Mannford PD Officer Mike Nealey Too Impaired To Have Beaten Chief Miller To Death

Email from Cynthia:

Officer Mike Nealey of Mannford is accused of beating his best friend and boss to death, having just snapped for no apparent reason at all whatsoever, at a conference in Pensacola. This happened just six days, less than a week, after I filed a report of tampering with my car, Nealey responding and taking the complaint. In the months prior there were posts all over the blog

Regarding threats specifically made by Charles Perry and Dave Roberson to take or ruin my car. I had a weird auto accident in which a brick was thrown on the highway right in front of me which cracked my engine in two and totaled it. Could have been my skull. Again there were none stop threats against my car and the intent was to impede my ability to respond or proceed with my civil suits.
The story is Nealey and Miller were drunk and had a brawl in which Nealey snapped and became so angry he didn’t just beat Miller, he beat him to death. No one saw it coming, there were best friends, had no fuss, and by all accounts nothing about the incident makes sense. You have a cop with no history at all of doing something like this and no motive who just caught my case where there is a history chapter and versed on the docket and on the blog detailing dates times events, with texts and emails of threats, attempted murder, perjured statements, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence and witness/victim tampering. These men sit around all day and do things exactly like what Nealey is accused of doing. It’s their daily habits, and Officer Nealeys daily habit.
The report states Nealey is found on Miller so drunk he has no recollection of the event, he is mumbling incoherently and disoriented. How in the world in that condition would it even be possible for him to beat someone to death? I’m not seeing that being even remotely doable in his drunkened stare being that impaired. The guy could barely walk so how is he going to beat anyone at all much less bad enough to cause their death.
They made sure these two men were not in Oklahoma where they would have the protection of Oklahoma law enforcement. Escambia County is not aware of Nealey and Miller’s case load or that they had just taken on a domestic violence corruption case. Investigating a complaint of tampering with my vehicle could result in perjury charges being Perry just went to court and under oath testified he had no relevant contacts in the forum state of Oklahoma and had the case dismissed on jurisdiction. Police investigating my complaint that may discover that not to be true pose a threat to these men who lied in court, and it’s not the first time they did so.
When I called Nealeys attorney to provide information for their client, Dave Roberson had already called and the question I was asked were bazaar at best. They wanted to know this: “What is the link between Dave Roberson and Charles Perry?” What kind of dumbass question even is that? Lawsuit would be the obvious answer. Both are defendants in my lawsuit and in that lawsuit the link prior to that is detailed in court documents. What does that specifically have to do with their client taking a report where threats from both have been made to my car and their client was investigating. My complaint was filed six days before. Why call Nealeys attorney at all much less to raise that question if you had nothing to do with Miller’s murder? Was that some passive aggressive act of coercion to let Nealey know he better not talk about my complaint? Then that’s more of the same Criminal activity these guys have tried unsuccessfully to cover up. It’s their habit. They simply re-offended.
They also changed the narrative three times. There was nothing on Nealeys hands and he brought that out when being interviewed by police. “I can’t believe you. You are telling me I beat Lucky until he died and yet look at my hands. There is nothing on them. ” So, Defendants then changed the story to get kicked him until we brought out the fact that kicking Lucky at all much less in a confined space is not possible in his reported inebriated condition. They then changed the story to “he grabbed something and beat him with it” and again, while stumbling drunk, disoriented, mumbling incoherently, and so drunk he can’t remember anything he did that? There is no way.
These men have a history of tampering with witnesses and destroying evidence. I find it very very hard to believe a police officer investigating a domestic violence where a history of corruption is chapter and versed in court documents in law suits the whole crime reported was intended to get rid of killed his Chief overseeing the investigation and best friend when no sign of a fuss was present and no history of that kind of crazy. There is no motive here. Charles Perry and his co defendants had big motive. We don’t believe Matthew Powell and Joshua Burson had anything at all to do with Chief Miller’s murder or knew a thing about it beforehand. We do believe Charles Perry and Dave Roberson perpetrated that crime and Nealey was also supposed to be dead but hotel guests interrupted. Once that happened they changed the plan.
It is not possible for a man that drunk to beat anyone at all much less so badly they die. We have been told that Nealey was not found beating Miller. He was found pulling at him trying to get him up. To see a second false arrest of an innocent person intended to cover up what Charles Perry and Dave Roberson us sickening. These men are not owed a lie or a cover up. This appears to be just one more act which constitutes Obstruction of Justice and an attempt to impede a police investigation committed in Oklahoma, they didn’t want investigated. Why would Charles Perry and Dave Roberson change their story as to how Miller was killed three times if they had nothing to do with his murder? Officer Nealey is not changing the story, the individuals who had a crime reported against them are changing the story.
To get more info on the history and background and to see court documents go to

Photos show part of what had been reported to Mannford PD. The witness describes a “Raptor” sitting watching Cynthia which was parked where this car is parked in the photo. This became an unusual frequent disturbing occurrence around Cynthia so much so concerned citizens had contacted Chief Miller repeatedly asking him to increase patrol in the area in the weeks leading up to his murder. The calls were made without Cynthia’s knowledge and she was told after they were made. These incidents were very disturbing not just to her but to people around her who witnessed the incidents.

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