Was Cynthia Bait All Along?

Another conversation obtained on wire by police investigating Perry on another matter and passed on to us. They do not disclose how the info is obtained or who it is to protect the integrity of their investigation.

Another one “So Cyndi is raised in a small town where her granddad is the shit, apparently then grows up and goes into some aspects of political consulting where she’s around powerful elected officials, and her granddad being the smaller version of that when she’s a kid, and Charles has nothing like that. He’s a small town boring church boy nobody and she get his ass elected. I think I heard there were two people in Lubbock, one worked for Matt Powell, who flat told her they needed her support to win and she wouldn’t give it to them and they lost. So then she keeps her mouth shut while Perry is creeping on her for almost half a decade, and he just won’t quit with this creepy shit that he’s probably done all his life to all kinds of women then Cyndi moves and goes underground, as she put it or starts dancing. Might I just point out than when you have a guy like Perry who really has no life and she comes in pretty intriquing I might add, that probably did not do what she thought would in being a deterrent. Married elected church deacon and she thinks he’d be too worried about his campaign to get caught stalking her in a strip club and he just can’t stop. He’s still at it. So we think that just intriquied boring guy with a boring life even more. But then you can look at that two ways. Either she failed to consider the true nature of his mental disease and did not realize when you have a guy with that boring of a life stalking a stripper might be something he finds exciting so that plan made things worse, or they knew that and did it on purpose to bait him out. Wonder which one it was. Did they not consider some bore like Charles might not get deterred by her being a stripper but he’d get more intriqued by it or did they anticipate that and plan to use her as bait so all Charles does all day long is he sits around peeping on Cyndi, and fucking with her meantime their team goes around more covertly recording all these guys having a shit ton of criminal conversations. They are all watching her, she’s bait, while they go collect evidence on what they are all doing to her so they can lock his sick sorry ass up. Wonder what exactly that was back when this started. I wish I knew. ”

This was in relation to evidence filed in Court and info here:

Click Here To See Evidence Perry Suffers From Delusional Erotomania

Perry continues to make unwanted illegal contact with Cynthia very much against her will and refuses to respect boundaries, her rights and her wishes. If he were normal he would be able to act normal. He has this far been so socially and mentally inept he cannot. It’s the law but he’s been unable to control his weirdo. He is very much a slave to it. Most people will never do what Perry does all day every day without hesitation because they know it’s weirdo, it’s wrong and it is a crime in all 50 states and when you stalk across state lines, that makes it a Federal crime. He is nothing at all to Cynthia but a strange bazaar peeper hacker reject. He does not mean anything to her. She does not like him or want any contact from him. He simply forces himself on a woman who cannot stomach his bazaar and it is very very much criminal activity.

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