s about to do something to you, we know this and we weren’t born yesterday. ”