Perry Recorded Still Going At Cynthia’s Car With Intent To Impede Civil Proceedings

Perry and Co Defendants recorded again. Cynthia advises “You do anything at all to my car I will be able to say ‘Well, but I told ya so.'” Defendants have messed with her car and messed with her car and tried to flat out have it towed and sold before she can do a thing about with intent to Impede civil suits. Perry was recorded telling his people “Its not legit but I will have her car towed and sold before she figures that out “. She did not long after that, have an accident on the highway in which someone threw a brick at her on the highway. She had gone out a different way to avoid one of his guys sitting at the exist of where she was which delayed her two minutes. Had she gone out the quicker way the brick may not have cracked her e fine in two as it did. It would most likely have been her skull.

Defendants have been recorded over and over and over and over having incriminating conversations in which they are caught in the planning stages of criminal activity directed at her in the forum state of Oklahoma. They all testified in Court under oath that they had no substantial relevant contacts in the forum state of Oklahoma and yet there are many many of their recorded conversations showing that is bullshit and they knowingly committed perjury. Perry can’t control his compulsions and urges any more than BTK or Ted Bundy and displays conduct that is loony as John Hinkley Jr. His conduct is menacing and harassing. He simply harm’s and annoys people in a state of which his life has no relevance to theirs at all. It’s embarrassing really. At this point for him not to be able to put two and two together in his head like any normal intelligent person is outrageous.

Last weekend Cynthia told a friend in a private text “All I know is there better not be one more weekend where it’s “slow”. Whatever it is they are doing to mess with my money and everyone else’s better stop. ” Oddly one of the clubs where she worked that weekend was full but then it went right back to the inexplicable “slow”. It stops or there will be more leaks and more Plaintiffs than they know what to do with. Each girl in there shouldn’t make less than $1,000 per week at the very least. Attacking people, being a burden to others and bothering everyone with his weirdo he cannot control has brought about the great ease of getting all this information and putting Perry in the jam of his life and such a jam $15 million covered up nothing.

We have quoted Defendants in what they thought was a private meeting verbatim repeatedly making incriminating comments including their illegal conversation Cynthia filed in the case in Judge Sam Cummings Court where he tells Defendants he will look over her Motion To Vacate and deny it on Dec 30, 2019 which he did. She documented that the day before. That should be evidence enough to prove they are under investigation and most people have the good sense to stop when they know cops are on their ass. We also know Mike Nealey did not kill Lucky Miller. He was an intended victim. Also Cynthia was indeed told by officers “Don’t lend your car to anyone and don’t even give anyone a ride. You will lose that car. Charles will use that to take it no matter what bullshit he told the judge in Court. He is in contact with people in Oklahoma with intent to hurt you and we all know it . He can’t stay off the phone. Despite his right to shut up, he cannot stop running his mouth so it’s fine, every stupid thing he says a d does can and will be used against him a Court of law. So, we use it against him a Court of law. ”


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