Michael Nealey May Have Been Intended Victim Not A Murderer

The reason Michael Nealy, Mannford PD Police Officer does not remember anything may be because he was knocked out cold. He was called out to investigate more tampering with Cynthia’s car just six days before the incident in Pensacola leading to the death, the murder, of Chief Lucky Miller. When consider his history versus that of Charles Perry’s it’s almost impossible to believe Nealey was anything but an intended victim. One of Dave Roberson s employees, plate V00-055, was also just a few doors down from Cynthia and was seen just in front of her the night the brick hit her car and busted the engine in two. Could have been her skull. Not sure why after just six days after Cynthia called police regarding yet more attacks on her vehicle they didn’t think anyone would suspect a thing or thing this was just a little hinky. We don’t think Nealey did this. Interim Chief Jerry Ridley tells media it does not make sense and that is probably because what they say happened that fateful night is not what really happened that fateful night.


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Evidence Michael Nealey looked at filed in Motion To Vacate

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