Perry’s Perjury

First Charles Perry said he was the victim of a political vendetta, even though there is not one tweet, Facebook post, or rant anywhere in a period of almost a decade directed at Perry from Cynthia. No phone calls or emails to find out when his elections are and who is running against him to give dirt on him, he has no affect on her at all and during the time she lived in Lubbock when he did, she didn’t tell anyone but a few friends about his stalking most didn’t even live in Texas. She never worked on state legislation in Texas. She did help him get elected. Stalking is not what you do to pass a law in Texas. It’s a personal moral failure no different than Bill Clinton and Monica. There is not mention of an issue Cynthia would be so upset about at one guy who cannot do a thing by himself legislatively that she’d make up a stalker story, not tell anyone for four years, change careers, move twice, then make it public. In almost a decade, from someone who rants like crazy when pissed, nothing. There is nothing. If someone wants change they have to bring out the issue they want changed that the legislator did not support or did support that angered a voter. There is nothing in almost a decade. This was a knowingly perjured statement Perry made under oath in court.

Then he said she was a prostitute, even though nobody sees men coming in and out of her home, or her going in and out if hotels with strange men, which there would be photos of that were she doing it being Perry is stalking her and would take photos to smear her if that were true.

Then he said she had a biker boyfriend again no dates with a biker guy, no texts, no messages, not even a biker guy has been produced.

Then he said she loves him she’s just too afraid to say. No evidence of anything at all but that she’s done everything on Earth she can possibly do, short of faking her own death to get away from him and metaphorically kick him off of her.

He threatens her constantly and carries out those threats many and many times he can’t because he gets caught. So much about her car documented on the blog. He testified he has no relevant business contacts and we know he has peeper cameras in her home selling her online without her permission or consent. That’s a substantial business contact within the state as are each contact to make and/ or carry out a threat. That’s a perjured statement. He has contacted her customers when he finds out who they are, sometimes from seeing her texts in her hacked phone, to tell them “she’s the girlfriend of an elected official. Don’t contact her again and don’t do business with her again ” those conversations have been recorded a time or two. That’s also a relevant contact in the state of Oklahoma which he testified he was not making.

Perry was also recorded not long ago “I should have had them take her Driver’s License when I had them get her social security card.” Cynthia was contacted this summer by investigators who told her he was going to have her social taken, to take it out of her wallet. She forgot. About a week later she was contacted again. The officer said “I told you to take your social security card out of your wallet. Did you forget? He’s got it. He took it. He’s got it. Drop everything you are doing and report it stolen right now.” She did. Now he wants her Driver’s License too. He wants to take everything she has to force her to call her ex husband and have him help her by taking her back to Texas so Perry can get close enough to kill her. He will kill her. He’s tried more than once, one of which is part of her law suit. Again none of this is what you do to pass a law in Texas. He has obtained her personal financial info we believe with a forged Power of Attorney. She has never signed anything consenting to anything with or for Charles Perry. These are very serious crimes. She is re-traumatized every day from this guy and if you think she is his only victim, you are just flat dumber than a bag of hammers. There is no possible way to know where she kept her social security card unless he has peeper cameras in her home to see where she put it. It was not in a normal location but tucked away so it wouldn’t be stolen and that item is not something you pull out just all the time. You only need it on certain occasions so she would not even have known it was missing were she not told by law enforcement.

What planet does he live on and any statements in court that put this in the record are perjured statements. Cynthia has not consented to be in any kind of relationship with Charles Perry. She left town to get away from him in 2013. It takes two people feeling the same thing and both wanting to be in a relationship with each other for there to be a relationship. She rejects him. She wants someone else and she would not ever want a man who behaves as Perry behaves. When someone says “No! Don’t contact me again. I don’t feel what you feel. Stop bothering me!” Every day for six years there is no relationship. That is rejection not consent . She’s had good men in her life, and none of them acted so insane and offensive as Charles Perry has not to mention the chances are high his kids don’t want him in Cynthia’s life anymore than she does. How ugly selfish is a man that forces his will on so many other people for so long!! He is just a target in a criminal investigation that she’s doing what she can to assist so he is arrested. Then he cannot hurt people anymore.

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