Perry And Co Defendants Try Every Illegal Way Imaginable To End Law Suits

The Defendants in Cynthia’s law suit are Charles Perry, Matthew Powell and Joshua Burson of Lubbock Texas. David Roberson, owner of Dynamic Shot, and Lady Godivas Gentleman’s Club of Tulsa. All of these individuals have motive to obstruct justice, tamper with and intimidate victims and witnesses, destroy evidence, and commit perjury. One way the have done this is to arrange Cynthia’s false arrest which they threatened for months, Cynthia told everyone in writing including the US Attorney, they then carried out that plan in January 2016 but charged her in Texas, not Oklahoma where she lives and they charged her for something that is not a crime in fact it is a requirement of the law in Oklahoma and they did so to obstruct justice and destroy evidence of their crime when caught trying to kill her. They have tried since to do it again. They have piles and piles of motive to have murdered Chief Lucky Miller and frame Michael Nealey as these officers had just caught her corruption case six days before and corruption, violations of RICO is their daily habits, not Nealeys. It was just second count of obstructing justice. These individuals have motive to cover up their crimes, to impede civil proceedings and discredit witnesses and victims and intimidate witnesses and victims of their crimes and they have. They went after Cynthia’s vehicle to impede her ability to work, go to court, make money and when they got caught on that and that crime was reported in Mannford, they went after the cops investigating the corruption. Everyone knows at this point what these men are trying to do. They made their point. We all get it. They are corrupt. They were referred to in Mannford as Texas Mafia so it’s common knowledge in Oklahoma what these individuals are all about. They made sure not to attack Chief Miller and Officer Nealey in Oklahoma where they are protected by Oklahoma law enforcement. They got them out if state where law enforcement is not familiar with their case load. Everyone knows they want very much to find a way to kill Cynthia or find a way to throw her back in jail to shut down the law suits. These men have fooled nobody. Perry has been under investigation for some time on another murder and for a peeper website. What he did in going after Cynthia, who was raised by four generations of police, and now Chief Miller and Officer Nealey is just expand that investigation to include other people including Judges on Perry’s payroll. They did try over the past three days to arrange another false arrest if Cynthia for exposing key material facts on Miller’s murder. Perry needs to understand , which while trying to find who it is investigating him, he clearly does not get that he’s being investigated and refuses to stop committing crimes then gets pissed off Everytime he gets caught, that he is indeed under investigation . The officers said they had never had a target as weirdo and dumb as Perry. They said “We have never seen anything like this. This guy is a dumb as it gets. He’s made it so easy it’s almost not even fair.” Most people have the good sense to stop when they know they are under investigation. Roberson asked Cynthia twice if it was the FBI, once before her arrest and once after and she is not allowed to answer those questions. Perry has killed so many people he can’t figure out which victim might have initiated this. They have this on “need to know” status as the officers said “,We don’t want him bothering us the way he bothers everyone else.” Any good team has one individual out front so the rest can work more covertly and despite the fact that we have flat out stated that strategy publicly more than once, these fucktards still don’t get it. We had no idea it was possible for anyone to be this stupid. Attached are texts sent regarding events over the past few days in which one individual stated “Perry wants to arrange another false arrest of Cynthia because he’s running some fantasy through his head that he can throw her back in jail, she will call him and they’ll have some grand reunion. ” The guy laughed at how ridiculous that is and said “She is never gonna do that ” and of course she wouldn’t. Perry does run that fantasy through his head and he’s told people about it. He has some bazaar idea that he can make a problem, be the hero to get her out if jail while accomplishing a smear campaign and coerce her to lie or suborn perjury. He wants to force a change in her testimony. That is a RICO Violation. That would be his testimony not hers should he force her to change her testimony and she will not do it despite him imposing threat, duress, intimidation and she has fought that from day one. He cannot be both the villain and the hero. Heroes don’t make problems. He does nothing but make trouble for others. Heroes fix problems caused by villains. He that mixed up mentally that he does not get that. The bottom line is Perry is a deeply deranged criminal and he will be in prison before this year ends and whoever aids, abets or becomes an accessory after the fact can join him if they wish. That is their choice and one thing is for sure: Perry, who has ZERO respect for other people’s boundaries is about to learn the hard way how to respect other people’s boundaries. He is not entitled. Him going around demanding a handout of money, a lie, or a cover up is pissing everyone off. It comes from where it comes from on his charges and it unfortunately will cause some embarrassment for some law enforcement agencies who should have charged him long ago but didn’t. Everyone has choices. We are sure they can all live with them. We will say when the victim of a crime walks into a police department and says “Here is my evidence.” And that victim is told “We don’t want to see it ” that is gonna prove to show some serious incompetence because that evidence that inept officer straight up refused to look at has been seen and reviewed by all kinds of other much more astute police.


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