Possible Forged Consent Documents

Defendant Perry does not have any consent forms of any kind signed by Cynthia Ortiz. He may have a forged one, but not one she actually signed herself that would give him permission to get any financial information , personal information, of any information at all from anyone or to hack or peep. If anyone has been presented with any such document, please get it to us immediately. You can send us a private message or Cynthia’s contact info is on emails in the screenshots posted here. Her mailing address is all on court records. We have not confirmed Defendant Perry has such a document but we have been told he does and we do know he has obtained private information he should not know anything about. Privacy laws would prohibit him from having the information he obtained. We were told he obtained it with forged documents. Again this email States that information needs to be confirmed. In the meantime, Cynthia personally has not signed any such thing.


The rumors of a possible Forged power of attorney started in October. Someone questioned a document with Cynthia’s signature on it and said it didn’t look right but would never give her the document to confirm. Now there are questions about it being a Power of Attorney which should have by questioned by everyone who got one being she is clearly not incapacitated. Anyone who got such a document has the legal obligation to confirm its authenticity. Perry can get a lock smith to open anything with such a document, get keys made to her car or home and get into her financial accounts illegally with a forged document like that and there is NO possibility Cynthia would consent to any such thing. He told people she agreed to be sold on the peeper site using forged documents and that is insane and everyone who got such a document had the legal obligation to show it to her and confirm its authenticity. She has not been paid a dime for becoming a reality show against her will without her knowledge or consent. It’s disgusting and disturbed any would do any such thing.


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