Charles Perry’s Erotomania

Medical News Today Article On Erotomania

“A person with erotomania has a delusional belief that another person is in love with him or her despite clear evidence against it.

The object of the person’s delusions is often a celebrity or a person of a higher social status. An individual may believe that this person is communicating with them and affirming their love, using secret messages.” — Medical News Today

When Charles Perry met Cynthia Ortiz, she’d recently moved from Las Vegas, Nevada, and had lived in Lubbock from September, 2007 to 2010 when they met. She’d been in Lubbock just a few years. Cynthia, however, had been in politics all her life starting from age 12 she helped with her granddad’s campaign for Sheriff of Chavez County in New Mexico. Her granddad was the Chief of Police in Roswell, NM where she grew up, then lost the Sheriff’s race, became the Chavez County GOP Chairman, then the County Treasurer, and later a City Councilman. She grew up in and around law enforcement and politics all her life. Due to her granddad’s status, her family was the big fish in the little pond of Roswell, NM.

The Police Station in Roswell, is actually named in honor of her granddad, Chief L.M. Hall. His name is on the front door of the T. Thompson-L.M. Hall Law Enforcement Center of Roswell to this day. Her granddad and great granddad, Captain of Detectives with Roswell PD, were also written about in Startling Detective regarding a murder they solved. This was a national publication. Cynthia grew up around people in power, as her family clearly had some power in her small town, all her life. In fact when President Reagan paid a visit to Roswell, her granddad very involved in preparing for that event, she asked him if he could make arrangements for her to meet the President rather than just being a part of the crowd. She said her granddad told her at the time he didn’t think he could as the President was on a tight schedule. He then said, “I know that you like him and he is a good man, but always remember we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Its the same for us all. He is someone to admire, but don’t get too enthralled. He is just a man, just like me.” That comment stuck with her all her life in dealing with all kinds of people in all kinds of places in reminding us all to be humble. Her granddad believed his position was to serve the public. He viewed tax payers as his bosses and when he died, Cynthia’s granny received hundreds of letters from people he helped. His belief in law enforcement was: “As lawmen (and women), we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime.” and he lived that each day in not just his word, but his conduct, as did her great granddad.

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When Cynthia started her medical company, specializing in treating vascular diseases and treatment, she grew frustrated with the lack of coverage for newer, less expensive treatment and the struggle for approval on existing methods of treatment and began contacting Federal legislators to address the issue. These issue based campaigns are marathons, take years, and require support from both legislators and other interested groups. In doing so, she met with Federal law makers and their staffers continuously for years before ever moving to Lubbock, in New Mexico, Nevada, and other states as well. There was very much a group effort in those working to assist patients with vascular diseases and lymphedema. Cynthia was very astute in these matters and in fact received phone calls, emails and even saw patients from across the globe. She focused on these efforts from 2000 to 2014. Because the issue was Medicare, Federal lawmakers, not state, were contacted and in the process of attempting to find effective solutions whether legislatively or administrative within the Federal Government.

She developed Treatment Guidelines for her own clinic which was submitted to the CMS Panel and for her part, received positive reviews in the author’s comments that while scientific data specific to his questions was lacking, her evaluation appeared to him to be the logical approach to therapy. Her guidelines are below:



Click Here To See Position Paper Online

“Medical opinion derived from consultations with medical associations or other health
care experts.
Answer: No. Review of medical association statements and position papers from
health care experts in the treatment of lymphedema have no statements regarding the
superiority of one type of pump over another; however, Cyndi Ortiz did recommend
use of a sequential gradient pump since, in her opinion, it better mimics the body’s own
lymphatic drainage mechanism.
In summary, this review of the scientific data and literature to date does not reveal any conclusive evidence to support the medical necessity of one type of pneumatic compression device over another. There is a trend towards support of multi-chamber over single chamber. Furthermore, the argument that sequential gradient compression is more physiologic that non-gradient makes intuitive sense despite lack of literature support.”

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Cynthia also worked on a child abuse bill, in New Mexico, addressing child abuse at faith based teen rehab facilities following an incident at her own family’s facility, resulting in its closure, and Tierra Blanca Ranch. Cynthia sought to increase accountability, by requiring some oversight of these children in the care of people representing themselves to be church groups. As church groups, faith based facilities operate on private funds, that being donations and funding from parents, and are not funded by any government sources and therefore were not subjected to inspections or oversight as all other similar facilities are subjected to. In other words, in New Mexico, if the census is low enough, any pedophile can open up a “church camp”, offer to help children in trouble, restrict parental contact and rape the crap out of kids. Restricting parental contact has been a common practice with these types of organizations and for whatever reason these groups indicate that is somehow helpful to recovery. The truth is, any parent at any time should be able to freely investigate and inspect their child’s quarters, school work, health and anything at all that concerns their kid. Cynthia contacted law makers in New Mexico and was able to gain the assistance of Senator Michael Padilla. That bill did go to committee, but required some revisions before the committee would pass it to the floor for a vote. In the meantime, Charles Perry carried out a threat to arrange a false arrest, with intent to besmirch and smear Cynthia and that clearly made her attempts to help these kids much more difficult. His problems became everyone’s problems. He did not just devastate Cynthia and her family, he devastated each and every person Cynthia would help and may have cost some their future.

Click Here To Here News Story On Closing of Faith Based Teen Rehab Facility Due to Abuse

Click Here to Hear Radio Interview Regarding Her son And Bill On Preventing Abuse at Faith Based Teen Rehab Facilities

Below is information on legislation introduced by NM Sen Michael Padilla that would provide more oversight for faith based teen rehab facilities

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Cynthia went on to work on a State Board of Education Resolution, which passed, her client being Randy Rives and other issues that proved effective and some received international news media coverage. Cynthia’s job was actually, media relations.

Click Here to See BBC Article on the SBOE Resolution Referred to above

Click Here to See MSNBC Article on SBOE Resolution Mentioned Above

Click Here To See NY Times Article on SBOE Resolution Mentioned Above

Cynthia never worked on state legislation in Texas. Charles Perry was never her State Assemblyman. She never lived in his district. She lived in State Assemblyman John Frullo’s. She left Lubbock in November, 2014 and was long gone before Charles Perry ran for Senate. She gave a friend of her’s, Steve Massengale a few pointers in his attempt to gain that seat, but was not paid and did so, out of her friendship with Steve, not due to any interest in Lubbock politics. Clearly once she left the area, Lubbock politics no longer affected her at all as representatives in those districts had no affect over her life at all. Lubbock is also one of the smallest districts in the state of Texas, representing only about 3% of the population of Texas. Cynthia moved from Lubbock to Dallas in November, 2013, then upon urging from law enforcement concerned for her safety and her life, relocated to Oklahoma where he family is, in September, 2014. Charles Perry was not elected to office, not involved in anything political at all, until he began running for State Assembly in 2009. Cynthia had already been involved in acting as Campaign Activities Director for the Lubbock Republican Women since her arrival in Lubbock in 2007. She had assisted many candidates in the area in their campaign while acting in that capacity.

In her background in politics beginning in 2000, she clearly had developed strong relationships with elected officials from all over, primarily Federal. Photos of herself and some she met with were posted on her facebook page. They are below:

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When Cynthia met Charles Perry, she’d been in politics all her life and knew many many elected officials from all over the place, had spent ten years building relationships, some with people here, some with people not in photos, and Charles Perry had no such connections or experience. He simply had been a small town accountant and while knowing people in Lubbock, had not been involved in politics at all as Cynthia had. She also had a completely different mentality and background in that she’d just moved from the much bigger, more progressive and glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada. Perry clearly became enamored by Cynthia, her lifestyle and interactions with people in power. In Las Vegas, its not unusual to run into move stars and other high profile individuals, in fact, while keeping the people’s identity private, she hung out with more than one movie star or high profile individual while out at clubs who simply wanted to blend in, enjoy and evening out and have some privacy. While she’d already been around people of power all her life, Charles Perry experienced no such thing. To her, Perry was nothing impressive. To Perry, he clearly had developed some strange and offensive obsession that he refuses to get a handle on to this day. She came from a much higher social status than Perry could ever even hope for. She lived in a tourist city with millions of people and a city with many many famous people coming through. Her work on Federal legislation also exposed her to people in power that is clearly elevated well above his small town senate seat over one of the smallest districts in the state of Texas. Texas is only one state out of Fifty. He only represents 3% of that one state. Compared to what Cynthia was around, she didn’t think that was much of a thing. He also was just newly elected and had not yet developed relationships and seniority that would really give him any power at all. She already that in having ten years before they ever met to cultivate those relationships and strong ties and support systems to go to.

Perry has alleged, falsely, that Cynthia has some problem with delusion and a political vendetta. Cynthia rants like a mad woman when she is pissed about something and yet in almost ten years, there are no rants at all directed at Charles Perry that are political. She rants about his unwanted contact, stalking, harassment and constants threats to harm her. There is not one issue mentioned in any correspondence at all from 2011 until 2013 while she was in Lubbock. There are private messages to a few close friends complaining of his stalking activity, supported by one friend in Lubbock who witnessed Perry’s showing up at a restaurant they frequented, looking for her. This was not something he was invited to or told about, however on the occasion when he showed up, Cynthia canceled her plans to attend at the last minute, ran errands and didn’t tell anyone and didn’t take her phone. Stalkers use technology these days, such as GPS on a phone, by hacking or cloning the phone, GPS trackers on vehicles, hidden cameras and hacking computers. Its simply the new way of stalking our technology has given opportunity to. It clear he hacked her phone, saw texts from prior weeks when Cynthia met with her friend every Wednesday at the same restaurant and he was upset that this time, she did not go, did not take her phone and he didn’t know where she was. However, if she didn’t take her phone and it was at home, how did he know she was not at home but for having hidden cameras in order to then go to the restaurant looking for her? Cynthia lived at the time in a three bedroom home with a two car garage where she kept her car. So it would not be possible for Perry to know she left and did not go to the restaurant as she normally did every Wednesday unless he had cameras in her home, without her knowledge or consent. There are many incidents like this, where Perry either knows where things are located inside her home that he could not possibly know she even had or whether or not she is at home or gone, unless he has hidden cameras in her house without her consent and clearly against her wishes. Her friend, Cheryl Underwood, provided an email describing the incident which has been added to the Court docket.

All her texts and emails were related to her frustration with incidents such as this which is not part of what he needs to do to pass a law in Texas. Also due to her prior campaign activities, Perry being newly elected, she clearly had people she could go to had she worked on state legislation in Texas, which she never did. Had Perry been needed and declined, she had many other people she could contact who had a lot more pull with other legislators. She never needed his help nor was he ever an obstacle that she considered needed removing from office. He simply was not relevant.

One person cannot pass any law at all. It takes thousands working very hard and is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. Having one legislator that won’t support your issue, is not a big deal. There are thousands of people’s support that must be gained to pass a law in every state. Cynthia never worked on state legislation in Texas. Perry was not relevant to anything at all that she did work on therefore, there was never a reason or motive to target him for some weird political attack. She didn’t tell anyone she was having problems for four years while trying to reason with Perry to get him to stop. She only told a few close friends, most of whom, did not and still do not live in Texas. During that time, ALL her correspondence was regarding her frustration with his personal moral failure of making unwanted romantic advances. He is married. He is a church deacon at Southcrest Baptist Church, and represents himself to be a family man, in support of family values. But he clearly has a hidden problem that he directed at Cynthia.

After Cynthia moved, she sent him ONE email telling him she didn’t support him on an abortion bill, however that was her way of blowing him off without upsetting his wife should she find the email. She’d already left the area or was about to. She could not have cared less about his political positions at that point. They were not relevant to her life in any way at all. That ONE email in a period of time of almost ten years is all there is. Not evidence of any kind of political vendetta and Cynthia had already told another friend when the bill was discussed, she was frustrated with Rick Perry, not Charles Perry, who made the decision to extend session to pass the bill. Cynthia stated her believe it would not stand in the Supreme Court and the state was wasting money. She’s very fiscally conservative. She was correct. The bill was shot down by the US Supreme court, just as she thought and Texas wasted millions on an extended session, which was Rick Perry’s decision, not Charles’. By this time, she was long gone from Lubbock. There is no motive at all for a political vendetta nor evidence to support Charles Perry’s bazaar claims.

The photos below show of an incident occurring in August 2013 where Cynthia went on a date, forgot her phone and came home to find odd liquid all over her counter top. The cabinet above had a hole eaten through it and the vitamin bottle inside was melted. More weirdo. She reported the incident to Lubbock Police and the officer noted there was no forced entry. She said “Well but you are a cop. You should know there are ways he could get in without forced entry. He can pay maintenance or a lock smith a little something something and get right in. The officer said “Yes but that guy has money to pay an attorney to fight off a charge. ” During this time, she still said nothing about what Perry did to her. She was better friends with Steve Massengale, worked him on local school issues, knew him longer, used his printing services for all her clients and had every reason to help Steve, just for those reasons alone with his election for State Rep that was ongoing or about to be ongoing when that incident occurred. As it turns out, she never mentioned it to Steve until after he ran against Charles Perry for the state Senate AFTER she moved away from Lubbock. This is not what one does when there is a political vendetta. That’s what one does when a stalker is married and a public figure and she does not wish to be a scandal and hopes the stalker will cut it out. Only twice did she forget her phone before leaving the house. Once was when she ran errands and Cheryl Underwood reported Perry came looking for her and the second was when this apparent poisoning attempt occurred. He got interrupted or he just wanted her to know what he could do and get away with which is a normal procedure for stalker types. If she left her phone at home and Perry hacked her, he should have thought she was at home and but for his peeper cameras he would have. With modern technology stalkers can get very very intrusive in their stalking especially those with money to get access to today’s illegal surveillance technology.

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The evidence he’s developed a fixation and obsession with her, is stacked. One being a man who approached her at work, as several have, representing themselves to be acting on Perry’s behalf to coax or lure her to meet with Perry, outside the presence of his attorney, and/or threatened to murder her if she refused to recant her claims Perry is a stalker, not a love interest. One such individual offered Cynthia $5,000.00 to sleep with Perry, which she refused. This occurred at her workplace in March, 2018. The man insists Cynthia is in a relationship with Charles Perry, which she vehemently denies. So why does Perry think they are in a romance, but Cynthia does not. He is in love with her, but she’s not in love with him at all. She has made every effort on earth to get away from him, metaphorically kick him off of her, and he still doesn’t get it six years later. Why would he not just do what every normal person does when rejected and move on to find a better fit for himself? Why spend year after year being rejected and rejected and rejected over and over and over forcing himself on a woman that is just grossed out and creeped out by him?

Erotomania, would be one explanation. Here the individual’s comments by click the link below:

Click Here to Hear Audio of Perry Proxy Stalker Solicit Prostitution for $5000 on Perry’s Behalf

In the audio above, this individual started out telling Cynthia he was sent by someone who had something to tell her from her boyfriend. She then grabbed her micro recorder that she keeps on her at all times due to too many weird conversations with men she has never met and flipped it on and you can hear the two arguing about the fact that she has no boyfriend. Perry clearly told Pinto of imaginary relationship with Cynthia that she is not in. In fact she finds Perry so very grotesque and weirdo that he had to offer $5,000 to sleep with him and she still turned him down cold. She tells the guy Perry creeps her out to which he replies “So spend a few hours being creeped out to be $5000 richer.” Nutty!!! He then tells her she could ruin Perry politically to which she says she could not care less about any of that. She just wants for Perry to leave her alone. She said the same in her emails starting from Sept 2011 and continues to this day. The only way she would be with Charles Perry is if he kidnapped her and held her at gunpoint and even then she would always be looking for a way out. The man expresses fear two or three times that she might be wearing a wire, not something people express fear about unless they know they should not be having that conversation to begin with.

Click Here to Hear Cynthia’s Psychologist Explain Perry’s Unwanted Harassment and False Arrest As A Stalking Escalation

Click Here to hear audio of conversation with Tulsa Attorney regarding Perry’s bogus charges and Cynthia’s Right to Sue

The prevailing thought in her facebook messages from 2011, and all three of these audio conversations and every email every day since is not “I don’t want him to be re-elected”. Her constant complaint is “I want for him to F off and leave me alone.” for eight years she has said nothing but “I just want for Charles Perry to leave me alone.”

Despite Cynthia’s best efforts to get away from Perry and to avoid all conflict, he continues daily to make unwanted contact with her, threaten and harass her constantly. No one should have to live like not only her, but her son had to live for almost a decade.

Cynthia first walked away from her career in politics, which no one would do unless they had to, to avoid having contact with Perry hoping he’d simmer down and act like a gentleman. When that proved ineffective, she moved to Dallas and when that proved ineffective, to Oklahoma. She’s done running. They are all now in Court. Perry under investigation on another crime. Those officers contacted her at work in Dallas and urged her to get out of Texas as soon as possible. Perry has tried to jerk her back, again, completely against her wishes. Cynthia began working in a strip club hoping Perry, a married church deacon and public official, would be too afraid of the stigma to bother her in a strip club. The man speaking in the link above came to talk to her for Perry in a strip club. This guy just won’t stop. Cynthia didn’t go to Perry. Perry came to her and solicited sex in exchange for payment of $5,000.00. The guy insists Cynthia is Perry’s girlfriend when that is not the case at all. That claim is as far from reality as the East is from the West. It speaks to Charles Perry’s delusion which is associated with erotomania. Everything she’s said and done screams “Leave me alone! I have no romantic feelings for you, no interest in you, and want no contact with you!” and yet he will not stop and has this guy convinced there is something between them and clearly she knows nothing about it at all.

Cynthia has an interesting life and always has and accomplished a great deal despite not having completed college and coming from a very very small town, however she moved up and on, as her Granddad wanted her to, lived by his philosophies and still does, served her patients as best she could and wanted very much to give people a voice who didn’t know they had one. She wanted to give people a future that may not have had one without her nudge or assistance in her efforts both in improving coverage for patient care and ending abuse at faith based teen rehab facilities. Perry blew all that up. He blew her life up and frankly, because he was jealous, delusional, and has some very severe fixation with sadism, or so we’ve been advised by more than one psychiatrist. Cynthia’s favorite article is by Baron Batch, former Texas Tech football player and while she not a fan at all of Texas Tech, football or otherwise, she holds these truths spoken in this article close to her heart because as life philosophies go, this is an important one. You never know how your life will affect another in a good way or bad, depending on our choices. We can never chose what happens to us, but we can always chose what we do with what happens to us. We can give people a future that wouldn’t otherwise have one, if we treat each event, good or bad, as an opportunity to do just that and look for ways to bless other people. That was her goal. In her fight to get Perry off her back and address his criminal activity head on, that he’s hidden for many years, her hope is to give other victims the voice they didn’t know they could have and their future back. He took her’s in her career. That’s all done and gone. He ruined that. But he didn’t ruin ways she can make a difference in other ways and one would be her granddad’s belief that you relieve suffering caused by crime if you are a Hall and she is a Hall to her core, and even as a victim, she’s not being a very good one in fact she’s doing her best to be his biggest foe. You don’t assault women and children. Its just not something you do. While we empathize with mental disease, there are treatments for that and he has the resources to get treatment. He does not get to impose that on other people in such a way that it crosses over into criminal activity and causes suffering for others any more than John Hinkley Jr. did.

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