Ten Pages Of Unhinged Crazy From Texas Attorney General

This nutbag is an attorney for the great State of Texas. When Defendants girl up in response to a legal demand it speaks to their lack of dignity and social skills and class. Grown men throwing a temper tantrum like three year olds everytime Perry is rejected, and this is the exact reason Cynthia wants nothing to do with him and never will and police catch them trying to do something else harmful to her. The police that catch them over and over think Charles Perry needs to act like a man, get his head out of his pink lace panties and move on like a sane grown up. For people who criticize the morals of Hollywood, they clearly need to watch the ethics outlined in EVERY Madea movie in that it speaks to how grown men ought to behave. Perry is a reject peeper and that is not in Cynthia’s interest or anything she would want in her life now or ever and forcing himself on her only pisses her off. There is NO excuse that after six years, over half a decade, of her rejecting him, changing careers, moving twice, sueing the crap out of him for him not to take the blow off hint and be able to man up and move on. The temper tantrums simply show how socially inept these people are, low class, and not intelligent or dignified and she is way way the hell out if Perry’s league and he knows that. She chose another man long ago and he is also way way out if Perry’s league in that Perry cannot even begin to compete. He can’t even control his delusional soap opera or weirdo and be a man of dignity, respect and class much less compete with most men actually. Most men will never ever do what Perry does because they are not mentally twisted Sadists with no control over their weirdo. They would be too embarrassed to act like Perry acts or send an insane nutbag email like this one sent by the Office of the Texas Attorney General. She has the right to send a “Cease and Desist” legal demand and to express her frustration with the constant out if court harassment which attorneys from other states have weighed in and said “These attorneys would be sanctioned for this so what is wrong with the courts in Tulsa? They don’t put up with that crap here so why are they putting up with it in Tulsa? ”
This temper tantrum the Texas Attorney General’s office threw does nothing but show unprofessionalism, no class, no dignity, and this individual is insane and has no social skills. None of them do but this is as nutty as it gets. Perry is a reject because he’s a nutty as it gets. They all are frankly. An intelligent, cute, normal person like Cynthia is not gonna want a rejected weirdo bazaar bore who has nothing better to do all day than bother and burden other people with his weirdo. The man she wants which is never going to be Charles Perry, is too busy to act like Perry. That is why she chose him. Where is Jacquelyn Perry when her husband sits around all day forcing his weirdo down the throats of people in Oklahoma? Why is she not with him so he has no time for bothering Cynthia?Not only is this email completely insane but Cynthia has told these guys more than once “Next time you do something to me out of Court it may not be an email you get. It may be POLICE banging on your front door. Leave me alone. Deal with Court matters in Court and STOP HARASSING ME OUT OF COURT.” The response is, ten pages of unhinged crazy from the Texas Attorney General.#

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