Charles Perry’s Online Peeper Group Ruining Lives of Women and Their Children

Email to an individual involved in Perry’s uncovered up cover up. For the first time in his life, ever, his criminal conduct is chapter and versed on public record including judicial impropriety, the rulings so way off, prosecutors opened investigations into the Judges as well. First time in his life and Cynthia was a big part of that and they want her shut up and shut down. Not the criminal, the Whistleblower and material witness. What does that tell you?

“I told you in March 2014 those cops came to see me at work and said “,Charles hacked you and we’ve seen it. He types in your phone “Call me” NEVER call him. He’s gonna take it to his DA friend Matt Powell and try to claim you are harassing him. Never call him in fact you need to get out if Texas as soon as you can. He is gonna hurt you bad. He already has. He bribed that judge to take your kid, that judge in NM.”

What has he done for years, hurt me then claim he’s harasses when he gets caught and told on. Plays that soap opera drama queen “I’m a poor victim” card as much as he can. I don’t know what else to tell you guys to get you to get a grip on reality. Charles has been under investigation for a big huge crime deal for some time and at this point they are after other people in it with him. They hopped Matt would not be in that and he’d help being they thought he was not the crazy one and the one with some morals. Been deeply disappointed that does not appear to be the case now. When you guys get caught and told on nothing is more nauseating to the rest of the world than when you act like victims and whatever people say to your face so they don’t have to deal with your crazy is not what they say behind your back. Stop this crap!!!! It’s enough. Don’t come up here anymore and don’t call up here anymore. You’ve overstayed your welcome by far. Charles needs to be in the funny farm. He’s about 60 years past a good time for that.

“You need to read this too. These are just facts. This is not Charles made up soap opera.


That guy is a nutcase and part of what he’s in trouble for is peeping on women and kids and causing problems so they can barely eat, so he can get off watching suffering. You gonna look those women and children in the eye and tell them you helped do that to them? Nights with no electricity because Charles got their mom fired because he gets a thrill from making people suffer? No food, loss if a place to live? You think I’m the only one? You that stupid? That you think I’m the only one? You better get it together or you might go to prison with him because he will be going. It’s not if. It’s when. He’s made enough trouble up here. His $15 million covered up nothing. It is uncovered more than ever in his life. You don’t mess with cop people and expect that to end well and it’s not going well for him and you know that. There is a reason it’s was me pulled into this investigation. Do you not get that by now? You don’t mess with cop people. This is illegal crazy stiuf and it is causing normal decent good people to suffer and suffer in a way they will never get over it and it’s not being tolerated here. You may put up with that crap in Lubbock, not here. Alright? You can’t say you didn’t know. You know. You do what you do and I’m sure you can live with it. It is not okay up here.


You got some little court thing to serve me so people suffer more covering this up? Send the damn thing. Send it. You wanna obstruct justice? do it. I’m sure you can live with your choices. And then you look each and every woman and child in the eye and tell them you didn’t care that he hurt them and they couldn’t eat, lost a home, had a night or two with no heat or electricity. You do that, you and the judge. Do that because they will be seeing you in court. My son included.


From The Desk of Cynthia Ortiz

(918) 401-0724″


Perry is under investigation for murder and having an online peeper group. The US Marshals told Cynthia long ago they trouble serving summons to Charles Perry because he was on the road all the time, without his wife, with plenty of alone time to troll for victims of his crimes and no alibi. Perry trolls for single women, has someone break into their home when they are not home to install hidden cameras, hacks computers to use the webcam, and broadcasts women AND THEIR CHILDREN over the net in the privacy of their home, without their knowledge and/or consent. He is selling them online. This is where he got the $15 million for his FAILED cover up. They become a reality show in the privacy of their home without knowing it or being paid. A small town accountant is not going to have $15 million dollars to just blow on a cover up that is not covered up at all in fact his criminal activity is for the first time in his life, on public record, for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever and that includes such bazaar off judicial orders, prosecutors and reporters with law degrees about fell out of their chairs when they saw them. He got the money from his online peeper creeper business. Perry is deeply sadistic and gets off causing trouble for other people, women and children on his peeper site, to watch them suffer so he feels control and power over his victims. He will ruin friendships, family relationships, get his victims fired, kicked out if their homes and in general do whatever he can to ruin credibility, intimidate, threaten and take all resources for them to fight back. He will tell friends and family that the victim has suffered a breakdown and they need to cease all contact, that there are some legal troubles and he is going to help. Perry told Cynthia at one time “Jacquelyn lets me ‘help’ about ten to fifteen divorcees”. He wants victims isolated and alone so he can use and abuse to his heart’s content. This time he got caught and he gets caught and caught and caught and still refuses to stop. He knows he is under investigation, the officers have had so many people become so angry at Perry for his assault on Cynthia and her family, they said it gets easier by the day to get actionable information to shut this down, that they obtain info from right up under Perry’s nose over and over and over again. He seems not to be able to get a grip on reality and stop himself and behave as a civilized human being even to keep himself from giving law enforcement more to charge him with. That is some seriously deranged and depraved delusion that would do that.


The officers investigating Perry have Cynthia’s evidence plus their own. She has police protection because she needs it. Perry has no control over his weird or what these cops have accomplished over the past years.


More to come as the information becomes available.


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