Perry Caught Trying Again To Murder Cynthia

From today, more bazaar from Charles Perry and his co defendants. Recorded discussing trying to trick Cynthia into going outside, during work, staging a “health crisis” which not be real, telling her the person in need of her help had an infectious disease and she needed a shot but the shot would have something it it that would kill her. Perry could then explain it away as an adverse reaction to medicine and her murder not be linked to him. He was again caught by the officers investigating him on another matter in the planning stages. He was gonna do this to her tonight. A few weeks ago the officers told Cynthia they had Perry on wire stating “I think we finally found a hit man that can kill Cynthia and it not be linked to us.” This is that. See email in photos below…just more insane from Charles Perry and his Texas Mafia.


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