Lubbock Man Also Involved In Strange

From Lubbock Texas, same as Defendants Perry, Powell and Burson being sued for arranging a false arrest of Perry’s stalking victim, stalking and harassment, investigated for an international peeping Tom site, also in some trouble, has child porn found on his computer and a serious danger to our country’s safety and security.

Lubbock Man Accused Of Having Child Porn On Computer By CIA

There was a prior Lubbock strange comment regarding the need for additional funds needed to hire eight new Sheriff’s Deputies “in case the UN invades Lubbock”. Those must be some super ninja deputies that would be able to fend off a UN Invasion this guy thought they could hire. What planet do these people live on?

There these two from Lubbock, Plus one delusional stalker who used an experienced and we’ll connected political consultant to get elected being he mad nothing more than a boring life in a small town, began stalking her, while pretending to be a happily married family church deacon, forced her go underground, change careers, move twice, then tried to kill her, threatened to arrange a false arrest to force her to “come to her senses” and besmirch her, carried out that threat on January 29, 2016, not for committing a crime but all she did is file a legally required police report to get a protective order which had been denied previously because she didn’t have the legally required police report. That is the very reason she needs a Protective Order. He then has his co conspriator , Matthew Powell, also being sued, dismiss charges in her favor. Powell was recorded repeatedly stating he knew what he did was wrong and he wished he had not done it while also expressing frustration when facts came to light his case was “torpedoed”. There has to be a crime to begin with for there to be a case to torpedo which following Oklahoma law which requires the filing of a police report when seeking a Protective Order, all having the same previously denied order for her failure to follow that law does not constitute a crime in another state where Cynthia had not lived for years. The arrest obstructed justice and caused the destruction of her evidence. It was made just one week after the report was filed and no detective had taken possession of her evidence. That would be the reason he never had a case to torpedo. There was no crime to begin with. It was simply one more threat of harm Perry made attempting to coerce, threaten and intimidate Cynthia into a relationship with him that the very thought of makes her throw up. She had a good life before meeting Perry and often wonders what her political consulting career would look like had Perry not ruined it for her. That’s how he thanked her for helping him get elected. Powell was also recorded stating “I never had her tested for poisoning because it never occurred to me she might be telling the truth” and in doing so, he caused the loss and destruction of her evidence and showed a reckless disregard for the truth. He had to know because they went to media claiming Cynthia was crazy, she made a false claim of being poisoned to Tulsa Police where the crime against her occurred and was reported. They did so in a sworn Affidavit. Had they thought she was not poisoned they would have moved Heaven and Earth to test her so they could present proof to media that she lied. Instead they held her illegally against her will in jail not for committing any crime at all but for doing what she failed to do in following court procedures the first time she sought court protection and instructions tweeted by Tulsa Police. The obstructed and impeded TPD’s investigation and her ability to be tested for poisoning by Tulsa Police then did not have her tested either. And while the poison worked it’s way out if her system had two psychologists from Texas Tech attempt to find some way to come up with a mental illness to discredit her. She actually did see a court appointed shrink who did not say she had any mental illness at all. She said the false arrest was a stalking escalation. Oddly, a detective appearing to be on Perry’s payroll, or grossly inept inappropriately advised Cynthia when she told this Detective of her psychologists comments that she should seek a different psychologist and the detective made this comment after refusing to even look at her evidence. Interestingly enough Cynthia did contact a highly respected criminal psychologist who told her “I have to see all your evidence. I cannot make any diagnosis without it. I am shocked any mental health professional would be so careless with their reputation and their license to do that. ” So the criminal psychologist refused to lower theirself to the level this inept or corrupt detective did. The doc was at least smart enough to require that he look at evidence that now the public has all seen that this corrupt or Fife Detective would not.

When Cynthia met Perry she had just moved from Las Vegas to Lubbock and had been in political consulting for ten years. Perry had none. He was a small town boring accountant who had not done a thing in politics at all. He had no glamorous lifestyle, no important connections, and nothing interesting about him at all. He clearly believed he could not rise to Cynthia’s status and systematically sought to destroy what he could never be legitimately. Working on government reform on a Federal level as Cynthia did, for ten years before she ever met Perry, Fourteen years total, is a much bigger and much harder world to live in than a mere small town state level elected position and one whose district is one of the smallest in the state. The two are completely different worlds. So had he not ruined her career, and she’d been able to spend the past decade building it, what would it look like now? There are things he robbed her of he can never pay back. These are crimes that cause harm one does not just get over. You learn to cope with the loss and find a new normal but you never get over it. He has caused so much suffering for so many people for long that he cannot ever repay it all. Cynthia and the officers investigating him on other matters have done more than anyone in Perry’s life to put a stop to his criminal activity and relieve suffering caused by his crimes.

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