Perry Contacting Cynthia’s Friends Brings Perjury Charges Into Play

Officers investigating Perry tell Cynthia yesterday “He is calling your friends and people in your life, people he should know nothing about and telling them they are not to contact you, they are to let him know if you contact them and he will tell them how to respond. None of his business and it gives us that perjury charge we want. “. She was also told “Matt and Charles are still going to the judge trying to have you arrested for telling on them. They commit a crime of intend to and we catch them in the planning stages and they get pissed off about it so they are trying to retaliate against you for telling what they are doing and their acts really are criminal. ”

Lastly and of much more concern is the murder of Chief Miller and the link to her case. They had just taken her complain on vehicle vandalism and Chief Miller had been called three times, not by Cynthia, but by a concerned citizen, who did not even tell Cynthia until after the calls were made, regarding individuals driving by her in a very harassing manner and one or two stoping to photos of her. The individual stated “I called Lucky and told him I have never seen people pull up here and do like that, stop and take pictures or drive right up to one person, circle around and leave and I’ve been here awhile. I told him I thought he needed to take your stalker complaints much more seriously than he was because it looks to me like you are in some danger. He told me he cannot do a thing if we don’t get plate numbers so we have to start getting him license plate numbers.” The car vandalism occurred not long after that, and six days later, Chief Miller is dead. It was not unusual for Perry to have three to four people proxy stalk for him. More info below: “Link may show Michael Nealey was intended victim, noturderer. The involves a corruption case he was investigating. Charles Perry has been under investigation for some time on another matter. Officers on that case provided the following to me. The conversation was obtained by law enforcement and relayed to me and texted to my Lubbock attorney. See below and court docs and factual history with supporting evidence can be obtained on I had just six days before Chief Lucky Miller’s death called Mannford Police to report one of many incidents with tampering with my vehicle. There had been threat after threat after threat to take or ruin my vehicle to prevent my ability to continue law suits against Charles Perry, Matthew Powell, David Roberson, Joshua Burson and Lady Godivas Gentlemens Club. The Monday before Chief Miller’s murder on Sunday Mannford Police Officers Michael Nealey and Bret Gibson came to take my report and I told both of them “Clearly nobody saw who did this but I’m involved in a civil suit against some people who do stuff like this to me every damn day and I don’t know anyone else that would do this. They have messed with my car, I believe totaled one when a brick came flying off a truck on the highway after I had received threat after threat after threat to take my car. The brick busted my engine although that could have been my skull. Nealey said “This is weirdo.” I said “Ya think? They done this to me on a regular basis for almost a decade. I’ve had to deal with it for that long. This looks like they just wanted me to know they know I have a new car and they could get in it.” He agreed. The photos and more info was filed with the courts and are on You have to consider what people are capable of doing, their habits and routines and history in criminal analysis. Michael Nealey and Lucky Miller by all accounts were best friends. There is no motive, at least right now for him to kill his best friend. There is motive for Defendants Perry, Powell, Roberson, and Buson to want a cover up and to not be charged with the crime they committed against me and when you look at the material facts on my case, this is just who they are and what they do. They tried to kill me then had me charged with a crime in Lubbock, not OK for filing a false Police report, then had me hauled back to Lubbock jail before I got a call back from Tulsa Police, being I just filed the report with the desk clerk, before I could be tested for poisoning they admitted to giving me. They obstructed justice blatantly and caused the loss of evidence and they knew I committed no crime and was required by law to file a police report. It’s the law. I had no choice. Perry knew that. It’s right on his denied PO as the reason my Protective Order was denied. I forgot to bring my police report to court. I tweeted Tulsa Police that I was being poisoned and Roberson’s texts admitting to it. They tweeted back telling me to file a police report. They knew all that and I texted all kinds of people starting in October 2015 telling them Perry threatened me , not with vague threats, but specifically death or false arrest. Because he carried out the threats that would be THE reason I need a Protective Order. This is what they do, their patterns and habits not Michael Nealey’s. They had motive to prevent charges and again obstruct justice. Nealey does not remember because he was knocked out too. If he was on top of Chief Miller it was to check on him, not hurt him. He had been knocked out so he was disoriented and mumbling. I was raised by four generations of police and I absolutely will not tolerate ever thugs like the Defendants in my law suit hurting cops to cover up their sicko. There will be none of that. It disgusts me. This person having looked at my case and considering Defendants habits and patterns, Nealeys and he is a cop, and the fact that just six days before he caught my case, it is more likely Perry and his gang of Texas mafia killed Lucky Miller and probably tried to kill Michael Nealey too but got interrupted by complaining hotel guests, that Michael Nealy, a cop, snaps and kills his best friend and boss, agreed. Read below: “Last night my cop friends got another recording and played it for me. The individual said “Ok so first he’s pulling up behind her house and showing up at restaurants where she goes uninvited, then she changes her career, moves not once but twice and this Perry guy pops up every where she is. He’s going to Jaguars, and the manager admits to it, he’s going to Lady Godivas thru proxy at least this Roberson guy and probably in person there as well although he goes in under the radar, he then tells her he’s gonna kill her, arrange a false arrest, knew there was a legal requirement in Oklahoma to file a police report, but has her charged in Lubbock anyways, she’s getting sick, Roberson admits to giving her arsenic, he then has her arrested before she’s tested and never has her tested then she comes back and for a year and a half sees a psychologist who confirms Perry is a stalker they then drop the charges, she sued and not one of these orders makes any sense at all. So based on this set of of fact I can completely understand why she believes they killed Lucky Miller in Mannford and framed Mike Nealey. When you consider all of that and the timing of her report out there in Mannford then Chief Millers murder I am with her. I get it. I totally can see why she thinks that in fact I’m starting to think it too. ” Had TX Ranger Burson gotten it right years ago Chief Miller may be alive today. The officers investigating Perry on another matter did not receive information before hand that would have allowed them to act on Millers behalf or they would have. From The Desk of Cynthia Ortiz (918) 401-0724 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” — Aristotle Cynthia and the officers have learned it is common for Perry to contact witnesses and ask them to lie telling them “We will make it worth your while or we can ruin your life like we did her’s.” She knows this is true because in his retaliatory act towards her she was told to lie and promised that he would be re contact her again if she kept quiet about the details of her false arrest. He did not keep that promise and over time escalated his sadistic harassment and attack on her life. She demanded NO contact at all ever again and this was evidenced in her Bond conditions. Her bind conditions state PERRY, CHARLES PERRY, is never to contact her again. That’s evidence of the result of a cover up negotiation , not a normal negotiation in a criminal case where any actual crime was committed. Perry was also recorded not long ago telling someone “I think we finally found a hitman that can kill Cyndi and it not be linked to us.” It’s too late for that. It will ALWAYS be linked to him.

Joshua Burson failed to think through how criminals think and operate. They cannot control their urges. Someone who steals does not just stop stealing and they may get away with it a time or two and be emboldened by that, but they cannot stop. They keep going until they get popped. The same is true for murderers, con artists, drug dealers, sex offenders, stalkers or any criminal so he didn’t carefully and thoughtfully think that through nor did Matthew Powell in considering aiding and abetting or covering up for or assisting or being an accessory after the fact, however it is they see their place in Perry’s crimes against Cynthia, that Perry cannot control his urges any different than any other criminal and he will keep going until he gets popped. In looking back over the past six years and how things have evolved and accumulated they didn’t think through what the situation would look like a year from now, five years from now, or ten years from now for a criminal who can’t control his urges and just stop. They are either part of the problem or part of the solution but they cannot be both. Cynthia gave both Powell and Burson, both seasoned, three opportunities to be dropped from her law suits with no compensation provided they gave her truthful statements and put a stop to Perry’s criminal activity and both declined all three times. Chief Miller may have lost his life because of their choice not to be part of the solution and an innocent cop, with no motive at all to suddenly snap and kill his best friend, no history of the corruption we see from Perry and the Defendants, framed for s murder he did not commit also to cover up what Perry did. We are having a very very hard time believing Officer Nealey was anything but an intended victim based on the set of facts we have in Cynthia’s case. These are facts with dates and times of events and not just speculative. If you will lie in court under oath, you will lie anywhere and everywhere and there is ample evidence Perry has done that over and over again. Threatening to arrange a false arrest, for months then carrying out that very specific threat, not for any crime as Cyndi did as Oklahoma law requires and he knew it and he knew she could not care less about his job as a public servant nor has there ever been any evidence of that at all so this is all his style of operating not that of a Police Officer who took a criminal complaint that appeared to be linked to Charles Perry and his co Defendants.

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