Cynthia Reaches Out To Florida States Attorney Regarding Pertinent Relevant Exculpatory Information On Nealey Case

Officers provided another recording they obtained and this is information they already knew “She’s got in this letter to Mannford Police that she called Nealeys attorney and Roberson had already called them. She raises two very good questions and relevant questions: 1) What is he doing making that call in the first place and 2) Why is Mike’s attorney asking a question about how Perry and Roberson are linked? How is that a relevant question to Mike’s case because it appears to me it’s not. They are both in her law suit and both had reason and opportunity to harass and intimidate her into dropping it or going at her car so she couldn’t fight them in court, all of which is illegal. She has an obligation to report a crime if she has knowledge and it looks to me like the only reason that question would be raised is they did do this and they are starting to point fingers at each other. Why in the world else would you ask that question? Has nothing at all to do with the reason she called unless they did this and are starting to point at each other. She also points out if he was so inebriated he can’t remember anything and was found stinking drunk to where he was disoriented and mumbling there is no way he could have done this. He couldn’t have beat someone at all much less to death. You ever tried to hit someone when you are that drunk? You can’t do it. You swing at the air and fall down. You can’t land a punch that hard at all much less repeatedly until they die. She caught that. Well he’s got to have access that may prove he didn’t do it because he is entitled to due process so they are gonna have to give it to the judge. They don’t have a choice. It’s sheds light on some major material facts. This is a key factor. ” This in regards to what is in the emails and letter in photos posted here. Any reasonable prudent individual would do the same when it comes to someone’s future, and his kids and grandkids. Unless you are one sick twisted depraved individual, you act to save a future, you don’t ruin it if you are worth a shit as a human being.

We understand there were some folks in Mannford in bed with Perry that are not too happy about all this truth coming out. Too damn bad. You knew better. You don’t get to ruin people’s lives no matter how important you think you are. We don’t know who you are or how important YOU think you are nor do we care. Get off your high horse. You don’t get to ruin people’s lives and that is all there is to it. You wanna talk to Cynthia to explain why you should get to ruin lives and commit a crime and get away with it and why she should give a rats ass who you think you are, be our guest. Her contact info is all in court records. Call her up and set up meeting and you explain all that to her. She’s not from there and she does not give a crap who you think you are. She cares about who you hurt. You wanna explain why you are so important you get to harm folks out there, please do that. We all would love to hear why your twisted thinking is that important. Why is some hillbilly hick and the cover up of corruption and crime so important you get to ruin a life. Cynthia and the officers from somewhere else have been the first in Charles Perry’s life to uncover criminal activity he hid all his life under his Bible. You wanna take that on, you will not win that one. He is not winning that one nor will you. He spends all day every day being rejected and caught and rejected and caught and rejected and caught wasting away his life being a pussy who can’t man up get over it and move the hell on like a normal dude. If you wanna go after what did that, have at it. Otherwise, understand you don’t get to ruin people’s lives. We are not from here, don’t know you, dont give a crap who you THINK you are. You hurt someone else, then you have a problem and you may never get out of that one. Sometimes one must be smart enough to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do and be more careful about whose ass you kiss because if you chose, as a grown up, to kiss the ass of an infant who sits around shitting himself all day, you ought to be smart enough to know his shit is gonna end up all over your face. You can live with your choices without stooping to ruining lives. Other people are not obligated or going to pay for your mistake. Don’t even ask. You knew better, now you have a problem and that is your problem. You don’t get to bother other people with your problems and your drama that you chose all by your grown ass self. Nobody owes you a thing. Take your uncovered up cover up and corruption and shove it up your hillbilly hick ass.

Perry has repeatedly asked Cynthia to just “Be” and let him rape her every day and her response is “Have you met me? I gave him a chance for four years to control his weird and not bother me with it in order to avoid a scandal and a conflict. He imposed his weirdo on me and other people and he’s getting kicked off until he leaves everyone else alone with his crazy. That’s how this is gonna be. I’m sure he can live with his choices. He is nutbag and has no place in her life giving input, opinions, intruding, invading or interjecting. She’s ignored all that all these years so why he thinks that would change speaks to how delusional he is.” She is not going back to Texas and it just pisses her off that he continues to force himself on her when she made it clear all that has accomplished all these years is creep her out, gross her out and piss her off and that is exactly the very reason he is in the jam up of his life. Most folks have the good sense to stop when they know they are under investigation and their incriminating conversations end up all over the net. Whats wrong with him that he is failing to have that kind of normal rational common sense?

There have been many complaints that all Charles Perry does is come up to Oklahoma and make problems cause drama and piss everyone off. It’s enough. If he can’t control his weird anymore than that and makes a burden, becomes menace, an annoyance, and a bother and an unwanted weight on other people due to some mental problem then we are way past a good time for a butterfly net and straight jacket.

Some people are movers and shakers and game changers. Some get in the way. Some get the job done while everyone else sits around with their finger up their nose making excuses as to why it can’t be done. Which one are you because you can’t be both? Law enforcement is called to relieve suffering caused by crime. Help or get the hell out of the way. We step on your toes then your toes are in the wrong damn place. You cannot hurt people and get away with it. Sorry you ever thought you could. You thought wrong.


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