The Bear Has Been Poked

Cynthia was told long ago she was in trouble and that was the reason for her false arrest, she poked the bear. That false arrest was threatened and those threats were everywhere just like all Charles Perry’s threats are now. She said “Ummm no. Nobody believes there is a bear in my camp so I poked the bear, got him flailing all around so he’d tear everything up and now I have evidence there is indeed a bear in my camp so that actually worked out exactly like I planned it. ” That is somewhat of a joke so for those less intelligent that don’t get it, at least don’t misconstrue as anything but a joke And nothing has changed. Nothing has changed at all. Perry is in the jam he is in because of his choices actions that he made all by his big boy self. You gotta look at the results you are getting and if it’s not the results you hoped for, then do something different. Cynthia told him she is not in love with him, finds him grotesque and to go away and leave her alone over half a decade ago and continues to this day. Leaving her alone costs no money or time. That leaves no evidence of a crime. This is not rocket science here. It’s simple logic a five year can figure out so if he can’t that’s his problem. His crazy has been forced on everyone else to the point of gag. If he does not like getting caught Everytime he hurts people, and for eight years to Cynthia every day non stop, and he is not just stepping on a few toes, he causes harsh bad catastrophic profound loss and the kind people don’t get over, then stop doing things to get caught for that are about to land his ass in prison. Nobody owes him a lie. Nobody likes a guy that does nothing but hurt people and in a way they never get over. Job loss not rejection of an unwanted romance. Lost relationships with childhood friends and family due to constant threats and harassment in effort to isolate the victim of stalking, not a rejected romance. Lost money, lost homes, lost cars, lost privacy, lost reputation, lost business and jobs, not a rejected romance. Perry has suffered no such catastrophic loss at all. He just got his unwanted romantic advances rejected . You don’t cause the kind of loss people never get over and expect them to like you. It’s people skills 101. Trying taking that course “How To Be Nice To People So They Don’t Wanna Hit You With A Brick” You take from people things they hold dear they are not going to like you and some becomes criminal activity which will land you in prison. Again, five year olds can get this. It’s not rocket science.

So consider the damn bear poked and the reason for that? Fuck you, that’s why. For Cynthia and the cops who keep catching Charles Perry planning or doing criminal activity with intent to hurt her, sometimes you duck and cover and sometimes you poke the bear and let the bear create more evidence as Perry has done with no hesitation at all, after getting caught and caught again and caught even again to the point that he has made this so easy it’s not even fair. Leave people alone that don’t want you in their life or around. Cynthia does not want Perry in her life. That is why she moved twice and sued and people in Oklahoma are pretty sick of his soap opera drama queen act being forced down their throats too, he’s become the butt of jokes to ease the stress of it. If you leave everyone else alone, Then you aren’t around to get poked. The choice is be a Rejected failure or move on like a normal dude. It’s not hard. These are not complex issues requiring deep intellectual though processes. Things don’t click for him. He is desperate for sure because he continues to force himself on Cynthia and keeps demanding a conversation so he can explain himself.

And for the rest of his bunch, get the guy a new chick who doesn’t know a bunch of cops.

“Looks like we got a guy who has a problem with boundaries.” Burn Notice – Michael Weston of a Stalker

Perry’s selfish demands of Cynthia that she put up with his harassment, his unwanted contact, him forcing himself on her day after day after day, his unwanted romantic advances, his invasion of her privacy, collusion and corruption, abuse of power, what little he has, butting into her life when he is not invited or wanted, which is why she made many life altering changes in her life to get away from him and avoid conflict, that she changed her sworn testimony filed in the Courts and lie for him, his constant me me me me me me me me has become one big GAG, THROW UP, VOMIT for everyone. Oddly while she was in jail, during the worst moment of her life threatened by Charles Perry months before he carried out his very specific threat, she ordered a puzzle. In that puzzle was this, Fabian intersecting with HOPE. Me is in between them but only for a time. The word sad is on one side and boo on the other indicating the sadness and fear Perry brings to the situation intentionally. But those two words at the end of it still intersect. Fabian is the man she wants in her life Perry pushes out with his selfishness and unwanted presence. Of all the words it could be, not just in the same book or even on the same page, it’s those words arranged just like that. Who has the power to get that to Cynthia at that very moment, not some other time or place but then and there? Not someone you want to fuck with. That is the bear everyone needs to worry about.

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