Injustice Not Tolerated

When Cynthia was in jail, during the worst possible horrifying moment of her life that Charles Perry had threatened and then carried out meaning he did it to her on purpose and the intent was to intimidate her, she ordered a Word Search puzzle to pass the time. This was one of the puzzles. Fabian, the man she wants in her life, intersects with HOPE. Of all the words there are, names there are, these two words are not just in the same book or on the same page but they intersect and she didn’t get this at some random time. She got it at this time, in jail. In the middle of these two words is the word “me” depicting Charles Perry’s selfishness keeping the two words apart just as he keeps Cynthia and Fabian apart with lies, threats and harassment, but only for a time. On the left is the word “boo” depicting the fear surrounding the situation. On the left is the word “sad” depicting the sadness also surrounding the situation. Those words are very very specific, in their arrangement on that page to her very specific situation at that very moment, not just any moment but that moment. Who is so powerful they could get that to her in jail to give her hope at that dark moment? Same individuals who have collected very incriminating evidence against Charles Perry and his co conspirators for some time and used some to protect her very life over and over and over again.

Any good man defends the honor of a woman he cares about. He does not lie about her privately, publicly, in Court, and ruin her life hoping to force her into something she never wants to be in. He has the dignity and respect to protect and defend her honor, her reputation, her rights, her finances, and her happiness and does not seek to tear her down as Perry has for almost a decade. He does so while betraying his own family also not how you treat people you say you love.

As Emerson once put it, “What you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say.”

The actions of Perry has caused profound catastrophic tangible loss after loss after loss and hardship and burden on others. God never promised to make our lies and cover ups work. He promised we all reap what we sow. Officers told Cynthia several years ago they recorded Perry telling Fabian “I will find a way to lock her up again and she won’t get out this time unless she is with me so you need to give up.” That is the most heinous cruel ugly selfish thing a married man betraying the trust and love of his own family and community could say to a single man he has no business knowing, much less contacting to threaten that way. It has caused outrage among normal folk. Perry has leaks because people are sick and tired of his drama and problems being shoved down the throats of those to whom his life, wants and needs are simply not relevant. Cynthia has people from the public tell her constantly “If I did that, I’d be in jail, so why aren’t they?” People are pissed off at the Injustice with this situation and it has caused more backlash than they even know at this moment. Martin Luther King Jr said “Injustice for one is Injustice for all.” Our founding forefathers bled and died for the democracy, rights, freedoms and justice we enjoy or should enjoy. There is simply no excuse for this at all. There are people outraged enough they have provided very important actionable Intel so that this sick little game of Perry’s is stopped. It’s provided to those powerful enough to get Cynthia that puzzle with those specific words arranged in that very specific way at that very specific time. The sick corruption is not being tolerated anymore. He is not going to get away with it this time and everything Cynthia told Perry three years ago would happened if he failed to comply with the law and get the hell off her and out of her life has happened. He will not get away with it this time. He may have all his life but not this time. “Tyrants and murderers seem in invincible for a time but history has shown they always fall. Always.” — Ghandi

Cecil B. DeMille observed of the principles contained in his monumental movie, The Ten Commandments, “It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law.” Every civilized society and religion has laws to guide how people treat each other and these men are Baptist deacons. Charles Perry is a Baptist deacon and a married one and yet very much betraying his own family and community to destroy another family hoping to force himself on them and he cannot figure out why he is rejected. Stalking in the UK is described as a heinous crime as it is like rape and rape a form of torture. When a lady says she has no romantic feelings for you , “please go away”, throwing her in jail, trying to murder her, ruining her business, friendships, smearing her reputation is not how you turn that around. It simply confirms Perry will never be the kind of person would ever even give the time of day to much less be in any kind of relationship and this is not about one silly mistake that he hurt feelings. This a decade of attack after attack after attack to intentionally ruin her life and even attempt more than once to take her life. She wants NO contact at all with him now or ever. Would you if he did all that to you? Unless you have nuts and bolts missing in your head, probably not. Could you trade places with her even for just one day and live with having to deal with his mental problems imposed on you all the time causing you to lose everything you worked all your life to build with a promise of “Lie for me, let me rape you and only then will I give it all back.”? Would you trade places with her and live with that kind of crazy shoved down your throat all day every day for almost a decade? A gentlemen leaves a lady alone the first time she asks and barring Perry is that, which clearly he is not, he is not wanted by Cynthia or her family or in their lives in any way, shape or form. If he is that ugly, why would she want that ever. It’s a crime that he cannot control his weirdo and just go away and leave her alone. She is not in love with him, because of who he is and what he has put her through and forcing himself on her against her wishes to the point of gag makes that more the case not less. She wants NOTHING to do with him. He will not respect her wishes or even his own family and Cynthia finds that disgusting. He makes her feel raped. It is time for Perry to get a grip on reality and get a life and get out of hers. He is not invited or wanted in her life at all. He is simply butting in where is not wanted. Could you or would you trade places with her and go through what she has even for just one day? Most normal folk won’t and are pretty pissed off at Perry’s lack of respect dignity and self control and have therefore done whatever they can to provide information to people who are putting a stop to it once and for all and Perry’s daily routine ever since has consisted of nothing but getting caught and rejected, caught and rejected, caught and rejected over and over and over like he is stuck on s hamster wheel and not smart enough to put that together in his head just yet and get off of it. He has accomplished nothing but that over six years now. Cynthia is not in love with him and doesn’t even like him. He is to stop all contact because each contact is one count of stalking, harassment, victim tampering, coercion and attempt to suborn perjury, psychological abuse, and it flat out straight up makes her throw up. He is to STOP IT!!!! NOW!!!!!


You gotta be careful whose ass you kiss. If they can’t control themselves, can’t control their weirdo, and shit themselves all the time, you end up with that all over your face.

Justice is not a religious or foreign concept especially in America where the founding fathers used the Ten Commandments as a guideline to write our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Below is an excerpt from Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Violating these rights makes you a villain not a hero. In fact, that same Bible these men beat everyone else over the head with, in Ps 94:20 says “Can unjust leaders claim God is on their side?” Probably not. Abuse of power to oppress and ruin other people I wouldn’t think is cool to a God who said “Don’t do that crap to each other while you are down there on earth because then I have to deal with it up here and I really don’t wish to have to do that.” If we don’t let our kids crap on each other, you think God, the perfect father, would? Would you trade places and go through what she has every single day for almost a decade, privacy violated, everything she’d worked all her life to build prior to meeting Charles Perry ruined and destroyed because he believes he is entitled to take what was never ever his, dodging death and threats all day every day for almost ten years and losing everything she has because Perry thinks he can force her to allow him to essentially rape her? Would you trade places with her for even a day? People are pissed. No normal person with normal empathy can sit back and watch a man beating the crap out of a woman literally or like this. He is doing the very same thing, just in a more sneaky way. And she reacts normally to an extremely abnormal situation imposed on her by someone who is very selfish, cruel, sadistic, arrogant, and not mentally stable. 


new info from the guys in law enforcement who have really really done a fantastic job protecting her from Charles Perry’s intended harm. They have caught him repeatedly in the planning stages of the next big catastrophic attack and prevented him from doing what he wanted to. As bad as he’s made her life, it would be by far much worse, had they not intervened and of course ultimately God does all of that. It’s always a God thing when He protects us from harm whether through people or otherwise. 

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