Perry Continues Acts Of Coercion and Harassment Of Material Witness

Defendants STILL discussing impounding Cynthia’s car, if you can even believe that.

The officer said “I counted 15 counts of harassment of a material witness in Charles Perry’s contact directly to you today alone. ”

Officers obtained a recording of Perry stating his intent to take everything Cynthia has, his hopes to force her back to Texas so he can control her, against her wishes and will, and to force and coerce her to lie and be in some bazaar relationship with him she will not be in. He stated a few days ago “I will take her car and everything she has, shut down these law suits, and she will marry me or she will not get her stuff back. If she marries me, I will give it all back to her. If not, she won’t get her stuff back.”

That is assault and illegal and a RICO Violation. It is a crime. That is not what someone does out if love. That is what someone does who is desperate for a cover up. If he cared about her he would respect her wishes and leave her alone as she has asked every day for six years. When he does what he is recorded planning, he cannot then argue in court that it’s not him in the recorded conversation discussing the commission of a crime.

Officers tell Cynthia “Charles Perry had everything set up tonight to get you fired, your car impounded so you would have no choice but to call your ex husband to take you back to Texas where he thinks he could have more control over you. That is why we told you to get out of Texas. You are in danger there. He had everything set up to force you back there against your will. We got the whole thing. He was recorded again. We got all of it. He had his people going in your work tonight to try to get you fired. His statements in court that he has no contacts in Oklahoma were perjured. He calls up there all the time trying to hurt you. We got all of that.”


And even so much more. This the season

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